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Volume 17, Issue 6, December 2022

Pages 3726 – 4504


Experimental behaviour of the reinforced concrete beams strengthened and repaired with steel plates

     M. D. Abdullah, J. T. Abodi, M. F. Ojaimi

     3726 – 3741


The development of a path planning algorithm combining the rapidly-exploring random tree algorithm and the particle swarm optimization algorithm

     A. Malik, M. A. R. Pohan

     3742 – 3754


Natural dye sensitizers mixture of curcumin, chlorophyll, and anthocyanin for dye-sensitized solar cells

     D. Widhiyanuriyawan, M. H. Mubarok, F. Maulana, C. Harsito, S. D. Prasetyo, Suyitno, Z. Arifin

     3755 – 3765


Hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine and curtailing NOx emissions with cost benefit analysis

     Z. Abbas, M. Amjad, M. Waqas, S. Larkin

     3766 – 3786


Physical and thermal characteristics of coco peat fibre reinforced polyurethane composite for insulation box in marine application

     N. Fitriadi, Balkhaya, M. Rizal, S. Fonna

     3787 – 3799


Amplitude percentage index study for beam vibration signal analysis based on EEMD

     T.-T. Luu, K.-D. Phan, V.-T. Luong

     3800 – 3814


Comparative study on compressive strength of fibre-reinforced concrete made with industrial hybrid fibre and natural waste fibre

     M. S. H. M. Sani, F. Muftah, M. F. Muda, L. S. Ho

     3815 – 3833


The effect of quenching and holding time on white cast iron material properties applied to grinding balls on ball mills for cement production

     U. Sumirat, A. S. Husen, A. Saputra, I. Kuntadi, M. Komaro

     3834 – 3842


Open source software maintenance effort estimation: a systematic mapping study

     C. Miloudi, L. Cheikhi, A. Abran, A. Idri

     3843 – 3861


Implementation of augmented reality on earthquake and tsunami socialization in BMKG Goes to school

     Ruhimat, E. S. Soegoto

     3862 – 3871


Strength enhancement of reinforced peat with rubber waste and melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF) resin

     N. Razali, N. M. Sa’don, A. R. A. Karim

     3872 – 3892


Forecasting wave height and wave period using long short-term memory and gated recurrent unit neural networks

     A. R. Khan, M. S. Ab Razak, B. Yusuf, H. Z. M. Shafri

     3893 – 3915


Design of non-organic trash processing machine based on solar panels in tourism village

     E. S. Soegoto, T. V. L. Gaol, C. N. Albar, N. P. Dewi

     3916 – 3925


Silk fiber orientation effect on flexural and tensile strength of zeolite-reinforced high-density polyethylene composites

     Purnomo, P. H. Setyarini, H. Purwanto, Solechan

     3926 – 3939


Correlation-based feature selection with bag-based fusion scheme for multi-instance learning application

     M. Berahim, N. A. Samsudin, A. Mustapha

     3940 – 3955


Website-based catering service information system

     E. Suhayati, W. Novianti, A. N. Zakiah

     3956– 3972


The optimal location and sizing of single and multiple STATCOM using analytical approaches under high loading occasion

     B. Ismail, N. I. A. Wahab, M. L. Othman, M. A. M. Radzi, K. N. Vijayakumar, M. K. Rahmat, M. N. M. Naain

     3973 – 3988


Efficient single image haze removal for advanced driver assistance systems by optimizing PatchGAN based conditional GAN

     O. A. Ramwala, S. A. Dhakecha, C. N. Paunwala, M. C. Paunwala

     3989 – 4004


Non-volatile binary content addressable memory cell with read/write scheme using spin-polarized current mode magnetic tunnel junction

     A. Sinha, M. Guduri, P. Srivastava, A. Islam

     4005 – 4021


Improving the performance of Laston AC-WC padding with the utilization of nickel slag waste

     Falderika, N. Fitrah

     4022 – 4031


Effect of solid volume fraction and particle size on rheology of debris flow using digital hybrid rheometer

     M. A. Khan, Z. Mustafa, I. H. Harahap, A.-L. B. Balogun, M. B. Ibrahim, A. Ahmad

     4032 – 4046


Embedded system design of path planning for planar manipulator based on chaos a* algorithm with known-obstacle environment

     M. L. Muhammed, E. H. Flaieh, A. J. Humaidi

     4047 – 4064


Particle size and pore size of rice husk ash on the resin-based brake pads performance: Experiments and bibliometric literature review

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. Fatimah, R. Ragadhita, D. N. Al Husaeni

     4965 – 4081


Finite element analysis of stress distribution on high-heeled shoes

     S. Sivarao, S. Sivakumar, S. Ramesh, K.Y. S. Lee, M. S. Salleh, M. A. M. Ali, D. Rao, K. Kumaran, S. Pujari, U. K. Vatesh

