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Volume 18, Issue 3, June 2023

Pages 1380 – 1804


Use of moringa seed (Moringa oleifera Lam.) as a biocoagulant to improve surface water quality

     F. B. Vidaurre, Y. F. A. Liza, R. F. R. Espinoza, A. E. G. Escobedo, J. J. López-Rojas, A. R. Ríos, W. R. Ramirez, R. B. A. Aliaga

     1380 – 1389


Implementation of game-based learning in entrepreneur education using the prototype method

     C. F. S. Amaral, E. S. Soegoto

     1390 – 1400


Development of an electronic portfolio- based assessment strategy to improve student's habits of mind in buffer solution material

     N. Nahadi, W. Siswaningsih, D. D. Apriani, D. Daniati, P. Purnawarman, T. Lestari

     1401 – 1412


Development of shape memory alloy (SMA) based artificial muscle for application in soft gripper

     M. D. F. Abdullah, A. N. Wahid, A. G.A. Muthalif

     1413 – 1426


Development of chromatic aberration correction factor method and algorithm for low-cost imaging optics

     K. S. Goh, Y. K. Ho, T. P. Cheong

     1427 – 1437


Designing a learning system based on intelligent tutoring system using design science research

     B. Kurniawan, M. Meyliana, H. L. H. S. Warnars, B. Suharjo

     1438 – 1446


Software effectiveness for adult learning

     A. Hufad, P. Purnomo, J. R. Pramudia, E. Sulistiono, N. Sutarni

     1447 – 1458


The effect of groove geometry on the stress developed at the contact region and inner core of the cord of the O-ring

     K. H. Soon, Y. C. Wong, E. Jayamani, C. C. V. Sia

     1459 – 1476


Proposal for a method using EEG for studying the impact of active protective clothing on the user’s psychophysical comfort: a case study

     S. Krzemińska, A. Greszta, A. Dąbrowska

     1477 – 1497


Computational bibliometric analysis of education technology using VOSviewer application with publish or perish (using google scholar data)

     T. A. Fauzan, E. S. Soegoto

     1498 – 1508


Smart teaching materials of multiple intelligences-oriented on global warming (STM2I-GLOW) to change the conception of high school students

     W. Liliawati, I. S. Rosa, R. Efendi

     1509 – 1522


Trend in pipeline rehabilitation research: A bibliometric analysis

     M. F. Muda, M. H. M. Hashim, M. Abdul Rahman, M. H. Mohd, M. K. Kamarudin, A. Al-Fakih, Z. F. Haza, A. R. M. Sam

     1523 – 1538


On the stability of pulsatile flow in the presence of a transverse magnetic field

     A. K. Abbas, A. A. Abdulrasool, M. W. Aljibory, W. N. Abdullah

     1539 – 1560


Information technology in evolutionary strategic management: Decision support system in smart university

     S. Luckyardi, A. Rahayu, L. Adiwibowo, R. Hurriyati

     1561 – 1569


Validity and reliability of GS4IR instrument for entry-level civil engineers using Rasch model

     F. M. Kamaruzaman, R. Hamid, M. S. Rasul, M. Omar, M. F. A. M. Zaid

     1570 – 1580


Handwriting detection and recognition of Arabic numbers and characters using deep learning methods

     A. Daood, A. Al-Saegh, A. F. Mahmood

     1581 – 1598


A bibliometric analysis of augmented reality in higher education

     N. Utami, A. Setiawan, I. Hamidah

     1599 – 1613


Mathematical model study of the economical tunnel diameter of the hydropower plant of Ahdaim dam in Iraq

     A. H. Alshami, H. A.Hussein

     1614 – 1623


Reducing oil pipes corrosion by (Zn-Ni) alloy coating on low carbon steel substrate by sustainable process

     N. S. Radhi, Z. Al-Khafaji, B. M. Mareai, S. Radhi, A. M. Alsaegh

     1624 – 1638


Implementation of informative mannequin technology to improve occupational health and safety aspects in automotive engineering workshop

     M. Komaro, A. D. B. Minghat, Sriyono, M. D. Adhinegoro, I. Widiaty

     1639 – 1649


Campus reopening during the Covid-19: ODE-SIRD model

     S. A. M. Husnin, N. M. Jamil, K. S. A. Basit, N. Muhammad

     1650 – 1669


An online learning tool for 5G radio access network dimensioning

     Y. Y. Wong, T. C. Chuah

     1670 – 1684


Computational thinking with an open-ended approach using interactive PowerPoint media: an experiment in elementary schools

     Z. Abidin, T. Herman, Wahyudin, Turmudi, A. E. Penehafo

     1685 – 1695


Performance improvement of nonlinear differentiator based on optimization algorithms

     N. Q. Yousif, A. F. Hasan, A. H. Shallal, A. J. Humaidi, L. T. Rasheed

     1696 – 1712


The alteration of mechanical behavior for Ba0.5Sr0.5Fe12O19/(Ni0.5Zn0.5)Fe2O4 nanocomposites

     M. Yassine, N. El Ghouch, A. M. Abdallah, K. Habanjar, R. Awad

     1713 – 1734


Understanding of soil through meta-affective and meta-cognitive training

     L. Rusyati, N. Y. Rustaman, A. Widodo, M. Ha

     1735 – 1747


A new approach to maximum power point tracking controllers based on self-sensing

     N. M. Noaman

     1748 – 1761


Numerical investigations on aerodynamic characteristics of a three-bladed combined Darrius-vane type wind turbine

     F. A. Khammas

     1762 – 1774


Batik mask manufacturing technology as an appearance equipment and for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19

     A. Nursalim, B. Sobandi, D. M. Sya’bany

     1775 – 1790


Mechanical design and optimisation of lumbar disc prosthesis model

     K. Y. S. Lee, W. J. Tan, S. Ramesh, A. S. M. Al-Obaidi

     1791 – 1804









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