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Volume 9, Issue 1, February 2014

Page 1 – 153


(The articles below are in press. The final hardcopy will be printed in February 2014)


A predictive study: Carbon monoxide emission modeling at a signalized intersection

     Freddy Wee Liang Kho, Puong Ling Law

     1 - 14


Stabilization of granular volcanic ash in Sana'a area

    Subhi A. Ali

    15 - 26


Seismic design of two storey reinforced concrete building in Malaysia with low class ductility

    Mohd I. Adiyanto, Taksiah A. Majid

    27 - 46


Finite element analysis on the effect of solder joint geometry for the reliability of ball grid array

assembly with flexible and rigid PCBS

     Chun-Sean Lau, M. Z. Abdullah, M. Abdul Mujeebu, N. Md. Yusop

     47 - 63


Urban morphology and air quality in dense residential environments: Correlations between morphological

parameters and air pollution a street-level

   P. Edussuriya, A. Chan, A. Malvin 

    64 - 80


A numerical simulation of the effect of inlet gas temperature on the energy separation in a vortex tube

     N. Pourmahmoud, M. Rahimi, Seyyed E. Rafiee, A. Hassanzadeh

     81 - 96


Fragmentation issue in Malaysian industrialised building system (IBS) projects

    M. N. M. Nawi, A. Lee,  M. N. A. Azman, K. A. M. Kamar

     97 - 106

Role of FCA Welding process parameters on bead profile, angular, and bowing distribution of ferritic

stainless steel sheets

   Venkatesan M. V., Murugan N.

     107 - 122


Effect of pre-treatment on the drying kinetics and product quality of star fruit slices

     Ching L. Hii, Jeremiah F. Ogugo

     123 - 135


Implementation of a Verilog-based digital receiver for 2.4 GHz Zigbee applications

    R. Ahmad, O. Sidek, S. K. Kunhi Mohd

     136 - 153


























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