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Volume 16, Issue 5, October 2021 (in press)

Page 3600 – xxxx


Effects of intake flow on in-cylinder swirl flow under motoring and firing conditions for CI engines using PIV measurements

     M. Ichiyanagi, R. Saito, Y. Sawamura, G. Ndizeye, G. J. Gotama, W. Anggono, T. Suzuki

     3600 - 3619


Heat stability and solubility of camel whey protein isolate conjugated with gum Arabic under wet heating condition by Maillard reaction


       S. Sanayei, S. A. Mortazavi, A. Pedramnia, M. Armin


     2816 - 2824


Analysis the effect of super-elevation on static and dynamic properties of horizontal curved concrete bridge by finite element


       A. F. Naser


     2825 - 2844


Stability and seepage of earth dams with toe filter (calibrated with artificial neural network)


      A. A. J. Jamel, M. I. Ali


     2845 - 2851


Estimation of remaining useful life of bearings using reduced affinity propagated clustering


       S. Sharanya, R. Venkataraman, G. Murali


     2852 - 2866


Towards an implementation of instance-based classifiers in pedagogical environment


       I. Khan, A. R. Ahmad, N. Jabeur, M. N. Mahdi


     2867 - 2875


Strengthening of deficient exterior RC beam-column joints using basalt fibre reinforced polymer sheets


       S. Y. Laseima, A. A. Mutalib, S. A. Osman, N. H. Hamid


     2876 - 2887


A new encryption scheme for performance improvement in big data environment using MapReduce


      T. S. Algaradi, B. Rama


     2888 - 2900


Thermal analysis on the fuel rod assemblies with triangular and square array using new nanofluid


       F. L. Rashid, Z. A. Abdul Redha, A. A. Mohammed


     2901 - 2917


Study and design of class F power amplifier for mobile applications


       S. H. Hussein, S. W. Luhabi, M. T. Yaseen, M. Jasim


     2918 - 2926


Estimation of kinetic parameters from thermogravimetric analysis


       V. Kirubakaran, D. M. D. Preethi


     2927 - 2937


A complete design and development of a miniature battery-less power management unit for powering biomedical implant


      Y. C. Wong, J. H. Yap


     2938 - 2949


Fresnel lens solar concentrator to utilize the extreme solar intensity in heat exchanger receivers


      A. H. Obaid, A. Al Sahlani, A. A. Eidan


     2950 - 2959


Products dataset analysis  using data mining techniques


       H. Q. Jaleel, J. J. Stephan, S. A. Naji


     2960 - 2979


Effect of mixture of sand dunes and silica fume on engineering properties of gypseous soils


       M. G. Jassam, K. M. Younes


     2980 - 3004


Study the sudden expansion and contraction in the pipeline on the distribution of pressure at the presence of a porous media by using CFD simulation


      F. L. Rashid, B. A. Alhabeeb, M. Alhwayzee, A. A. Mohammed


     3005 - 3014


A new lightweight authenticated key agreement protocol for IOT in cloud computing


       A. H. Aly, A. Ghalwash, M. Nasr, A. Abd El-Hafez


     3015 - 3024


Study of graphene oxide-polymer nanocomposite (GPN) adsorptive membrane for lead removal from wastewater


       N. R. N. Abdul-Ghani, M. S. Jami, N. S. Engliman, M. K. Amosa, M. H. Isa


     3025 - 3032


Experimental transfer function based multi-loop adaptive Shinskey PI control for high dimensional MIMO systems


       M. K. Chakravarthi, N. Venkatesan


     3033 - 3047


Numerical aspects of the  kinematics behaviour of coupled pendulum


      H. Shanak, R. Jarrar, H. Khalilia,  J. Asad


     3048 - 3056


Design of optimized PID controller based on ABC algorithm for buck converters with uncertainties


       I. K. Mohammed


     3057 - 3071


Quantitative haemodynamic study in renal artery bifurcation using CFD


       P. Hegde, S. Kanjalkar, S. M. Abdul Khader, G.  B. Shenoy,  B. R. Pai, M. Tamagawa, R. Prabhu, D. Srikanth Rao


     3072 - 3083


Anti epidemic architecture strategies "Covid 19 an entrance to the design of a preventive architectural product"


       A. S. Salman, T. M. Hameed


     3084 - 3093


Energy management approach for charge sustaining hybrid electric vehicle


       S. Madkaikar, C. R. Kini, S. Y. Nayak


     3104 - 3118


Development of android-based multimedia application to overcome the difficulty of problem-solving in the FE-C phase diagram subject


      M. Komaro, A. Suherman, M. F. Tazul Arifn, R. H. Putra, B. Darmawan


     3084 - 3093


Groundwater quality assessment for irrigation purpose using water quality index in Green Belt Project in Karbala City- Iraq


