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Volume 16, Issue 3, June 2021

Page 1851 – 2794


Stabilization of single-axis propeller-powered system for aircraft applications based on optimal adaptive control design

     A. A. Al-Qassar, A. Q. Al-Dujaili, A. F. Hasan, A. J. Humaidi, I. K. Ibraheem, A. T. Azar

     1851 - 1869

Improving the performance of practical block length of polar code

     N. S. Enad, M. H. Al-Jammas

     1870 - 1882

Spatial model planning for geotourism destinations

     S. R. P. Wulung, Y. Adriani, B. Brahmantyo, A. Rosydie

     1883 - 1897

Mobile guiding application for tourists in a geopark area in Indonesia

    M. Ruhimat, R. Arrasyid, H. R. M. Isya, Darsiharjo, C. U. Abdullah, D. S. Logayah

     1898 - 1915

Effects of concrete types, elevated temperatures and  different cooling technique on concrete compressive strength

     O. K. Fayadh, O. A. Qasim, O. S. Farhan

    1916 - 1931

Grey-wolf optimization better enhances the dynamic performance of roll motion for tail-sitter VTOL aircraft guided and controlled by STSMC

    A. A. Al-Qassar, A. I. Abdulkareem, A. F. Hasan, A. J. Humaidi, I. K. Ibraheem, A. T. Azar, A. H. Hameed

     1932 – 1950

Membrane fouling reduction for reverse osmosis system using zeta rod

     S. H. Abbas, B. H. Khudair, M. Sh. Jaafar

     1951 – 1961

Enhancement IR image using wavelet coefficients and histogram equalization

     A. Majead, B. Hadi

     1962 – 1976

5G scheduling algorithm for capacity improvement using beam division at congested traffic

     M. A. Al-Zubaidy, A. O. Al Janaby, S..Y. Ameen

     1977 – 1990

Elman recurrent neural network for aspect based sentiment analysis

     N. I. Widiastuti, M. I. Ali

     1991 – 2000

Comparison of hybrid convolutional neural networks models for diabetic foot ulcer classification

     L. Alzubaidi, A. A. Abbood, M. A. Fadhel, O. Al-Shamma, J. Zhang

     2001 – 2017

Discrete Orlicz–Morrey spaces and their inclusion properties

     S. Fatimah,  M. Al Azhary, S. Al Hazmy, C. Kustiawan, I. Rukmana

     2018 – 2027

Data mining, neural network algorithm to predict student's grade point average: Backpropagation algorithm

     S. L. B. Ginting, M. A. F. Rahman

     2028 – 2037

Performance of ketonaz as a corrosion inhibitor for aluminum in 18% hydrochloric acid solution

    Ali A. Abbas Al Janabi, Watheq N. Hussein, Khalid K. Abbas

     2038 - 2048

Circular economic model of integrated waste management: A case of existing waste management in populated urban area

     M. Satori, T. Kato, B. Gunawan, H. Oemar

     2049 – 2066

Analysis of cost operation, fuel economy, electrical consumption and all electric range for PHERB powertrain

     J. S. Norbakyah, A. R. Salisa

     2067 – 2079

Cascade hydropower discharge flow prediction based on dynamic artificial neural networks

     N. N. Anuar, M. Reyasudin B. K., Aizat F. Ramli, R. Jidin, Abdul B. Othman

     2080 - 2099

Industrial scale bioprocess simulation of polyphenol production using superpro designer

     S. Hernandez, L. Niño, G. Gelves

     2100 – 2113

Effect of abattoir wastewater on geotechnical properties of lateritic soil

     B. A. Alo, F. O. Ayodele, J. S. Adekanmi

     2114 – 2127

Interactive map-based optical distribution point (ODP) mapping design and implementation

     R. Sidik, Y. Ray

     2128 – 2138

Designing and manufacturing of low cost fully lab made electrospinning nanofibers system

     K. Y. A. Al-Bayati, S. A. W. Al-Abassi, M. R. R. Sharba, S. M. Thahab, A. A. Al-Abassi

     2139 – 2152

Preliminary design of learning function based on the didactical tetrahedron model

