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Volume 18, Issue 1, February 2023

Pages 1 – 826


The behavior of shallow foundation resting on clayey soil stabilized with rubber wastes  and cement

     K. Y. H. Al-Soudany, N. M. Salim, A. A. Ahmed

     1 – 16


Effectiveness of food waste bio-composted fertilizers on plantations

     J. C. H. Lai, W. Y. Wong, N. A. S. Abdul Samat, R. Baini

     17 – 36


Physicochemical characteristics of the rapeseed oil as a renewable -bio fluid

     K. F. Sultan, A. M. Ahmed, W. E. Abdul-Lateef

     37 – 47


Odour pollution control using Type-2 fuzzy logic controller

     M. A. R. Pohan, D. R. Taufiqurrahman, F. Sitanggang, V. R. L. Fitriani

     48 – 57


Design of web-based land deed registry with a geographical information system

     A. A. Rafdhi, U. Narimawati, N. R. Radliya, L. Warlina

     58 – 69


Mechanical and morphological properties of cellulose-reinforced thermoplastic composites: effect of recycling

     N. Samat, M. I. Shafiee, S. S. S. Bakar

     70 – 82


Teachers’ ICT competency level analysis using classification algorithms

     R. M. Santiañez

     83 – 99


IoT framework for monitoring the condition of the roads

     R. K. Kandagatla, V. J. Naidu, P. S. S. Reddy, T. V. P. Lahari, J. Prudhvi, K. K. Sri, S. Dhanush

     100 – 111


Optimisation of spray drying operating conditions of tomato slurry using response surface methodology

     S. M. Anisuzzaman, C. G. Joseph, O. M. Endu

     112 – 135


Empirical demonstration of fire-retardant bamboo to junior high school students for improving understanding of physicochemical properties of organic material

     S. Afifah, A. Mudzakir, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     136 – 146


Torque ripple mitigation of switched reluctance motor for water pumping applications at off-grid locations

     A. Kumar, S. Marwaha, M. S. Manna

     147 – 166


Effect of lime treatment on swelling and some geotechnical properties of an expansive soil from Mosul city

     I. M. Alkiki, Z Karabash, A. Aldaood

     167 – 186


Empirical analysis of threshold values for rank-based filter feature selection methods in software defect prediction

     M. Almomani, A. O. Balogun, S. Basri, A. A. Imam, A. K. Alazzawi, V. E. Adeyemo, G. Kumar

     187 – 209


Stationary spot welding (SSW) quality improvement using six sigma methodology and a poka yoke jig design

     Y. B. Yusuf, M. S. Abd Halim

     210 – 226


Designing virtual reality game for learning Al-Quran

     R. Jumansyah, S. Luckyardi

     227 – 234


Physical resistance of corn starch based bioplastic at various storage temperature

     G. E. Ayu, M. Lubis, M. H. S. Ginting, N. Hayat

     235 – 243


Calibration of a new size of cutthroat flume for submerged flow condition

     J. S. Maatooq, M. J. Ibraheem

     244 – 256


Design of attendance information system using RFID

     W. C. C. Choe, Y. H. Teh, Y. W. Low, T. Eltaif, K. N. Minhad, J. D. Tan, M. A. S. Bhuiyan

     257 – 275


Utilizing transient model for simulating uncertainty of natural gas transportation systems

     M. H. Saaid, S. Mahadzir

     276 – 300


A computational bibliometric analysis of science education research using Vosviewer

     R. Maryanti, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. Hufad, S. Sunardi, D. N. Al Husaeni, D. F. Al Husaeni

     301 – 309


An investigation on the superimposition of thermal degradation effects due to simultaneous flow maldistribution on the hot and cold sides of a crossflow heat exchanger

     W. M. Chin

     310 – 330


Work-function tuning on analogue properties of junction-less strained DG-MOSFET

     K. E. Kaharudin, F. Salehuddin, A. S. M. Zain

     331 – 346


Experimental inspection of residual stresses induced in parts produced by two-point incremental forming (TPIF) process

     A. H. Singal, N. H. Farhood, A. A. Al-Qassar

     347 – 356


Process capability study for improvement of product reliability at food and beverage industry

     A. H. Abdul Rasib, M. Musazzali, R. Abdullah, H. Boejang, H. Hanizam, Z. F. M. Rafaai

     357 – 375


Utilization of cornflour particles as a model for thermal insulator for supporting teaching and learning process for students with hearing impairments

     D. S. Hidayat, C. Rakhmat, A. Suryadi, E. Rochyadi, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Maryanti

     376 – 385


Adsorption of zinc, copper, and iron from synthetic wastewater using watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus), mango (Mangifera Indica L.), and Rambutan peels (Nephelium Lappaceum L.) as bio-sorbents

     W.-P. Low, K. S. Utomo, H. P. Lee, N. Abdul Rahman

     386 – 405


Distributed fiber optic sensing landslide monitoring – A comparative review

     M. A. M. Johnson, S. K. Phang, W. R. Wong, W. J. Chew, H. K. Mun, Y. Hoon

     406 – 423


Thermal properties of nano-composites: A comparative study between epoxy/graphene and epoxy/CaCO3

