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Volume 15, Issue 5, October 2020

Page 2854 - 3513


Automatic voice activity detection using fuzzy-neuro classifier

     S. N. Mohammed, A. K. Hassan

     2854 - 2870

Microtremor measurement at liquefaction-induced ground deformation area

    A. Yulianur, T. Saidi, B. Setiawan, S. Sugianto, M. Rusdi

     2871 - 2889

A wireless multi-access security system using real-time face recognition technique

    H. R. Farhan, M. S. Kod, H. I. Shahadi

     2890 - 2905

Dolphin and elephant herding optimization swarm intelligence algorithms used to detect neris botnet

    M. A. Kamal, L. M. Ibrahim, A. A. Al-Alusi

     2906 - 2923

Binary grey wolf technique for optimal placement of phasor measurement unit with full network observability

    S. Priyadarshini, C. K. Panigrahi

     2924 - 2938

Simulation microring resonator based on racetrack-shaped configuration for glucose sensing

    A. Aransa, L. Hasanah, C. Julian, R. Sumantri, H. S. Nugroho, A. Aminudin, R. E. Pawinanto, A. R. M. Zain, S. K. Sahari, B. Mulyanti

     2939 - 2949

Design and implementation of fuzzy system for safe (night case) vehicle driving

    G. A. Aramice, A. H. Miry

     2950 - 2962

Design and develop an apparatus for measurement of inertial properties for a typical two-wheel motorcycle

    K. S. Tan, S. V. Wong, M. M. H. Megat Ahmad

     2963 - 2985

Speed adjustment simulation using voltage divider circuit

    I. Hamidah, I. Mustagisin, D. F. Ramadhan, Sriyono, A. G. Abdullah, A. Solehudin

     2986 - 2994

 Achieving sustainable environment through prediction of air pollutants in Yogyakarta using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system

     M. R. A. Purnomo, A. R. Anugerah

     2995 - 3024

Hybrid ciphering method based on chaos logistic map and fingerprint information

     S. A. Jerjees, B. A. Esttaifan, T. Z. Ismaeel

     3013 - 3024  

Thermal decomposition of turmeric microparticles under atmosphere condition

     A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     3025 – 3033

Development of A* algorithm for robot path planning based on modified probabilistic roadmap and artificial potential field

     F. A. Raheem, M. I. Abdulkareem

     3034 - 3054

  Water quality assessment and sodium adsorption ratio prediction of Tigris river using artificial neural network

     B. H. K. Al-Obaidi, R. S. Mahmood, R. A. Kadhim

     3055 - 3066

Smart glasshouse system supported by global system for mobile communications and internet of things: Case study: tomato plant

     A. J. Ramadhan

     3067 - 3081

Hybrid of cellular parallel genetic algorithm and greedy 2-opt local search to solve quadratic assignment problem using CUDA

     R. Poveda, E. Cardenas, O. Garcia

     3082 - 3095

The optimal solution of transportation problem using interval point method with production and non-production cost constraint

       E. R. Wulan, S. Suhendi, D. Jamaluddin, O. T. Kurahman

     3096 - 3103  

Geometric nonlinear time domain spectral matching seismic analysis of base isolated high-rise buildings including p-delta effect

     A. J. Abdulkareem, R. M. Abbas

     3104 - 3121  

Low noise amplifier (LNA) performance optimization using genetic algorithms (GAs)

     A. T. Younis, E. A. Abdo

     3122 – 3131

Flight delay characteristics on perturbed aircraft routings

     K. Novianingsih, R. Hadianti

     3132 - 3141

GAMIPOG: A deterministic genetic multi-parameter-order strategy for the generation of variable strength covering arrays

     M. I. Younis

     3142 – 3162

Vibration analysis of fully and partially filled sandwiched cantilever beam with magnetorheological fluid

     N. Srinivasa, Gurubasavaraju T.M., H. Kumar, Arun M.

     3163 – 3177

Mechanical characterization of MEMS vibration membrane with planar spring design for energy harvester

