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Volume 18, Issue 5, October 2023

Pages 2254 – 2721


Fracture mechanism analysis of bone scaffold under tensile load: The effect of porosity

     A. A. B. M. Yusof, M. A. F. M. S. Januddi, H. A. Kasim, A. N. Rusli, N. H. Noordin, M. N. Hamzah

     2254 – 2268


GIS-based analysis of the solar radiation mapping and potential assessment for the north Iraq-Kurdistan region

     D. R. Keya, B. Farangis, R. Sirwan, K. Behler

     2269 – 2280


A BERT model to detect provocative hoax

     R. Yunanto, E. P. Wibowo, R. Rianto

     2281 – 2297


The effect of diurnal and night temperatures on evapotranspiration at an agricultural area (Alhusseiniy Area – Karbala City)

     H. Algretawee, R. J. M. Al-Saadi

     2298 – 2326


Experimental investigation of heat transfer enhancement in shell and tube heat exchanger using discontinuous curved and longitudinal straight fins

     A. M. Mohsen, A. Oleiwi, A. M. Tukkee, H. H. Al-Kayiem

     2327 – 2339


Comparative analysis of k-means and k-medoids algorithms in determining customer segmentation using RFM model

     N. Mirantika, E. Rijanto

     2340 – 2351


Effect of fly ash nano-particles in polylactic acid vascular tubes and network on the healing results of reinforce concrete for sustainably

     N. A. Hameed, F. M. Othman, A. A. A. Hamead

     2352 – 2370


Indoor air quality assessment at a plastic-to-diesel conversion plant

     M. N. K. Jarkoni, W. N. W. Mansor, N. H. A. Kadir, A. Ramli, S. Abdullah, J. Jalaludin, F. Hashim, M. A. Yusof, M. F. Saad, S.-L. Lin, H.-R. Chao

     2371 – 2387


Efficient autonomous road vehicles local path planning strategy in dynamic urban environment using RRT-ACS, bi-directional rule templates, and configuration time-space

     M. A. R. Pohan, J. Utama

     2388 – 2397


Validation of shear failure on bolted connection for Nyatoh hardwood

     X. L. A. Ujan, A. R. A. Karim, N. M. Sa’don, S. H. Sahari, N. L. Rahim, P. Quenneville

     2398 – 2410


Enhancing intrusion detection system performance against low frequent attacks using FC-ANN algorithm

     D. A. Salih, Y. A. Mohamed, M. Bashir

     2411 – 2431


Decision support system to assist students in choosing thesis research topics

     A. P. Fadillah, M. R. Fachrizal, M. Reski

     2432 – 2443


Vehicle parking availability in the central business district of Irbid city – Jordan (A case study)

     T. Khedaywi, H. Al-Masaeid, M. Haddad, S. Al-Ajlouni

     2444 – 2469


Durian detection and counting system using deep learning

     A. H. A. Azizi, F. A. Asuhaimi, M. Sahrim, I. M. Lazim, A. M. Rozmi, ‪W. Z. W. Ismail, J. Jamaludin, I. Ismail, ‪S. R. Balakrishnan

     2470 – 2477


Structured methods in travel information systems

     A. Rachmanto, A. Widayanti, O. Salsabila, N. Octaviani, A. S. Rachma

     2478 – 2492


Fracture characteristics of PLA synthetic bone scaffolds with different specimen porosities

     A. A. B. M. Yusof, K. M. Isa, M. A. F. M. Szali, M. Johar, J. Mahmud, M. N. Harun

     2493 – 2506


An investigation of the implications of Covid-19 for digitalisation in the Malaysian construction industry

     S. S. H. Lee, C. S. Goh

     2507 – 2520


Affecting factors success of accounting information system (AIS)

     F. N. Damayanti, S. D. Anggadini, A. Aldila

     2521 – 2533


Solar-powered parallel irrigation with IoT monitoring system

     M. A. Osman, R. M. Ramli, N. M. Mokhtar, P. N. F. M. Shamsuddin, W. A. Jabbar

     2534 – 2547


Semi code writing intelligent tutoring system for learning Python

     M. Mahdaoui, S. Nouh, M.S. Elkasmi Alaoui, M. Rachdi

     2548 – 2560


Principle component analysis of the carrying environmental support capacity to determine zoning vocational high building

     I. M. Purwaamijaya, R. M. Masri

     2561 – 2569


A study on partially replacing coarse aggregate with peanut shell waste in concrete

     S. E. Tong, S. Namasivayam

     2270 – 2586


Potential of hydroxyapatite as a material for the synthesis of calcium titanate perovskite in solar cells

     N. A. N. Aziz, I. Q. Afiqah, S. Hasiah

     2587 – 2596


Project effectivity of adsorbent from food waste for handling wastewater as a learning strategy to learning achievement of education for sustainable development and inquiry abilities

     S. Anggraeni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. Usdiyana

     2597 – 2614


Design and development of a flying wing reconnaissance UAV

     M. Rudresh, S. S. Rajan, K. P. Prashanth, A. S. Vasist, D. Dhaduk, S. Deshmukh, S. Sahoo

     2615 – 2630


Investigation of wind energy and its impact on sustainability: Jordan as a model

     S. A. Waheeb, R. A. Al-Samarai, M. F. A. Alias, Y. Al-Douri

     2631 – 2639


Science learning for gifted students: model of strengthening pedagogical content knowledge competency in special education graduates

     Y. Suherman, J. Juhanaini, R. Maryanti

     2640 – 2654


Ontology-based knowledge engineering from various agent systems

     A. Yunianta, S. R. Kumaran, A. Abulfaraj, A. H. Basori, A. B. F. Mansur, O. M. Barukab

     2655 – 2671


Investigation of fouling mechanism on graphene oxide polyethersufone nanocomposite adsorptive membrane

     N. R. N. A. Ghani, M. S. Jami, M. Z. Alam, N.-S. Engliman

     2672 – 2687


Dynamic modeling analysis of a 4-RRR redundant parallel manipulator

     S. Yang, Z. Liu, C. Y. Li, R. M. Chai

     2688 – 2707


Designing collaborative augmented reality geographic information system for land suitability visualization

     H. Maulana, H. Kanai

     2708 – 2721






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