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Volume 18, Issue 4, August 2023

Pages 1805 – 2253


Effects of multiple variable factors on crude palm oil processing time: A simulation-based approach

     M. Andrew-Munot, J. Inyang, S. J. Tanjong, S. T. S. Shazali, E. Junaidi

     1805 – 1830


Utilization of sago fine waste as a new material in the process of manufacturing cement brick

     N. A. Wahab, S. H. Adnan, M. E. Mohamad

     1831 – 1844


Design of smart city service canvas

     A. A. Arman, S. H. Supangkat, R. Hurriyati

     1845 – 1858


Exposure to particulate matter (PM10), carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2) in a long-distance coach in Peninsular Malaysia

     N. Z. Yahaya, W. N. W. Mansor, F. Hashim

     1859 – 1877


The impact of media in public spaces to improve social interactivity with urban landscapeis

     I. A. M. Al Khafaji

     1878 – 1900


The manufacturing conditions of liquid organic fertilizers through the fermentation of bamboo shoots (Dendrocalamus Asper) as the basis for the contextual chemistry teaching materials in reaction rate

     O. Sumarna, E. Permana, S. Anwar, M. N. Hana, R. A. Rushiana

     1901 – 1914


Effect of filler materials on Marshall properties and rutting of asphalt mixtures using wheel tracking test: A comparative study

     T. Khedaywi, M. Haddad, S. Alyaseen

     1915 – 1935


Evaluation of feed flow rate on the physicochemical properties of fish oil microcapsules

     N. A. Hashim, S. K. Abdul Mudalip, Z. I. M. Arshad, R. C. Man

     1936 – 1948


Improving lean manufacturing system using value stream mapping analysis

     H. Henny, G. S. Alhakim, A. H. Budi, M. Aditya

     1949 – 1956


Thin-layer drying kinetics and quality attributes of osmotic dehydrated lime slices

     T. Somjai, P. Nuthong, J. Wongsa

     1957 – 1972


Multi-stacked and nitrogen doped graphene layers for microwave hyperthermia treatment planning with least exposure time

     A. Singla, A. Marwaha, S. Marwaha

     1973 – 1993


Computational bibliometric analysis on adaptive gamification using Vosviewer

     E. N. Hayati, D. Hirawan, A. A. Rafdhi

     1994 – 2002


Lifetime optimization scheme for IOT sensor networks with different sensing range

     F. Bajaber

     2003 – 2019


Exhaust waste energy harvesting by using a thermoelectric generator with a water heat exchanger

     M. S. Imran, H. J. Kurji, J. A. Mahdi, R. A. Abdulsahib

     2020 – 2034


Design and realization of equipment for early prevention of the spread of Covid-19

     Syahrul, S. Nurhayati, M. F. Wicaksono, R. Hidayat

     2035 – 2044


Optimization of coagulation parameters in the removal of turbidity and suspended solids from tannery effluents using the box - Behnken design

     J. L. M. Bobadilla, G. A. G. Pérez, W. A. M. Vásquez, A. E. G. Escobedo, J. F. V. Rojas, W. A. L. Carranza, R. F. R. Espinoza

     2045 – 2056


Effect of ambient pressure on vibrating-mesh ultra-sonic atomization for MQL applications

     A. Lefebure, D. Shim, G. Kim

     2057 – 2068


Visualization analysis of geofencing marketing research data mapping in 2017-2022 on the Google scholar database with Vosviewer

     R. Jumansyah, M. I. Rifaldi, E. S. Soegoto

     2069 – 2077


A comparative approach to SVM kernel functions via accurate evaluating algorithms

     I. Nurhidayat, B. Pimpunchat

     2078 – 2090


Numerical analysis of the fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of impinging air jets

     B. V. S. R. Vamsi, P. Raveendiran, M. R. Ch. Sastry

     2091 – 2108


The effectiveness of moringa oleifera extract and endurance training against TNF- α in the muscles of rats

     M. N. Abdurahman, H. R. D. Ray, P. Pitriani

     2109 – 2116


Vibration-based characterization of underpass bridge using wavelet packet decomposition method

      M. D. Surindra, W. Caesarendra, M. I. Petra, T. Prasetyo, S. A. Putra, J. Zaini, A. Glowacz, A. G. Naim

     2117– 2131


Item response analysis of understanding concepts of material chemistry with RADEC models in pharmaceutical students

     W. Sukmawati, A. Kadarohman, O. Sumarna, W. Sopandi, Y. Yusuf, F. Fitriani

     2132 – 2147


Predictive modeling of dimensional accuracies in 3D printing using artificial neural network

     Sivaraos, K. Kumaran, Dharsyanth, M. Amran, S. M. Shukor, S. Pujari, D. Ramasamy, U. K. Vatesh,
     A. S. M. Al-Obaidi, S. Ramesh, K. Y. S. Lee

     2148 – 2160


Numerical assessment of the effect of H2 and equivalence ratio on temperature and nitric oxide emission for tri-fuel engine model

     A. T. Abbas, A. F. Hammadi, M. H. Rady, A. J. Al-Obaidi

     2161 – 2179


Experimental study of confined circular concrete specimen with heated shrink plastic film (HSPF)

     H.-P. Lee, J.-H. Mok, H.-S. Cheong, Y.-F. Lim, K. Lee, N. A. Rahman, W.-P. Low, S. M. A. Razak

     2180 – 2191


E-learning as a form of technology application with digital leadership

     A. Gunawan, A. Sobandi, B. Santoso, T. Yuniarsih, S. A. Muhidin

     2192 – 2204


Seismic design of critical structure: Surgical center in the united states

     M. K. Alkharisi

     2205 – 2220


Development of operator training simulator (OTS) in refining process for atmospheric distillation column

     S. A. A. Aljaberi, N. I. A. Rahman

     2221 – 2237


Does e-learning effectively increase learning motivation in blended learning in the pandemic  of Covid-19?

     B. Santoso, A. Sobandi, N. Imaniyati, T. Hikmawan, S. Nurjanah

     2238 – 2253









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