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Volume 17, Issue 4, August 2022

Pages 2254 – 3011


Modification of extramedullary guide for tibial cut in total knee replacement surgery in internal tibial torsion

     U. R. Khairy, S. J. Hamandi, A. S. A. Ali

     2254 – 2271


An innovative automatic tomato grafting machine prototype

     G. Belforte, T. Raparelli, G. Eula, S. Sirolli

     2272 – 2286


Optimization-based method for estimating the transmission rate of Covid-19 during the lockdown in Malaysia

     A. Alsayed, M. O. A. Aqel, R. Kamil, H. Sadir, A. Abuzaiter, K. A. Alezabi, H. Sari

     2287 – 2298


Performance analysis of evacuated tube collector based solar heat for industrial process (ship) system in Malaysian climate

     M. A. Akbar, M. M. Rashid, A. H. B. Embong, A. J. B. H. Mohideen, M. N. Akhter

     2299 – 2314


The customized 1D CNN for sensor-based human activity recognition using various benchmark datasets

     S. Ankalaki, M. N. Thippeswamy

     2315 – 2335


The effect of addition of rubbing ash and corncob ash biomass on the mechanical properties of paving blocks

      S. Anggraeni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, Z. N. Ainisyifa, D. Trianadewi, H. Y. Abadi, N. N. Azizah, D. F. Al Husaeni, A. Siswanto

     2336 – 2345


Key competencies as a tool of designers interdisciplinary cooperation in digital age

     T. Chochole

     2346 – 2361


Indoor location estimation using the received signal strength indicator of Wi-Fi access point

     R. Muthalagu, S. Fernandes, D. Duseja

     2362 – 2372


Deep learning-based fine-grained automated pneumonia detection model

     K. Rangasamy, N. S. M. Fuzi, M. A. As’ari, N. A. Rahmad, N. A. J. Sufri

     2373 – 2389


Mechanical properties of sawdust and rice husk brake pads with variation of composition and particle size

     S. Anggraeni, A. N. Anshar, A. Maulana, S. Nurazizah, Z. Nurjihan, S. R. Putri, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     2390 – 2401


Use density functional theory to study the physical properties of hydroxychloroquine

     H. M. Jawad, A. M. Kadhim

     2402 – 2411


Numerical investigation of diesel engine performance operated in dual fuel phase with increasing syngas diesel addition ratio and lambda value of 1

     H. A. Mahmood, A. O. Al-Sulttani, A. I. Mosa

     2412 – 2430


Nonlinear neural PID controller for depressing fluctuation of curved beam subjected to different load conditions

     W. S. Aboud, H. S. A. Al-Amir, H. S. Jaber

     2431 – 2446


Isotherm adsorption of 3000-µm natural zeolite

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. R. Putri, S. Anggraeni, T. Kurniwan

     2447 – 2460


Numerical vibration analysis of the dam sector gate structure with consideration to material degradation characteristics

     M. H. M. Ghazali, A. Z. A. Mazlan, M. A. Azman, M. H. Zawawi

     2461 – 2475


Rejection of wing-rock motion in delta wing aircrafts based on optimal LADRC schemes with butterfly optimization algorithm

     A. I. Abdul-Kareem, A. F. Hasan, A. Al-Qassar, A. J. Humaidi, R. F. Hassan, I. K. Ibraheem, A. T. Azar

     2476 – 2495


Adsorption of copper ions onto rice husk activated carbon prepared using ultrasound assistance: optimization based on step-by-step single variable knockout technique

     A. Muslim, E. Purnawan, Nasrullah, H. Meilina, M. Y. Azwar, N. O. Deri, A. Kadri

     2496 – 2511


Natural zeolite as the reinforcement for resin-based brake pad using dual particle size

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. R. Putri, T. Kurniwan

     2512 – 2524


Simulation and designing of three-stack GAN HEMT power amplifier for 2-6 GHz bandwidth

     S. Sharma, V. Kumar, S. S. Sharma

     2525 – 2544


New H-bridge based multilevel CSI using inductor-cell and current-module methods


     2545 – 2555


A modified method for selecting singular values in image compression using singular value decomposition

     S. K. Ahmed

     2556 – 2566


Planning and implementing the redevelopment of Volve field, Norwegian north sea using knowledge discovery in databases data mining and numerical simulation techniques

     A. E. Mcallister, L. Akanji

     2567 – 2593


Effect of flow rate and recirculation on the flotation process in removing fat, oil, grease, and solid

     E. N. Hidayah, W. Rahmawati, O. H. Cahyonugroho, F. Rizqa, K. N. Wahyusi

     2594 – 2601


A low latency scheme for securing OFDM-based communications

     O. A. L. A. Ridha, G. N. Jawad

     2602 – 2614


Chemical influence of magnesium oxide on the engineering properties of clayey soils used as road subgrade