     4082 – 4091


Seismic structural analysis of multi-story concrete building based on Halabja 2017 earthquake

     A. R. Mohammed, L. R. Abdulwahed, B. Rashid

     4092 – 4106


Mechanical and structural properties improvement of wheat starch and poly (vinyl alcohol) bio-nanocomposite films formed by ethanol non-solvent precipitation

     C. K. Sheng, D. M. Fong

     4107 – 4116


Curcumin inhibitor for iron corrosion isotherm adsorption using C++ program in determining NaCl solution

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, D. F. Al Husaeni, R. Ragadhita, R. Maryanti, F. N. Resa

     4117 – 4129


An amalgamation of active appearance model and opponent color local binary pattern in age estimation

     Q.-Y. Chang, S.-C. Chong, T.-S. Ong

     4130 – 4143


Mechanical properties of foamed concrete reinforced with natural fibre

     M. A. Othuman Mydin

     4144 – 4162


Sustainable urban space strategies in the reconstruction of destroyed cities after the wars

     K. K. Kawther, R. H. Hassan

     4163 – 4186


Adsorption isotherm analysis of floating composite zinc imidazole framework-8 in millimeter epoxy cubes

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. N. Hofifah, R. Ragadhita

     4187 – 4202


Investigation of thermosolutal convection in a side wall heated and soluted cavity filled with a binary nanofluid

     M. Naima, M. Elmir, E. Benachour, K. Naima

     4203 – 4217


Automatic counting method of touching wheat grains with Fourier analysis and shape similarity method

     C. Y. Wang, M. L. Sun, L. P. Liu, P. Liu, X. Li

     4218 – 4234


Using household-scale biogas digesters as a tool for poverty alleviation in central Vietnam

     T. H. Hoang, T. Kato, H. Hoang

     4235 – 4252


Innovation of “Braille Corner” digital learning based on learning for the students with visual impairment in inclusion settings

     Y. Suherman, J. Juhanaini, R. Maryanti, E. Rochyadi

     4253 – 4265


Optimization experiment on polishing of cylindrical roller bearings

     D.-N. Nguyen, C.-T. Doan, T.-D. Lam

     4266 – 4276


CFD modelling of sand particle transport in a horizontal multiphase 90o pipeline flows

     N. T. A. Othman, F. N. Rostam

     4277 – 4290


Noise management strategy for stone and metal fabrication industry

     C. N. Subida, M. A. R. Codera

     4291 – 4307


Analysis of NBTI effects on read and write operations of 6T SRAM cells

     H. Zahari, H. Hussin, M. Muhamad, N. Soin, Y. A. Wahab

     4308 – 4319


Flexural behaviour of rectangular CFST beams strengthened with innovative steel plate reinforcements

     N. S. Obeng, A. A. Abdullah

     4320 – 4334


Navigation and control design for catamaran autonomous surface vessel in gazebo environment

     C. K. Cheong, M. R. Arshad, S. Din

     4335 – 4354


The resistance evaluation of the autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) using the low speed wind tunnel test

     A. Sulisetyono, R. E. Wardhana

     4355 – 4366


Ranked multi-view skeletal video-based sign language recognition with triplet loss embeddings

     S. A. Ali, M. V. D. Prasad, P. V. V. Kishore

     4367 – 4397


Hydrological modelling and evaluation of detention ponds transformed from roundabout to mitigate urban flooding

     K. K. Kuok, P. C. Chiu

     4398 – 4409


Brain tumor MRI medical images classification model based on CNN (BTMIC-CNN)

     S. A. Y. Al-Galal, I. F. T. Alshaikhli, M. M. Abdulrazzaq, R. Hassan

     4410 – 4432


A 11.91 pJ/step 70-MS/s 7-bit sub-ranging SAR-ADC in 90 nm CMOS technology

     A. Khatak, M. Kumar, S. Dhull

     4433 – 4447


Influence of sodium hydroxide concentrations on reeds (Imperata Cylindrica) extraction process

     F. Kusumattaqiin, N. W. Pratiwi, S. N. Izzah, C. Pebriwirasanti

     4448 – 4458


Development of instrument in post occupancy evaluation for IBS high-rise residential through Rasch measurement model

     M. A. A. Rahman, M. K. Musa, N. Hashim, M. N. A. Azman

     4459 – 4468


Selective harmonic elimination pulse width modulation (SHEPWM) for five-phase nine-level inverter using improved whale optimization algorithm

     M. A. S. Bimazlim, B. Ismail, M. Z. Aihsan, R. Ali, M. S. M. A. Walter

     4469 – 4486


Implementing load-balanced concurrent service layer for improving the response time of an IOT network.

    J. K. R. Sastry, K. V. Sowmya

     4487 – 4504









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