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Volume 17, Issue 5, October 2022

Pages 3012 – 3725


Statistical screening of physico-chemical factors for biohydrogen production by Enterobacter aerogenes from sago wastewater

     T. A. Ulhiza, N. I. M. Puad, A. S. Azmi

     3012 – 3024


An experimental study to evaluate the performance of a two-stroke direct injection spark ignition engine

     D. R.B. Syaka, R. Sukarno, A. T. Tyassmadi, F. Rumanto

     3025 – 3039


Root cause analysis of the defects in grey iron castings

     A. D. Chandio, S. M. S. Madad, A. A. Shaikh, S. B. H. Rizvi, H. Ahmed, Z. Ali, M. A. Qureshi

     3040 – 3054


Relationship between emotional intelligence and food choices among Malaysians during Covid-19 lockdown

     S. K. Wong, P. Cl. Koh

     3055 – 3070


Optimization and storage of water-in-oil emulsion using a supplemented aqueous phase and sunflower oil

     A. Micanquer-Carlosama, M. Cortés-Rodríguez, L. Serna-Cock

     3071 – 3087


Nutritional and sensory quality of choux pastry enriched by salmon, spinach, and seaweed

     A. Ana, S. Maharani, M. Muktiarni

     3088 – 3098


Modelling of antenna open half lamda using automatic antenna plotter detector testing at uhf broadcast frequency

     M. R. Fidaus, B. Herdiana, R. M. Iskandar

     3099 – 3108


Contribution of POFA-foamed concrete blocks to the reduction of energy consumption in buildings

     W. Arminda, H. Awang, K. Ahmad

     3109 – 3127


Experimental measurement of undrained shear strength of fine grained soil-crude oil mixtures using different techniques

     M. A. Awad, M. M. Khalaf, M. M. Arbili

     3128 – 3148


Teaching the concept of brake pads based on composites of palm fronds and rice husks to high school students

     S. Anggraeni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Ragadhita, G. C. S. Girsang, S. R. Putri, F. H. Sadiyyah, M. R. Hibatulloh, Valensia, D. P. Setiadi

     3149 – 3159


Effect of thermal environment on transient response of laminated shallow shells with different boundary conditions

     A. R. Madeh, W. I. Majeed

     3160 – 3173


Stock market prediction using deep learning approach

     J.-S. Ang, K.-W. Ng, F.-F. Chua

     3174 – 3186


Modeling of wind turbine based on Gaussian processes

     T. Nayl

     3187 – 3202


Isotherm adsorption characteristics of 63-um calcium carbonate particles prepared from eggshells waste

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, G. C. S. Girsang, R. S. Rizkia

     3203 – 3210


Dynamic analysis  of R. C. buildings with transfer floors modelled as thick shells, rigid diaphragm, and rectangular finite solid elements

     J. A. Alomari, F. R. Maraqa

     3211 – 3223


Shell and tube heat exchanger design for titanium dioxide particle production process

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Ragadhita, T. Kurniawan

     3224 – 3234


Stacking spatial-temporal deep learning on inertial data for human activity recognition

     C. Y. Shan, P. Y. Han, O. S. Yin, P. Q. Wei

     3235 – 3253


The influence of infill density and pattern on the mechanical and fracture behavior of 3D printed structure subjected to uniaxial tensile load

     F. Triawan, D. Syefira, M. Rismalia, I. O. Suryani, D. W. Djamari, B. A. Budiman, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     3254 – 3266


IT blueprint design with TOGAF ADM framework for information system development

     R. Jumansyah, R. Sidik, E. S. Soegoto

     3267 – 3285


Data-driven assessment of artificial neural network and regression curve fitting approaches for dimensionless turbulent flow heat transfer performance of a hexagonal duct

     A. H. Abdulkarim, O. Turgut, A. Ghareeb, E. Canli, M. Sari, K. Hallinan

     3286 – 3309


Effects of NI additive on fatigue and mechanical properties of AL-CU alloy manufactured using powder metallurgy

     S. G. Hussein, I. Q. Al Saffar, M. A. Al-Shammari, M. Al-Waily

     3310 – 3325


An intelligent attendance system based on convolutional neural networks for real-time student face identifications

     M. A. Ahmed, M. D. Salman, R. A. Alsharida, Z. T. Al-Qaysi, M. M. Hammood

     3326 – 3341


Spectrum averaging in a MIMO FMCW maritime radar for a small fluctuating target range estimation

