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Volume 16, Issue 2, April 2021 

Page 0888 – 1850


Tensile capacity of steel plate connections with different bolt distribution due to tensile load

     A. M. Sayed

     888 - 902

Factors affecting the acceptance of open learning as e-learning platform by technical course students

     W. L. Ang, A. Jedi, N. Lohgheswary

     903 - 918

Implementation of fuzzy Tsukamoto in production planning decision support systems

     R. Lubis, S. Nurhayati

     919 - 926

BER-SNR performance of NOMA systems over Rayleigh fading channels using real- time FPGA

     M. M. Azeez, K. F. Mahmmod, M. A. Ahmed

     927 - 940

Study of the compositions and fuel parameters of the emulsion fuels biodiesel-aqueous ethanol and biodiesel-aqueous ethanol-diesel

     H. F. Sangian, M. P. Paendong, J. R. Rombang, J. A. Lametige, G. Pasau, G. H. Tamuntuan, H. I. R. Mosey, R. Purwadi, Z. Zulnazri,
     A. Tuhuloula, R. Thahir, T. Sriana, Z. Furqon, S. Y. Agnesty

     941 - 956

Characterization of electrical properties in photodiodes based on lithium tantalat (LiTaO3) doping with niobium (Nb) for light switch applications

     A. Hamdani, A. Muttakim, Irzaman, P. Tiara

     957 - 967

An energy aware QOS trust model for energy consumption enhancement based on clusters for IOT networks

     A. Alhasan, L. Audah, M. H. Alwan, O. R. Alobaidi

     968 – 987

Design and analysis of multi-finger robotic hand

     E. H. Flaieh, H. G. Kamil , S. H. Bakhy, M. A. Jabbar

     988 - 1005

Development and experimentation of R package “metaheuristicOpt” on continuous optimization

     L. S. Riza, M. B. A. Prabowo, E. Junaeti, A. G. Abdullah, K. A. Fariza

     1006 - 1018

Assessment of municipal wastewater treatment using sequencing batch reactor under real operation conditions

     B. H. K. Al-Obaidi, A. M. Al-Sulaiman

     1019 - 1029

Ensemble models for predicting warts treatment methods

     A. O. Bajeh, H. O. Adeleke, H. A. Mojeed, A. O. Balogun, O. C. Abikoye, F. E. Usman-Hamza

     1030 - 1052

Vetiver grass waste feasibility as added values in sustainable agriculture management

     E. S. Soegoto, H. Saputra, A. S. Soegoto, S. Luckyardi

     1053 - 1065

Temperature stratification in a thermal storage tank: The effect of flow rate and aspect ratio

     F. A. Khammas, A. T. Mustafa, A. J. N. Khalifa

     1066 - 1081

Strength and thermal conduction assessment of lightweight aromatic hydrocarbon waste polystyrol glass concrete

     M. K. Siyab, Mateeullah, A. A. J. Khattak, M. Yaqoob, K. Alam

     1082 - 1097

CFD simulation for the operation effect of gates openings of Al-Hay regulator on the local erosion

     H. Q. Majeed, B. Sh. Abed, M. S. Shamkhi

     1098 - 1109

Experimental study for the effect of  damaged vegetable oil  biofuels on diesel engine performance and exhaust emission

     A. A. Mohammed, A. A. Yaseen, I. K. Atiyah

     1110 - 1121

Computerized assessment of horizontal hand skew for normal subjects compared to diabetics

     M. Muheilan, Z. A. Al Tarawneh

     1122 - 1137

Evaluation of enterprise architecture implementation: a critical success factors

     D. Effendi, B. Noviansyah, L. Lestary

     1138 - 1144

A design of IOT-based medicine case for the multi-user medication management using drone in elderly centre

     J. Li, W. W. Goh, NZ. Jhanjhi

     1145 - 1166

Comparative analysis of dielectric strength and electron velocity in transformer oil based nanofluids

     M. A. Bhatt, P. J. Bhatt

     1167 - 1182

Ammonium and cholinium based ionic liquids as a new chemical modifier for giant bamboo (dendrocalamus asper)-polypropylene thermoplastic composite processing

     A. Mudzakir, B. Anwar, S. S. Fatimah, H. Setiarahayu

     1183 - 1195

Optimization of economic environmental and social benefits for integrated energy systems