     M. N. Hajizah, D. Juandi, Darhim

     2153 – 2165

YOLO V2 with bifold skip: A deep learning model for video based real time train bogie part identification and defect detection

     K. Krishna Mohan, Ch. Raghava Prasad, P. V. V. Kishore

     2166 – 2190

Design of electrostatic octupole deflector using charge density method

     B. H. Hamad, A. K. Ahmad

     2191 – 2201

Experimental investigation on effects of bluff-body size and axial air injection on blowoff limits in swirl burners

     F. A. Hatem, M. Al-Fahham, A. S. Alsaegh, Z. M. H. Al-Dulaimi, A. Valera-Medina

     2202 – 2214

Local material based (LMBE) research experience on DNA extraction to develop student’s critical and creative thinking skills during covid-19 shutdown

     F. M. T. Supriyanti, H. S. H. Munawaroh, G. G. Gumilar, R. Setiadi

     2215 – 2226

Performance improvement using analytical hierarchy process and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE): Case study

     M. H. F. Al Hazza, M. Y. Ali, N. F. B. M. Razif

     2227– 2244

Teaching heat transfer on solid-to-liquid phase transition phenomena to students with intellectual disabilities

     R. Maryanti, A. Hufad, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. Tukimin

     2245 – 2259

Comparison on the prebiotic polysaccharides and oligosaccharides from plant studies in indonesia and outside of Indonesia

     B. Rusdi, K. M. Yuliawati, M. A. Khairinisa

     2260 – 2272

New demand response strategy based on arm cortex M4

     Ahmed F. Al-baghdadi

     2273 – 2284

Clustering technique based on distance optimization for ambulance deployment to reduce energy consumption

     A. Kaur

     2285 - 2297

Effects of particle size and composition of sawdust/carbon from rice husk on the briquette performance

     S. Anggraeni, G. C. S. Girsang, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, M. R. Bilad

     2298 – 2311

Improving the security of mobile IPv6 signalling using KECCAK / SHA-3

     S. Praptodiyono, T. Firmansyah, R. K. Murugesan, M. Alaydrus, R. Aprilia, Y.-B. Leau

     2312 - 2325

Electronic rubric social skills (ERSS) for vocational schools

     A. Ana, I. Widiaty, Saripudin, V. Dwiyanti, G. G. Mustofa, Muktiarni

     2326 – 2342

Lean manufacturing model, supply chain management, and the role of government towards industrial competitiveness

     M. Dzikron, Djamaludin

     2343 – 2355

The potential use of decanter cake waste as co-substrate for methane production under mesophilic condition

     H. C. Man, N. K. Anuar, M. H. Hamzah, I. Syazwani, N. N. N. Daud

     2356 – 2367

Improving students with intellectual disabilities science process skills through photosynthesis experiment in enhancing climate change awareness

     T. I. B. Manullang,  A. B. D. Nandiyanto , A. Suryadi, E. Rochyadi, D. Haerudin, R. Muspita, E. Sumiroh, L. S. Manullang

     2368 – 2377

Numerical investigation of conjugate combined convective heat transfer for internal laminar flow of AI2O3/water nanofluid through tube - flat plate solar collector

     M. Sh. Mahmoud

     2378 – 2393

Power quality disturbances representation utilising spectrogram in the distribution system

     A. B. Mohammed, A. F. Mohamad, F. Norfaiza, D. M. Nor, S. A. Al-Samarraie, B. M. Al Kadhimi

     2394 – 2415

Wireless EEG transmission and evaluation based on iCloud efficiency: Age of telemedicine

     A. S. Abdulbaqi, S. A. M. Najim, F. M. Mohammed, T. Masunda, I. Y. Panessai

     2416 – 2425

teaching science courses for gifted students in inclusive school

     Y. Suherman, R. Maryanti, J. Juhanaini

     2426 – 2438

Lazy multi-level dynamic traffic load balancing protocol for data center (LMDTLB)

