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Volume 9, Issue 3, June 2014

Page 286 – 409


Effects of diesel contamination on capacitance values of crude palm oil

    C. H. Fizura, S. Abd Aziz, S. Hafizan

     286 - 292


Coconut water vinegar: New alternative with improved processing technique

    Muhammad A. Othaman, Shaiful A. Sharifudin, Azlina Mansor, Ainaa A. Kahar, Kamariah Long

     293 - 302


Effects of temperature and airflow on volume development during baking and its influence on quality of cake

   Nurul A. Sani, Farah S. Taip, Siti M. M. Kamal, Norashikin Ab. Aziz

     303 – 313


Changes of backscattering parameters during chilling injury in bananas

     Norhashila Hashim, Rimfiel B. Janius, Russly A. Rahman, Azizah Osman, Mahendran Shitan, Manuela Zude

     314 - 325


Mature and immature paddy identification using image processing technique

    S. Khairunniza-Bejo, Nor M. Sudin

    326 – 333


Investigation of fouling deposit formation during pasteurization of chili sauce by using lab-scale concentric


    Nur A. Ali, Nurul I. Khalid, Norashikin Ab. Aziz, Rosnah Shamsudin, Farah S. Taip

     334 – 346


Effects of various stabilization techniques on the nutritional quality and antioxidant potential of brewer’s rice

    N. N. A. M. Nordin, Roselina Karim, Hasanah M. Ghazali, Noranizan M. Adzahan, Muhammad  T. Sultan

    347 - 363


The effect of plasticizer content and disaccharide type on the mechanical, barrier and physical properties

of bovine gelatin based films

   Pedro Guerrero, Nur H. Zainal Abedin, Koro De La Caba

    364 - 373


Thermodynamics and kinetics of thermal inactivation of peroxidase from mangosteen (Garcinia

mangotana L.) pericarp

     Mahsa Z. Deylami, Russly A. Rahman, Chin P. Tan, Jamilah Bakar, Lasekan Olusegun

     374 - 383


Production of medium-chain acylglycerols by lipase esterification in packed bed reactor: Process optimisation

by response surface methodology

     Zanariah M. Dom, Ling T. Chuan, Rozita Yusoff

     384 - 397


Drying performance and overall energy requisite of industrial inclined bed paddy drying in Malaysia

     M. Nordin Ibrahim, M. S. H. Sarker, Ab. Aziz N., Mohd Salleh, P.

     398 - 409



























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