     D. C. Huynh, L. D. Ho, M. W. Dunnigan

     1196 - 1212

Assessment of adsorbent for removing lead (Pb) ion in an industrial-scaled packed bed column

     M. H. V. Bahrun, Z. Kamin, S. M. Anisuzzaman, A. Bono

     1213 - 1231

Evaluation of gene expression programming to predict the local scour depth around a bridge pier

     W. H. Hassan, H. H. Hussein, S. S. Mohammed, H. K. Jalal, B. K. Nile

     1232 - 1243

Performance of steel plate reinforced concrete composite shear walls under static and harmonic loadings- smart solution

     R. H. Ahmed

     1244 - 1257

Lontar borassus flabellifer fiber composite: Energy dissipation and thermal response under dynamic tensile testing

     A. Lololau, J. Bale, T. Soemardi, O. Polit

     1258 - 1271

Revisiting sports talent identification: A meta analysis

     Y. Kusdinar, A. G. Abdullah, A. Ma’mun, A. Rusdiana

     1272 - 1286

Climate change impacts on hydropower generation at Kenyir lake

     A. H. Azman, N. N. A. Tukimat, M. A. Malek

     1287 - 1298

An empirical study of viral marketing on online social networks using dimension reduction techniques

     U. Das, G. P. Mohapatra

     1299 - 1310

Teaching making dishwashing liquid to introduce chemical technology to the deaf community

     R. Muspita, Syihabuddin, A. Hufad, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Fernandes, A. Akbar, T. I. B. Manullang

     1311 - 1318

An effective color image encryption scheme based on double piecewise linear chaotic map method and RC4 algorithm

     D. W. Ahmed, T. M. Jawad, L. M. Jawad

     1319 - 1341

Clustering under-sampling data for improving the performance of intrusion detection system

     M. N. Aziz, T. Ahmad

     1342 - 1355

The intertextuality study of the conception, threshold concept, and troublesome knowledge on redox reaction

     W. Wiji, T. Widhiyanti, D. Delisma, S. Mulyani

     1356 - 1369

Coronary heart disease using support vector machine

     Okfalisa, L. Handayani, D. Juwita P., M. Affandes, S. S. M. Fauzi, Saktioto

     1370 - 1385

Design and evaluation of a transrectal phased piezoelectric micromachined ultrasound transducer (PMUT) array for thermal treatment of prostate cancer

     K. Lweesy, M. Fora, H. El-Khalil, S.-R. Kothapalli, A. Dangi

     1386 - 1401

Wearing a fibrous protein (Cv-f) cooling vest to reduce fatigue among Indonesian pencak silat athletes: Is it effective?

     J. Lubis, A. Sukur, E. J. Fitrianto, D. Suliyanthini, A. A. Irawan, A. Robianto, A. Haqiyah, N. D. Oktafiranda

     1402 - 1415

Design and experimental testing of xy flexure mechanism

     S. B. Sollapur, P. M. Waghmare, M. S. Patil, S. P. Deshmukh

     1416 - 1425

Investigation of hull design to quantify resistance criteria using Holtrop’s regression-based method and Savitsky’s mathematical model: A study case of fishing vessels

     R. I. Julianto, A. R. Prabowo, N. Muhayat, T. Putranto, R. Adiputra

     1426 - 1443

The analysis of cross-regional water resources management in Indonesia: A system dynamic approach

     H. Burhanudin, C. Asdak, Hendarmawan, M. Tasrif

     1444 - 1462

Optimum vibration characteristics for honeycomb sandwich panel used in aircraft structure

     S. E. Sadiq, S. H. Bakhy, M. J. Jweeg n, S. Widayati, S. Maulida

     1463 - 1479

Comparison of correlation method with modified STFT for the detection of miRNA binding and seed binding regions in breast cancer

     B. S. Gabriel, T. Thomas

     1480 - 1491

Foliar application of bionutrient-S267 and bionutrient-S367 on siamese citrus (citrus nobilis var. micricarpa lour) plant

     H. Hendrawan, Y. Sonjaya, I. R.Husein, F. Khoerunnisa

     1492 - 1505

Relay selection-based energy efficiency of hybrid device-to-device-enabled 5G networks