     T. W. Mohammed, N. M. Rahmah, L. A. Jawad

     424 – 436

     3672 – 3689


Morphological, structural, and photoluminescence properties of Er3+-doped SiO2-ZrO2/PVA nanofiber

     N. F. M. Suhaimi, S. A. Kamil, M. K. A. Rahman

     437 – 452


Technology's influence on pattern of physical activity and sedentary behaviors among early childhood

     N. I. Rahayu, A. Suherman, Jajat, K. Sultoni, M. Muktiarni, R. Maryanti

     453 – 462


The Kruskal-Wallis test to examine performance inconsistency in the biomass higher heating value models for proximate analysis

     A. Kijkarncharoensin, S. Innet

     463 – 480


Characterization of lead oxide milled nanoparticles and the effect of their incorporation on the thermal properties of polystyrene

     A. F. Osman, R. Awad, M. Roumie, M. S. Badawi, A. M. Abdallah

     481 – 507


Hepatoprotective property of Peruvian ground apple (Smallanthus Sonchifolius) tuber against paracetamol-induced liver damage in mice

     J. C. F. Pula

     508 – 520


Estimation of the wave-induced roll–pitch angle of surface vessels

     D.-N. Nguyen, D.-B. Nguyen

     521 – 533


Using of thesaurus in query expansion on information retrieval as value creation strategy through big data analytics

     G. Noviana, A. Rahayu, R. Hurriyati, L. A. Wibowo, E. Yulianto, R. Jumansyah

     534 – 553


Performance of different CNN-based models on classification of steel sheet surface defects

     V. T. Tran, B.-P. Nguyen, N.-P. Doan, T. D. Tran

     554 – 562


Spatial awareness as a step to human space: Al-Mutanabbi street study case

      N. H. Al-Mousawi, W. S. Al-Hinkawi, A. A. A. Al-Askary

     563 – 583


Control of elbow rehabilitation system based on optimal-tuned backstepping sliding mode controller

     Z. A. Waheed, A.J. Humaidi, M. E. Sadiq, A. A. Al-Qassar, A. F. Hasan, A.Q. Al-Dujaili, A. R. Ajel, S. J. Abbas

     584 – 603


Reference response based time-varying vibration suppression control for flexible dynamic systems

     M.-D. Duong, V.-M. Nguyen, Q.-T. Dao, T.-H. Do

     604 – 623


Evaluation and comparison of the tracking performance between NPID ICOND controller, NPID controller, and PID controller

     I. A. Saidin, M. N. Maslan, L. Abdullah, F. Yakub

     624 – 635


Bandwidth enhancement of an antenna based metamaterial using characteristic mode analysis for microwave applications

     I. Sansa, A. Nasri, H. Zairi

     636 – 652


Removal of curcumin dyes from aqueous solutions using carbon microparticles from jackfruit seeds by batch adsorption experiment

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, M. Fiandini, R. Ragadhita, R. Maryanti, D. F. Al Husaeni, D. N. Al Husaeni

     653 – 670


Parametric study of single air bubble rising through different salinity water column using volume of fluid (VOF) technique

     F. L. Rashid, E. Q. Hussein, A. K. Hussein, O. Younis

     671 – 684


Autonomous monitoring with facial expression recognition and gamification to support blended learning model

     I. Kurniawan, Y. H. Putra

     685 – 692


Numerical thermal analysis of re-entry Apollo model AS-202 at high angle of attack

     F. L. Rashid, E. Q. Hussein, L. J. Habeeb, A. K. Hussein, M. B. B. Hamida, B. Ali, O. Younis

     693 – 705


Analysis of adsorption isotherm characteristics for removing curcumin dyes from aqueous solutions using avocado seed waste carbon microparticles accompanied by computational calculations

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. N. Al Husaeni, R. Ragadhita, M. Fiandini, D. F. Al Husaeni, R. Maryanti

     706 – 720


Comparison of the usable properties of the developed gauze with commercial combat gauze

     L. M. Kiełbik, D. Zielińska, M. H. Struszczyk, A. Płaczek, D. Bukowiecka, M. Nepelski, E. Kuczyńska

     721 – 734


Finite element based parametric analysis of PMSM for electric vehicle applications

     Rupam, S. Marwaha, A. Marwaha

     735 – 750


Production of biocellulose by acetobacter xylinum 0416 using pineapple peel

     N. A. A. Samah, N. A. Rahman, N. N. Zulkarnain

     751 – 764


Designing the plactics wrapping trolley in the packing process to reduce the risk of injury on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS)

     M. Y. Syafei, A. Riyanto, G. Sianturi, H. Nafisa

     765 – 782


Big data framework to evaluate and analyse national Covid-19 immunization programmed (NCIP) in Malaysia: A comparative study

     N. M. Ibrahim, A. R. Ismail

    783 – 791


Behavior of high-performance reinforced arched-hybrid self-compacting concrete deep beams

     Q. M. Shakir, H. K. Hanoon

    792 – 813


The combination of convolution neural networks and deep neural networks for fake news detection

     Z. A. Jawad, A. J. Obaid

    814 – 826









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