     S. Zainuddin, N. E. A. Rashid, I. P. Ibrahim, R. S. A. R. Abdullah, Z. I. Khan

     3342 – 3359


Strength enhancement of peat stabilized with rubber chips

     N. R. Mahyan, S. N. L. Taib, N. M. Sa’don, L. Truna, V. Ajon, C. C. Midol

     3360 – 3377


Evaluation of radar Doppler signal time-domain features for hand gesture classification

     K. K. M. Shariff, N. H. A. Aziz, S. Zulkifli, M. M. A. Kechik

     3378 – 3392


Critical analysis of modified gauss Markov mobility model using varying values of parameters to check the impact of QOS in MANET

     M. F. Khan, I. Das

     3393 – 3409


Evaluating the durability of recycled brick aggregates concrete against sulfate attack

     Mateeullah, M. S. Khan, A. A. J. Khattak, M. Yaqoob, S. Ali

     3410 – 3423


Optimum design of a para rubber-tapping machine

     P. Sriromreun, P. Sriromreun

     3424 – 3432


Integration of structure, conduct, performance interrelation of institutional policy and safety culture in construction industry

     R. A. Machfudiyanto, Y. Latief, A. Suraji

     3433 – 3446


Network suitability study for transmission line slope monitoring using GIS-based technique

     I. S. Mustafa, S. N. M. Deros, N. M. Din, F. M. E. Haroun

     3447 – 3459


Multiple linear regression method used to control nutrient solution on hydroponic cultivation

     Helmy, N. Khotimah, A. Nursyahid, T. A. Setyawan, A. S. Nugroho, A. Febyana, S. Pramono

     3460 – 3474


Influence of hedera hashgraph over blockchain

     M. Alahmad, I. Alshaikhli, A. Alkandari, A. Alshehab, M. R. Islam, M. Alnasheet

     3475 – 3488


Modeling the control of river bend bed erosion by installing impermeable cribs

     Kuntjoro, W. Sutapa, L. E. Damayanti, M. H. Imaaduddiin, Tatas

     3489 – 3511


Morphology, rheology and mechanical properties of NR, NR/BR and NR nanocomposite

     A. A. Nayeeif, M. S. Abed, H. Abdulkhalik

     3512 – 3525


Enhancing healthcare service delivery via patient tracking system using mobile apps technology: a case study

     R. Jaafar, M. C. Lam, M. N. Abdullah, A. Adam, F. A. Hamzah, M. H. M. Isa, M. Ayob

     3526– 3538


Optimal placement of intermittent DG renewable energy and capacitor bank for power losses reduction and voltage profile improvement in microgrids systems

     Firdaus, Umar, R. S. Wibowo, O. Penangsang

     3539 – 3554


5G network access security model through deep neural networks clustering

     S. C. V. Ayala, O. J. S. Parra, B. L. S. Forero

     3555 – 3569


Implementing quantum image security algorithm based on geometric transformation and quantum random number generation

     A. A. Abdullah, S. S. Mahdi

     3570 – 3582


Design simulation and implementation of cascaded buck square converter for high voltage step-down applications

     A. Siddique, W. Aslam, M. M. Saeed, F. Ashraf, M. Hanan

     3583 – 3599


Prophecy of wear rate and microhardness of commercial materials by experimentation and artificial neural networks

     P. R. Yakkaluri, L. N. Kavuluru, K. M. Mantrala, M. T. P. Boddapati

     3600 – 3618


Designing an embedded wireless sensor network platform using single board computer application

     S. Z. Hasan, S. H. Sharqi, T. S. Gaaz, A. A. Al-Amiery

     3619 – 3636


Study on modified Walsh code for optical code division multiple access

     R. K. Ahmed, M. H. Majeed, R. S. Alhumaima

     3637 – 3659


Improvement of setup time on server infrastructure automation using ansible framework

     B. Santoso, M. W. Sari

     3660 – 3671


Effect of fuel additive concentration on performance and vibration characteristics of a compression ignition engine

     P. B. Nagaraj, K. Lokesha, G. Lalagi, V. Talugeri

     3672 – 3689


Adaptive multi-constrained QoS routing in MANET

     N. Prathviraj, S. L. Deshpande, A. Hegde

     3690 – 3705


A study of different types of brainwaves and their use in controlling remote objects

     A. M. D. E. Hassanein, S. T. M. Ibrahem, N. H. A. Hassan

     3706 – 3725









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