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Volume 19, Issue 1, February 2024

Pages 1 – 373


Investigation of structure design and kinematics simulation on parallel welding robot using ADAMS

     G. He, H. H. Teo, L. K. Moey

     1 – 17


A retrofitted digital visual management system (DVMS) to manage and control the production activities in the manufacturing industry: An exploratory study

     M. D. Shahidan, A. F. H. Zulkifli, V. Raman, W. Huang, A. Noor

     18 – 34


A critical analysis of traditional and AI-based risk assessment frameworks for sustainable construction projects

     M. Al-Saffar, A. K. Darwish, P. Farrell, N. Saffar

     35 – 54


Prediction system for vitamin a requirements in West Java Indonesia using linear regression

     S. Nurhayati, M. F. Wicaksono, Syahrul, D. Effendi

     55 – 64


Analysis of the development of deck machinery to AID traditional fishermen

     A. A. Rafdhi, M. R. N. Fauzi, I. N. Rizki, B. E. Pambudi, A. S. Soegoto

     65 – 73


Experimental and numerical analysis of combustion with fuel injection ports dispersed within the flame holding zone of the turbojet tubular burner

     F. A. Khalaf, M. H. Rahman, F. L. Rashid, A. Basem, S. A. Salih, M. N. Kareem

     74 – 92


Model for identifying business-it alignment factors in service level management practices

     J. J. Lobatón, L. R. Wong, D. S. Mauricio

     93 – 112


Autonomous cyber-physical system control using fuzzy type 2

     S. Alviana, T. Djatna, S. N. Neyman, S. Wahjuni

     113 – 125


Prototype design for a microcontroller-based parking information system

     E. N. Hayati, T. I. Mihrab, F. A. Hartono, D. Prambudi, B. Kurniawan

     126 – 132


Detection of Vietnamese traffic danger and warning signs via deep learning

     T. T. A. Cu, X. C. Vuong, C. T. Nguyen, T. T. Vu, T. A. Nguyen

     133 – 145


Thermodynamic study of silver-citrate-hydrogen peroxide system for the extraction of silver from electronic waste

     N. N. M. Zan, W. N. A. W. M. Lotfi, Y. M. Yusof

     146 – 162


Application of data mining for predicting horticultural commodities price

     D. Dharmayanti, A. O. Akma, E. S. Soegoto, L. Warlina

     163 – 175


Implementation of microhydro power plants in remote and undeveloped areas

     H. Saputra, A. Nurakbar, H. Praminiarto, A. Mulyadi, D. S. Soegoto

     176 – 185


Stabilizing reinforced peat using calcium-based additive (SH85)

     N. Razali, N. M. Sa’don, A. R. A. Karim

     186 – 206


Simulation of design by using CFD for the ventilation system of a portable cleanroom chamber

     J. H. Lee, J. E. Lim, M. W. Yip, C. L. Hoo

     207 – 225


Zone arrangement in the tourism village of Kampung Ciwangun, Parongpong, West Bandung Regency, West Java

     E. N. Hayati, A. T. Oktavia, S. Noviani, R. P. Sari, Y. Soegoto

     226 – 234


Exploring the integration of car manufacturing processes into industrialised building system (IBS) projects in the Malaysian construction industry

     N. Ahamad, A. N. Mazlan, A. H. Ahamad, S. Arjinan

     235 – 245


Advancements in additive manufacturing: Innovations in direct ink writing materials and their transformative practical applications

      S. Sivarao, K. Y. Sara Lee, K. Kumaran, D. Ramasamy, A. M. Kassim, M. S. Salleh, U. K. Vatesh, S. Pujari, R. Dharsyanth

     246 – 275


Risk assessment of work posture in manufacture industry for drilling pipes

     H. Saputra, P. D. Gilar, P. M. Luki, R. M. Sahri, S. W. Soegoto

     276 – 284


The effect of increasing diesel fuel inlet temperature on engine performance and emissions

     A. I. Tariq, A. M. Saleh

     285 – 297


Design and evaluation of single-stand chairless exoskeleton for standing and sitting tasks

     I. Halim, Z. Abdullah, M. N. I. Mahadzir, M. Z. Z. Abidin, M. M. Ghazaly, A. Saptari

     298 – 316


Integrated adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of chicken processing wastewater using powdered activated carbon-supported graphitic carbon nitride

     L. C. Sim, K. L. Leong, W. C. Chong, K. H. Leong, Y. H. Chin, P. Saravanan, A. A. Aziz

     317 – 334


Evolutionary network slice association algorithm for load balancing in heterogeneous open radio access networks

     U. A. Anwar Ridwan, T. C. Chuah, Y. L. Lee

     335 – 350


Analysis of verticulture as an alternative agricultural method in Indonesia

     D. R. Fahreza, A. A. Syakur, S. A. Oktariansah, B. Kurniawan, R. Lesmana

     351 – 358


Study of a sequent depth of the hydraulic jump in the horizontal trapezoidal channel

     N. M. Ngoc, L. V. Nghi

     359 – 373










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