     N. Nasaruddin, M. R. Azmi, M. Melinda, R. Adriman

     1506 - 1524

Proposed image forgery detection method using important features matching technique

     E. W. Ghindawi, S. A. Abdulateef, L. M. Kadhim

     1525 - 1538

Construct and design prediction system of level children retardation in certainty factor model

     A. Nursikuwagus, N. R. Andani, T. Hartono

     1539 - 1546

Tensile and Charpy impact behavior of E-glass / unsaturated polyester laminated composite material at elevated temperature

     M. B. Hunain, A. S. Al-Turaihi, S. N. Alnomani

     1547 - 1560

Enhancing effectiveness of grid-connected photovoltaic systems by using hybrid energy storage systems

     H. V. P. Nguyen, V. T. Nguyen, Q. S. Vo, B. N. Nguyen, H. D. Dao, D. M. D. Truong

     1561 - 1576

Teaching science in plant structure for student with hearing impairments

     E. Rusyani, R. Maryanti, Y. T. Utami, T. Y. Pratama

     1577 - 1587

Applying box–Behnken design with statistical optimization for removal vat orange dye from aqueous solution using kaolin

     A. A.-R. Farhan, A. H. Ismail, B. Sh. Abed

     1588 - 1600

Improvement of mechanical properties of the rubbery part in cement packing system /i  using  new rubber materials

     N. K. Abd-Ali, M. M. Farhan, N. Y. Hassan

     1601 - 1613

GIS approach to spatial analysis of heritage settlement: Case study of Magersari Kasepuhan Palace, Indonesia

     I. H. Agustina

     1614 - 1629

Lateral control with neural network head roll prediction model for motion sickness incidence minimisation in autonomous vehicle

     S. ‘A. Saruchi, M. H. M. Ariff, H. Zamzuri, N. H. Amer, N. Wahid, N. Hassan, N. A. Izni

     1630 - 1643

Analysis on digital music service user behaviour using justice perception framework

     N. Husin, A. N. Hidayanto, B. Purwandari, R. M. S. Ibrahim

     1644 - 1666

Inventory control cost reduction for infusion using material requirement planning based on lot sizing

     D. Andriani, H. Hardianto, Nugraha

     1667 - 1675

A conceptual study on internet of things implementation to improve accuracy of pre-hospital care using smart stethoscopes

     RK. Ramasamy, S. Thanjappan

     1676 - 1687

Design and implementation of indoor robot positioning system using LED array and LDR sensor

     I. S. Al-Furati, A. T. Rashid

     1688 - 1710

The impact of brain vitality gym on cognitive performance and fitness level in older adults with dementia: A preliminary study

     B. Mulyana, M. Fitri, A. Sulastri, P. Pitriani, U. Rahmi, N. E. Zainal

     1711 - 1718

Distribution of stresses below footings supported by stone columns

     A. A. Ahmed, M. Y. Fattah

     1719 - 1732

Effect of particle size and tapioca starch content on performance of the rice husk and red bean skin briquettes

     S. Anggraeni, S. R. Putri, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, , M. R. Bilad

     1733 - 1745

Behavior and strength of polypropylene reinforced concrete slabs

     A. A. Jaber, A. S. Mohammed, S. A. Abbas

     1746 - 1760

Experimental investigation and analysis of heat transfer rate in conical tube heat exchanger : A novel enhancement approach

     R. A. Hussein, A. A. Alwan, I. M. Abed

     1761 - 1781

TexNet: a deep convolutional neural network model to recognize text in natural scene images

     D. Kavitha, V. Radha

     1782 - 1799

Web-based and thinVNC remote laboratory implementation to support students 'skills in mechatronics course to face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

     J. Kustija, A. Ana, N. D. Jayanto

     1800 - 1813

An analysis on capacities of old fabric in social resilience of city against Covid-19 epidemic: A case study of old fabric of Najaf Ashraf city

     M. H. Baqe, A. F. Al-Mudhaffer, G. I. Kadhum

     1814 - 1824

Students with hearing impairments’ comprehension level towards the exam questions of natural science lessons

     B. Susetyo, R. Maryanti, W. Siswaningsih

     1825 - 1836

Interference mitigation in the vehicular communication network using MIMO techniques

     H. H. Saleh, I. Mishkhal, D. S. Ibrahim

     1837 - 1850







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