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Volume 18, Issue 6, December 2023

Pages 2722 – 3179


Reduction of mixed impulsive noise with Gaussian and speckle noise

     Z. Ramadan

     2722 – 2735


The effect of the blade shapes on the drag force of vertical axis wind turbine

     F. A. Khammas, O. A. Hussein

     2736 – 2747


Using VOSviewer for a bibliometric computational mapping analysis of publications on communication technology

     A. S. Febrianto, R. Indriarti, R. Faldesiani, D. Addinna, Y. Hernawan, E. Suryadi, G. G. Suryadi

     2748 – 2762


Sustainable waste management strategy for plastic bag mitigation and reducing carbon footprint in the emirate of Ajman – UAE

     K. M. Alhosani, Y. O. Kaied, A. S. Darwish, P. Farrell

     2763 – 2778


The ensemble method and scheduled learning rate to improve accuracy in CNN using SGD optimizer

     S. Suhirman, R. Rianto, I. Santosa, R. Yunanto

     2779 – 2792


Experimental study of the stability and thermophysical properties for different particle size of Al2O3-H2O nanofluid

     H. H. Abed, I. Omle, A. H. Askar, E. Kovács

     2793 – 2808


Numerical developing the internet of things to remotely monitor the performance of a three dimensions printer for free-form surface

     M. A. Abdullah, T. F. Abbas

     2809 – 2822


The use of chatbot systems in online counseling services: a bibliometric mapping

     E. A. Mashudi, P. Nuroniah, F. Fatihaturosyidah, B. Tristyanto, Y. Nurmalasari

     2823 – 2834


Implementation of waste bank information system to manage waste transaction data from the community

     D. Effendi, B. Noviansyah, L. Lestary, S. Mauluddin, S. Nurhayati

     2835 – 2846


Machine learning-based stroke disease diagnosis using electroencephalogram (EEG) signals

     A. F. Sawan, M. Awad, R. Qasrawi, M. Sowan

     2847 – 2866


Electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of Al 7075-T6/Al2O3-T6 composites processed by stir casting route

     B. A. M. Al-Twejri, B. K. Hamood, R. M. Abed, H. J. M. Al-Alkawi

     2867 – 2879


Mapping of journals with the most citations in the field of maritime logistics using google scholar index and VOSviewer visualization

     M. Ma’ruf, R. R. Tsani, M. Handayani, S. F. Maulani, K. Widiyanto, U. Hasanah, R. Ruslin, B. Sakti

     2880 – 2894


The requirement aspect for sustainability smart tourism destinations: a systematic literature review and proposed model analysis

     S. E. Hiererra, M. Meyliana, A. Ramadhan, F. Purnomo

     2895 – 2914


Enhancing finger outer knuckles recognition using deep recurrent neural network

     R. R. O. Al-Nima, A. W. H. Al-Askari, K. M. Z. Othman, A. K. Eesee

     2915 – 2927


Microgrid energy management with day ahead and novel EGWO solution

     O. Talab, İ. Avci, M. Al Sultan

     2928 – 2943


Bibliometric computational mapping analysis of publications on industrial engineering in industrial product design through VOSviewer

     M. A. Nurhutami, A. Mu’minah, A. A. Yamin, A. Pahrulroji, G. T. Jayanti, L. Pingon, R. M. R. Hafiyan

     2944 – 2957


Model prediction for compressive strength of a fully confined concrete cylinder with carbon fibre reinforced polymer

     W. M. Shahrin, R. Ismail, L. H. Pin, L. D. Goh, F. A. A. Zakwan, H. Ahmad, N. Wahid

     2958 – 2967


Enhancement of hardness and wear resistance of 2024 aluminum alloy-carbon nanotube composite with titanium additives

     L. M. Asaad, I. Alshalal, F. N. Al Zubaidi, T. A. Jasim

     2968 – 2975


Augmented reality in education review: bibliometric computational mapping analysis using VOSviewer

     R. A. Nugraha, D. Budimansyah, K. Kuswanto, D. M. Nugraha, S. Supriyono, A. Supriatna, A. Azis

     2976 – 2989


Performance of image watermarking algorithm using RSA with Fibonacci transform against attacks

     Z. Mahad, N. R. Salim, K. Abdullah, S. A. Halim, N. A. S. Zulkafli

     2990 – 3003


An assessment of the effects of the top cover plate material on the performance of the solar vortex engine

     A. M. Tukkee, A. M. Mohsen, A. A. Ismaeel, H. H. Al-Kayiem

     3004 – 3017


Bibliometric computational mapping analysis of publications of marine information system using VOSviewer

     W. A. Arifin, L. O. A. Minsaris, A. A. Rosalia, A. Satibi, M. Rudi, A. Dzikrillah , M. R. Apriansyah, E. Efendi

     3018 – 3028


The importance of lean management principles for maintenance in Iraqi refineries

     M. A. A. H. M. Al Kitab, S. A/L Thiruchelvam, T. S. Gaaz

     3029 – 3046


Experimental and numerical investigation to correlate passage length and inclination to the performance of natural convective solar air heater

     R. A. Jessam, S. S. Al-Azawiey

     3047 – 3016


Development of an accounting information system for cash receipts and disbursements

     A. Rachmanto, M. Muriani, N. Adilah, O. Widaningsih, Mirawati, Elfiyah

     3062 – 3076


Predictive analytics of junctionless double gate strained MOSFET using genetic algorithm with DoE-based grey relational analysis

     K. E. Kaharudin, F. Salehuddin, N. A. Jalaludin, F. Arith, A. S. M. Zain, I. Ahmad, S. A. M. Junos

     3077 – 3096


The effect of permeable formwork on the mechanical properties of steel fiber-reinforced concrete

     S. Kandasamy, T. Revathee, M. V. V. T. Poiyamozhi, S. Ibrahim, N. Pannirselvam, A. K. Kaliluthin

     3097 – 3112


Offline Kurdish character handwritten recognition (OKCHR) using CNN with various preprocessing techniques

     R. M. Ibrahim, G. S. Nariman, H. D. Majeed

     3113 – 3127


Assessment of red and white clay evaporative rate in simulating perspiration with textile

     W. -P. Low, T. L. Thin, L. Y. Yong, L. Y. Huei, T. S. Nee

     3128 – 3139


Evaluation of substrate materials and mass structure on piezoelectric cantilever based energy harvester

     F. H. Syed, L. W. Thong, Y. K. Chan

     3140 – 3154


Bibliometric analysis of near field communication technology using VOSviewer application with publish or perish

     H. Saputra, T. A. Fauzan, D. Dharmayanti

     3155 – 3166


Design and evaluation of the performance of wind catcher integration with minaret for passive evaporative cooling and natural ventilation

     J. A. A. W. Jassim, Z. H. Mohson

     3167 – 3179







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