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Volume 18, Issue 2, April 2023

(This issue is still in progress, however, all accessible articles are final and fully citable)

Pages 827 – xxxx


Study and analysis of metal parts fabricated through fused deposition modelling, de-binding and sintering processes

     A. Raza, K. Altaf, F. Ahmad, C. A. Shahed, S. W. Ahmed

     827 – 843


Detection of different types of distributed denial of service attacks using multiple features of entropy and sequential probabilities ratio test

     B. H. Ali, N. Sulaiman, S. A. R. Al-Haddad, R. Atan, S. L. M. Hassan

     844 – 861


Soft error mitigation in memory system

     N. Julai, F. M. A. Kadir, S. Suhaili

     862 – 879


An optimal modified Elman - PID neural controller design for DC/DC boost converter model

      L. T. Rasheed

     880 – 901


Designing an MSMES integrated information system model through zakat management

     S. D. Anggadini, D. A. Wahab, D. S. Soegoto, R. Yunanto, A. Rosyad

     902 – 912


Computational calculation of adsorption isotherm characteristics of carbon microparticles prepared from mango seed waste to support sustainable development goals (SDGs)

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. F. Al Husaeni, R. Ragadhita, M. Fiandini, R. Maryanti, D. N. Al Husaeni

     913 – 930


Investigating the effect of olive husk ash on dynamic creep of asphalt concrete mixtures

     M. Haddad, T. Khedaywi

     931 – 948


Minimization of machining process sequence based on ant colony algorithm and conventional method

     H. Abdullah, C. L. B. Hui, M. S. Zakaria

     949 – 962


Extraction of 6-gingerol in subcritical water extraction- a correlation of degradation rate and effective diffusion coefficient

     A. N. Ilia Anisa, Y. Iwai, N. A. Morad

     963 – 973


Efficient design and implementation of the realtime multi types digital modulations system based FPGA

     M. A. Al Zubaidy, S. L. Qaddoori, N. T. Gadawe

     974 – 989


Analysis of rail trailers selection in Semarang city

     A. T. Juniarti, B. I. Setia, R. H. S. Budiarti, S. S. Aulia

     990 – 1006


Smart urban farming application: UV light in hydroponic installations

     H. Saputra, I. D. Sumitra, D. Hirawan, R. Lesmana, E. S. Soegoto

     1007 – 1018


The effect of the number of the blades on diffuser augmented wind turbine performance

      M. M. Takeyeldein, I. S. Ishak, T. M. Lazim

     1019 – 1037


A transformer less high gain multi stage boost converter fed H-bridge inverter for photovoltaic application with low component count

     A. Nagaraju, R. Boini

     1038 – 1054


Evaluations of similarity base link prediction techniques in social network

     M. Azam, M. Nauman, A. H. Al-Faouri, A. M. Saleh, H. Y. Abuaddous

     83 – 99


A deep learning method to predict outdoor temperature profile of pavement bricks with phase change materials

     C. H. Chong, J. Y. S. J. Loo, D. J. J. Yap, Z. J. Chan, M. Abubakar, S. A/L Suresh, A. W. M. A. Elleithy, W. L. Gan,
     W. H. Tan, W. T. Hong, T. Maul

     187 – 209


Development of student performance assessment applications using website-based gamification concept

     R. Amalia, R. Wahdiniwaty

     227 – 234


Design improvement of rolling barriers safety using tire recycling process waste

     R. A. Mahdi, N. K. Abd-Ali

     244 – 256


Reconfigurable composite right/left-handed transmission line antenna based Minkowski- stepped impedance resonator structure for 5G communication networks

     M. M. Ismail, T. A. Elwi, A. J. Salim

     244 – 256


Computational bibliometric analysis of evolutionary game theory (EGT) research using VOSviewer

     R. Jumansyah, E. S. Soegoto, C. N. Albar

     301 – 309


A new manipulation detection and localization scheme for digital face images

     Z. A. Salih, R. Thabit, K. A. Zidan

     310 – 330


Simulation and optimization of hifu transducer for liver tumor ablation

     N. A. M. Tahir, B. Bais, N. A. Aziz

     331 – 346


Multiple antenna array patterns reconfiguration with common excitation amplitudes and optimized phases

     J. R. Mohammed, D. A. Aljaf

     347 – 356


Simulation of connecting the smart energy meters of the residential houses to reduce the load on electrical distribution transformers using lora technology based on IOT

     A. A. Fadhil, A. O. Aljanaby

     357 – 375


Influence of parafunctional loading conditions on the biomechanical behaviour of dental implant

     M. I. Ishak, R. Daud, S. N. F. M. Noor, C. Y. Khor, H. Roslan

     376 – 385


Electronically tunable minimum component first order universal filter based on EXCCTA

     V. Muniyappan, S. Perumal, R. Fathima, M. Faseehuddin, J. Sampe

     386 – 405


A real time amplitude compensation method using led current regulation system for optical encoders

     K. -H. Toh, L. Lee, M. S. Islam

     424 – 436

     3672 – 3689


Mitigation of harmonic current for balanced three-phase power system based on extended fryze adaptive notch filter

     S. H. Mohamad, M. A. M. Radzi, N. F. Mailah, N. I. A. Wahab, A. Jidin

     437 – 452


Effect of heat treatment cycles on tensile performance and microstructural evolution of thixoformed mwcnt-A356 composite

     H. Hanizam, M. S. Salleh, Z. Marjom, M. Z. Omar, A. B. Sulong, S. A. Sundi, H. Boejang, A. H. A. Rasib

     453 – 462


Experimental study of confined circular concrete specimen with heated shrink plastic film (HSPF)

     H. -P. Lee, J. -H. Mok, H. -S. Cheong, Y. -F. Lim, K. Lee, N.  A. Rahman, W. -P. Low, S. M. A. Razak

     406 – 423


The Kruskal-Wallis test to examine performance inconsistency in the biomass higher heating value models for proximate analysis

     A. Kijkarncharoensin, S. Innet

     463 – 480


Characterization of lead oxide milled nanoparticles and the effect of their incorporation on the thermal properties of polystyrene

     A. F. Osman, R. Awad, M. Roumie, M. S. Badawi, A. M. Abdallah

     481 – 507


Hepatoprotective property of Peruvian ground apple (Smallanthus Sonchifolius) tuber against paracetamol-induced liver damage in mice

     J. C. F. Pula

     508 – 520


Estimation of the wave-induced roll–pitch angle of surface vessels

     D.-N. Nguyen, D.-B. Nguyen

     521 – 533









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