     A. M. Mosa, L. A. Salem, Q. S. Banyhussan

     2615 – 2630


Design of enterprise information system using TOGAF framework for public service agency

     H. Saputra, I. Gustiana, E. S. Soegoto

     2631 – 2649


Synthesis of porous geopolymers using burnout materials for the removal of anionic surfactant from aqueous solution

     A. Hamza, A. A. Siyal, M. R. Shamsuddin, S. Z. J. Zaidi, S. U. Hassan, C. Harito

     2650 – 2657


Investigation about the optimum alternative of polypropylene fibers in conventional concrete

     Z. H. Mahdi, M. M. Kadhum, M. R. Abdulghani, G. R. Abdulghani, D. A. Hwaiai

     2658 – 2670


Effective energy management of islanded microgrids using state of charge approach of energy storage systems

     H. V. P. Nguyen, V. T. Nguyen, L. Nguyen-Dinh, B. N. Nguyen, D. M. D. Truong

     2671 – 2687


Effect of inadequate lap splice length on the seismic fragility of bare RC frames

     M. Bavan, M. Vafaei, S. C. Alih

     2688 – 2706


Structural behavior of SCC beams using inclined steel plates for shear reinforcement

     A. M.Ibrahim, Z. S. M. Khaled, A. A. Mansor

     2707 – 2719


Internet of things based irrigation monitoring system

     E. S. Soegoto, A. A. Rafdhi, D. Oktafiani, R. Jumansyah

     2720 – 2732


The evaluation of the level of electronic readiness in the experts’ point of view (A case of financial institution study)

     H. Kardanmoghaddam, A. Rajaei, F. Gideski

     2733 – 2749


Performance and first-order modelling of biodiesel as fuel for domestic space heaters in Jordan

     J. Yamin, Z. Al-Hamamre, A. Sandouqa

     2750 – 2764


Evaluation of the properties of poly-methyl methacrylate reinforced with titanium dioxide for denture application

     A. A. Mohammed

     2765 – 2775


Decoding of turbo code and polar code using deep learning for visible light communication

     A. C. Vaz, C. G. Nayak, D. Nayak, N. T. Hegde

     2776 – 2787


Design of heat exchanger for the production of carbon particles

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. R. Putri, R. Ragadhita, T. Kurniawan

     2788 – 2798


The performance evaluation of electronic visual tracking algorithms with different sensors

     S. H. Raheemah, A. S. Khusheef, Q. H. Hassan, R. F. Chisab

     2799 – 2811


Behavior investigation of reinforced concrete half-joint structure supports steel section under monotonic and repeated loads

     K. A. Ibrahim, B. J. Al-Sulaivany, S. Y. Al-Darzi

     2812 – 2826


Bio-inspired robotic locomotion model: Response towards food gradient changes and temperature variation

     R. Kamarudin, M. M. Ibrahim, M. N. S. Zainudin, R. H. Ramlee

     2827 – 2845


Investigation of graphene oxide-based nanocomposite coating rupture strength on titanium alloy by tensile test for orthopedic implant

     F. Triawan, M. J. Surya, M. Handayani, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     2846 – 2860


Laboratory evaluation of the mechanical performance of  hot mix asphalt modified with ceramic waste powder as filler

     A. M. Ali

     2861 – 2876


A collision resistance SHA-1 based on a pseudo-random sequence generator for authentication protocol

     A. Y. Yousuf, T. S. Atia

     2877 – 2890


ICA learning approach for predicting of RNA-SEQ malaria vector data classification using SVM kernel algorithms

     M. O. Arowolo, S. O. Abdulsalam

     2891 – 2903


The NOₓ reduction performances of a marine diesel engine using steam induction method for blended palm oil methyl ester fuel

     S. A. Ali, A. A. Bakar, C. W. M. N. C. W. Othman, K. Samo, M. N. K. Jarkoni, W. N. W. Mansor, M. R. Zoolfakar

     2904 – 2918


Continuous speech segmentation using dynamic thresholding of short-term features

     S. N. Endah, N. Fadlilah, R. Kusumaningrum, S. Adhy

     2919 – 2935


The cognitive stages of memory in the architectural product: comparison of mental and spiritual knowledge in the products of architecture students

     S. M. Hamza

     2936 – 2957


Numerical investigation of office room ventilation by adopting displacement ventilation and chilled ceiling system in a hot and dry climate

     A. A. Shbeeb, A. A. Mahdi, A. K. Hussein

     2958 – 2982


The effect of adding nanoparticles on the mechanical properties of acrylic removable denture

     N. K. Abd-Ali

     2983 – 2996


Influence of cyclic loading to the post-cyclic shear strength behaviour of peat soil

     H. M. Mohamad, Z. Adnan, N. A. Hassan

     2997 – 3011










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