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Volume 19, Issue 3, June 2024

Pages 744 – xxxx

(Although the issue is ongoing, all accessible articles have been finalized and are fully citable)

Enhancing compressive strength in concrete with waste ceramic tiles: effects of selected aggregate modification treatments, water-cement ratio and curing periods for decision tree regression analysis

       B. A. Lejano, K. J. T. Elevado, S. L. N. Jarder, J. L. M. Arion, N. S. S. Capistrano, Z. O. Ongpeng, A. D. Perez

     744 – 761


Enhancing load capacity: a numerical investigation of corrugated steel beams with web holes

     A. A. Khamees, W. A. Tameemi, A. A. Al-Rammahi, E. A. Sulaiman

     762 – 773


Queue system analysis using arrival patterns and customer service patterns for fast food restaurants at Simpang Dago Bandung

     F. Rafly, M. R. Hafizh, A. R. Fardan, S. W. Soegoto, R. Lesmana

     774 – 781


Dynamic voltage restorer controller-performance improvement using simulated annealing-optimization technique

     T. Praputrungsee, T. Chatchanayuenyong

     782 – 801


Mechanical properties of kenaf/glass fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester hybrid composites: experimental and LS-DYNA simulation investigation

     B. Alaseel, M. A. M. Nainar, N. A. Nordin, M. N. A. Rahim, A. Topa

     802 – 820


Developing security privacy program in information system

     M. A. Haryatno, Y. H. Putra

     821 – 852


Understanding the pitch and overtone of slenthem (Indonesian metallophone in Javanese gamelan orchestra) using audio-based approaches through fast fourier transform (FFT)

     S. Hamdan, K. A. M. Said, M.  Sawawi, A. F. Musib, A. E. Sinin, H. Sosiati

     834 – 852


The influence of machining parameters on the surface roughness quality of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica l. - a comprehensive study)

      R. Sejdiu, H. Osmani, C. Sogutlu, K. Sejdiu, K. Jakupi

     853 – 868


Comparative study of k-means and mean shift clustering algorithms for waste data in West Java Province

     R. Setyawan, G. C. Pamuji

     869 – 879


Correlation of toll-like receptor 4 and tumour necrosis factor alfa with type-2 diabetes mellitus

     A. H. Younus, A. H. M. Al-Faisal

     880 – 893


Complexity reduction of model operations in generalized memory polynomial for digital predistortion

     H. N. Choo, S. J. Hashim, N. A. A. Latiff, F. Z. Rokhani, Z. Yusoff, P. Varahram

     894 – 910


Designing RPG-based education game with discovery learning model for vocational high school

     A. S. Arianti, G. Z. Pamungkas, Y. A. Hambali, A. Anisyah, O. A. Supriadi

     911 – 925


Effect of the norms on Islamic architectural decision making

     S. S. Hussain, S. M. Khalil, A. A. Obayes, F. M. Radi, A. F. Naser

     926 – 940


Investigation on vibrational mode and acoustic descriptor of a bronze gong instrument using A 2D-Laser scanning Doppler vibrometer (2D-LSDV)

     S. Hamdan, K. A. M. Said, A. F. Musib, M. Sawawi, A. E. Sinin, H. Sosiati

     941 – 956


Students’ intention to accept gamification on web-based interactive multimedia using an active knowledge-sharing learning model

     N. S. Fathimah, F. Fiqriansyah, E. F. Rahman, E. Piantari

     957 – 965


Performance comparison investigation of the wideband and fractal multiband bowtie antennas

     D. A. Al-Khafaf, J. R. Mohammed

     2281 – 2297


Optimizing sustainable concrete strength with laminated waste glass (LWG): insights from water-to-cement ratios and slump values (0.35-0.5)

     M. L. F. M. Roslan, S. S. M. Zuki, S. Shahidan, M. A. M. Azmi

     2281 – 2297


A competency framework in lean context

     Q. Wafae, B. Abderazzak

     2281 – 2297


Quantifying the environmental and economic impact of motor vehicle braking: A method for computing energy, fuel, monetary, and carbon dioxide emissions costs

     C. H. Teh

     2281 – 2297


Cloud-based web application with Intelligent Connected Digital Video Recorder (ICDVR)

     A. M. A. Mazlan, L. Mazalan, H. Z. Abidin, F. H. K. Zaman, S. A. C. Abdullah

     2281 – 2297


Exploring the green potential of rhizopus-derived biosurfactant for corrosion inhibition in mild steel

     O. A. Rayeg, C. Petrus, A. C. Huap, J. Nyuin, C. Marajan, R. Tawie

     2281 – 2297


Kinematics of a family of 3T1R parallel manipulators with simplified structures

     S. Amine, E. Gazo Hanna

     2281 – 2297


Analysis and design of web-based project management system

     Y. A. Hambali, A. Anisyah, A. S. Arianti

     2281 – 2297











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