      Abdul Khider Aziz Mutasher Fadhil M. Al- Mohammed, Hakim S. Sultan Aljibori


     3084 – 3093


Novel techniques of elliptical array optimization using grasshopper algorithm


      Suraya, M., C. Sudhamani, B. K. Kammara, T. Suresh


     3084 – 3093


An efficient method of data hiding for digital color images based on variant expansion and modulus function


     M. Zulqarnain, M. G. Ghouse, W. Sharif, G. Jilanie, A. Shifa


     3084 – 3093


Characterisation and performance evaluation of marine coatings used for submerged ocean energy application


      S. Musabikha, I. K. A. P. Utama, Mukhtasor


     3084 – 3093


Free-space optical system  based on vertical transceivers link under varying smoke density


      T. Z. Taban, F. S. Mohammed


     3084 – 3093


Graph reproduction task on mobile auditory graph (MAG): An exploratory study


      Z. P. Putra, A. P. Sutarto, M. D. Anasanti


     3084 – 3093


Almond kernel variety identification and classification using decision tree


      Narendra  V. G., Krishnamoorthy  M., Shivaprasad G., Amitkumar V. G., P. Kamath


     3084 – 3093


Usage of internet of things (IOT) technology in the higher education sector


      M. K. Saeed, A. M. Shah, K. Mahmood, M. U. Hassan, J. Khan, B. Nawaz


     3084 – 3093


Reinforcing the mechanical properties of windshield with interlayer-polycarbonates glass composite


      S. G. Afluq, M. F. Hachim, Z. K. Ibrahim, H. A. Alalwan


     3084 – 3093


Effects of sugarcane bagasse fibers on the mechanical behaviour of high density polyethylene


      S. Sivarao, Z. Jamaludin, M. S. Salleh, M. A. M. Ali, K. Kadirgama, U. K. Vatesh, S. Pujari, S. Sivakumar, S. Ramesh, K. Y. S. Lee


     3084 – 3093


Necessary condition for boundedness of Stein-Weiss operator on Orlicz spaces


      S. Fatimah, S. A. Hazmy, A. A. Masta


     3084 – 3093


Inclusion properties of weighted weak Orlicz spaces


      A. A. Masta, Ifronika, M. Taqiyuddin, R. Rosjanuard


     3084 – 3093


GIS – multi criteria evaluation and analytical network process for determination of land capability class and suitability of residential land


      R. M. Masri, I. M. Purwaamijaya


     3084 – 3093


Min-cost flow network to detect text line on certificate


      I. Rianto, E. Rainarli


     3084 – 3093


Student attendance monitoring system using fingerprint and WhatsApp


      M .D. Rahmatya, M. F. Wicaksono


     3084 – 3093


Data visualization for education domain at Dinas Pendidikan Jawa Barat


      Y. Y. Kerlooza, D. Dharmayanti, A. M. Bachtiar, T. Nugraha


     3084 – 3093


Development of class library in domain of scrolling shooter game


      A. M. Bachtiar, D. Dharmayanti, R. Sabarudin


     3084 – 3093


Sensitivity analysis of investment feasibility on citronella oil distillation industry in indonesia


      Aviasti, A. N. Rukmana, I. Bachtiar, R. Amaranti


     3084 – 3093


Analysis of aerotropolis in small islands


      T. Judiantono, Saraswati, W. Budiyono


     3084 – 3093


Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process-based priority identification of employability skills for vocational education students


      A. G. Abdullah, M. A. Latif, I. Widiaty, B. Mulyanti, D. Kuswardhana


     3084 – 3093


Body composition through bioelectrical impedance analysis: Development of body score predictive equation among rural society


      Y. Setiakarnawijaya, Kuswahyudi, R. Pelana, Yuliasih, N. D. Oktafiranda, M. Ilham, D. Mitsalina


     3084 – 3093


Spatial patterns of linguistic landscapes in tourism area


      C. U. Abdullah, S. R. P. Wulung


     3084 – 3093


Fault detection full order filter apply to discrete time-invariant linear system


      M. Ahmad, R. M.-Mokhtar


     3084 – 3093


Response surface methodology to evaluate energy in extractive distillation process for the mixture of methylal and methanol with glycerol as entrainer


      W. Weerachaipichasgul, A. Wanwongka, S. Saengdaw, A. Chanpirak, P. Kittisupakorn


     3084 – 3093


The automated machine learning classification approach on telco trouble ticket dataset


      F. C. Yayah, K. I. Ghauth, C. Y. Ting


     3084 – 3093


Numerical analysis of voided wide reinforced concrete beams using steel plates for shear reinforcement


      I. M. A. Ameer, A. H. Naji, A. M. Ibrahim


     3084 – 3093







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