     J. Yunas, N. Indah, H. M. Hanifah, I. Hamidah, D. F. Ramadhan, I. Mustagisin, B. Bais, A. A. Hamzah

     3178 - 3188

Fuzzy membership functions analysis for usability evaluation of online credit hour form

     A. Setiawan, E. R. Arumi, P. Sukmasetya

     3189 - 3203

Behavior and strength properties of steel fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete columns

     I. F. Ali, A. A. Abdulridha, S. A. Abbas

     2304 - 2317

SRR based tri-mode resonant microstrip bandpass filter for WLAN applications

     K. V. Vineetha, M. S. Kumar, B. T. P. Madhav, M. V. Rao, P. V. V. Kishore

     2318 - 3241  

Sentiment analysis using recurrent neural network-LSTM in Bahasa Indonesia

     L. Kurniasari, A. Setyanto

     3242 - 3256

Meeting attendance recording system based on another participant’s confession

     R. Megasari, I. H. Shodiq, M. Nursalman, F. Hidayat

     3257 - 3264

Experimental prediction of the discharge coefficients for rectangular weir with bottom orifices

     H. H. Alwan, L. A. M. Saleh, F. M. Al-Mohammed, M. A. Abdulredha

     3265 - 3280

Integrated  analysis of motions and loads responses of a wave-piercing trimaran in waves

      A. A. Khoob, M. J. Ketabdari

     3281 - 3302

Numerical solution of fuzzy Fredholm integral equations of second kind using half-sweep Gauss-Seidel iteration

    L. H. Ali, J. Sulaiman, S. R. M. Hashim

     3303 - 3313  

Behavior of composite open web steel joist under impact loading

     M. S. Abduljabbar, W. S. Abdulsahib, M. J. Hamood

     3314 - 3333  

Technological innovations in batik fashion design: A case of Industry 4.0 – based education curriculum

     I. Widiaty, A. Ana, M. S. M. Alamsyah, S. R. Mubaroq

     3334 - 3343  

Resistance of manufactured blended portland-porcelanite cement to internal sulfate attack

     Z. K. Abbas, A. A. Abrahiam

     3344 - 3354  

Effect of boost pressure and injection strategy to the in-cylinder pressure and heat release rate of direct injection diesel engine

     W. Anggono, M. Ichiyanagi, D. V. Tanuwijaya, J. D. Danu, E. Yilmaz, H. Chen, G. J. Gotama, T. Suzuki

     3355 - 3374  

A new tamper detection algorithm for video

    D. B. Taha, S. A. Hasso, T. B. Taha

     3375 - 3387

Surface roughness assessment based on digital image texture analysis of CFRP composites machined by swirling abrasives

     S. Madhu, M. Balasubramanian, S. Kannan

     3388 - 3403  

Evaluation the effect of reuse sewage sludge and sewage sludge ash on concrete for cement replacement

     S. A. Hassooni, S. Ethaib

     3404 - 3418  

Confocal corneal endothelium dystrophy’s analysis using a hybrid algorithm

    K. V. Chandra, B. M. Murari

     3419 - 3432  

Iraqi orange peel extract inhibits corrosion of metallic alloys in hydrochloric acid solution

     A. S. Hammood

     3433 - 3448  

Design and performance analysis of ECG data compression using convolved window based cosine modulated filter bank

     S. Datar, A. Jain

     3449 – 3464

Rutting parameters of  modified asphalt binder with micro and nano-size of metakaolin powder

    H. H. Joni, H. H. Zghair, A. A. Mohammed

     3465 - 3480

Evaluation of money laundering risk of bank accounts using naive bayes classification

     M. A. Islam, M. K. Nasir

     3481 - 3493

Hybrid coarse and dense WDM over FSO link under the effect of moderate and heavy rain weather attenuations

     M. N. Ismae, A. Al-Dawoodi, A. A. Mohammed

     3494 - 3501

Effect of contour interval on minimization of tool path length in pocket milling process

     H. Abdullah, R. Ramli, D.A. Wahab

     3502 - 3513     3388 - 3403  







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