     A. K. I. Yasari, A. D. Abbas, H. A. Atee, L. A. Latiff, R. A. Dziyauddin, D. A Hammood

     2439 – 2453

Development of UX orbit design online courses platform in the field of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)

     L. P. Hasugian, D. Rusmana

     2454 – 2463

Development of evaluation method for geometrical tolerance value of positional characteristic in rotational shaft

     K. Jafri, R. Ramli, A. H. Azman

     2464 – 2486

Node replacement based energy optimization using enhanced SALP swarm algorithm (ES2A) in wireless sensor networks

     R. Regin, A. J. Obaid, A. Alenezi, F. Arslan, A. K. Gupta, K. H. Kadhim

     2487 – 2501

Teaching on the concept of energy to students with hearing impairment: changes of electrical energy to light and heat

      E. Rusyani, R. Maryanti, M. Muktiarni, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     2502 – 2517

Design of a compact microstrip patch antenna for wireless sensor nodes

     R. Ramly, A. A. B. Sajak, H. Dao, M. F. A. Zuhairi

     2518 – 2527

Load balance optimization in peer classifier robin method as hybrid from peer connection classifier and round robin methods

     T. R. Fakhrurrasi, A. Adriansyah, S. Budiyanto, J. Andika, S. C. Haryanti, U. A. Rachmawati

     2528 – 2543

An extended validation of free CFD application to ship resistance prediction for using in preliminary design stage

     S. Baso, A. Ardianti, Rosmani, A. D. E. Anggriani

     2544 – 2561

Extraction of natural dye from black tea waste for cotton dyeing application

     S. R. B. Hassan, N. A. B. C. Abdul Rahim

     2562 – 2570

Identification of the hazards/risks involved in construction process for selected construction approaches in Malaysia

     N. H. Abas, N. Blismas

     2571 – 2593

Feasibility of PV–wind–diesel hybrid renewable energy power system for off-grid rural electrification in Iraq: A case study

      Z. W. J. Al-Shammari, M. M. Azizan, A. S. F. Rahman

     2594 – 2609

Conceptual seismic analysis of two R.C. adjacent buildings with different dynamic properties connected horizontally by sky bridges

     J. A. Alomari

     2610 – 2628

Using energy efficient security technique to protect live virtual machine migration in cloud computing infrastructure

     S. K. Abd, D. A. Khalid, M. M. Jaber, R. Hassan, A. Meri

     2629 – 2651

Comparative analysis of novel phase delay time adjustment method and equal phase delay time development method on the THD reduction of TPVMI system

     M. Irwanto, M. Haddin

     2652 – 2671

Characterization of concrete mixes for irrigation canals

      N. H. H. Mohamed, A. E. H. Taha, I. S. F. Gabriel, S. A. El Baradei

     2672 – 2682

Application of simultaneous adsorption and transesterification process in biodiesel production from used cooking oil

     R. Azzahra, R. Miravion, M. Taufik, Abubakar, M. D. Supardan

     2683 – 2695

Quality model for knowledge intensive systems and a thematic review of the literature

      C. G. Kaun, N. Z. Jhanjhi, G. W. Wei, S. Sukumaran

     2696 – 2718

Analysis of feature extraction and classification for offline Arabic handwriting word recognition

     H. Q. Ghadhban, M. Othman, N. A. Samsudin

     2719 – 2735

CFD simulation for reduction thrombosis in bileaflet mechanical heart valve using vortex generators

     N. M. Salleh, M. S. Zakaria, M. J. A. Latif

     2736 – 2747

Effects of shape and skew-angle of bridge piers on local scour

     A. Kh. Al-Shukur, N. S. Hussein

     2748 – 2762

Heart detection system using a wireless body area network for hybrid monitoring system based on pulse sensor

     E. Yundra, Suyanti, U. T. Kartini

     2763 – 2775

Sunflowers seed peel powder particles and concrete building materials performance

     A. A. Hasan, R. H. Aljawad, M. J. Kadhim

     2776 – 2794







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