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Volume 15, Issue 4, August 2020

Page 2135 - 2853


The role of rice husk biochar and rice straw compost on the yield of rice (oryza sativa l.) in polybag                          

    I. Effendy, Paiman, Merismon

     2135 - 2148

Face detection using the viola jones method with segmentation of skin color on face images                                     

    M. Fachrurrozi, Saparudin, K. K. Afif

     2149 - 2162

Estimation of sediments transport of Euphrates river branches within Babylon city using a mathematical model    

    N. Jasim

     2163 - 2177

Design and fabrication of fiber optic chemical sensors (FOCS) system for salinity detection of NaCl solutions

    B. Mulyanti, E. Rifaldi, G. Sugandi, A. B. Pantjawati, L. Hasanah, R. E. Pawinanto, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     2178 - 2189

Speaker recognition for Pashto speakers based on isolated digits recognition using accent and dialect approach  

    S. M. Shah, M. Memon, M. H. U. Salam

     2190 - 2207

Using sustainable material in improvement the geotechnical properties of soft clayey soil                                           

    M. O. Karkush, S. Yassin

     2208 - 2222

Integrated use of pollution indices and geomatics to assess soil contamination and identify soil pollution source in El-Minia governorate, upper Egypt  

    M. El-Rawy, M. A. E. Abdelrahman, E. Ismail

     2223 - 2238

Simulation of hemoglobin detection using surface plasmon resonance based on Kretsch Mann configuration        

    R. Sumantri, L. Hasanah, A. Aransa, C. Julian, C. Wulandari, A. Aminudin, R. E. Pawinanto, P. S. Menon, S. K. Sahari, B. Mulyanti

     2239 - 2247

Multi-gait strategies for a quadrupedal starfish soft robot incorporating motor-tendon actuator                                 

    M. Munadi, M. Ariyanto, J. D. Setiawan, T. Naniwa

     2248 - 2269

Optimal h2pid controller design for human swing leg system using cultural algorithm

    H. I. Ali, A. F. Hasan, H. M. Jassim

     2270 - 2288

Broadband network fault prediction using complex event processing  and predictive analytics techniques

     J. E. Raja, J. Hossen, E. M. N.  Ervina, K. Tawsif, M. Z. H. Jesmeen

     2289 - 2300

Effect of solvents and fixation agents on coloring batik by guava leaves extract                                                             

    R. Oktiani, R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, I. Widiaty

     2301 - 2308

Hydrodynamics circulation model in the estuary of Palu river based on numerical calculations                                    

    M. Lutfi

     2309 - 2323

Tobit modeling and central composite design for optimization of specific surface area of clay by activation

    J. Nugraha, I. Fatimah

     2324 - 2338

Segmentation of overlapping characters in Lanna using mixed algorithm                                                                        

    R. Kosarat, N. Hiransakolwong

     2339 - 2354

Analysis of engine fuel injection systems in 2014 BJ type 2 motorcycle                                                                            

    M. Komaro, M. R. Fadillah, M. M. Al Gifari

     2355 - 2360

Feasibility study of palm boiler ash as cement and sand replacement in concrete                                                           

    A. Roslan, M. K. T. M. Yusof, S. S. Sharipudin, Z. Michael, I. I. S. Azhar

     2361 - 2378

Detection and localization of asymmetry in stator winding of three phase induction motors based on fuzzy neural petri net       

    A. T. Radhi

     2379 - 2394

Single transmit fuzzy queuing model with two- classes: Execution proportions by ranking technique                       

     K. U. Prameela, P. Kumar

     2395 - 2406

The electrical conductivity properties of ferroelectric niobium doped litao3 (LNT) thin films                                         

    A. Hamdani, M. Komaro, Irzaman

     2407 - 2413

Study on vibration of U-shaped flexible jumpers                                                                                                                    

    H. E. Donghai, M. S. Liew, M. Ovinis, K. U. Danyaro

     2414 - 2437

Pixel intensity indicator algorithm using 2D-DCT watermarking for colored image                                                          

    M. A. Ahmed, , A. F. Ahmed, R. I. Hasan, A. K. Nseaf

     2438 - 2449

The performance of nickel and copper as coating materials for corrugated metal gaskets                                             

    D. Nurhadiyanto, S. Haruyama,  Mujiyono, Sutopo, F. A. Ristadi

     2450 - 2463

Phylogenetic analysis of microbial community in selected rivers in Johor based on DNA sequences                          

    T. Hidayat, T. Hadibarata, D. A. Al Farraj

     2464 - 2471

A numerical study of natural convection in square cavity with heated cylinder of different diameter and location through computational analysis                                                                                                                                                               

    A. A. Jaddoa, A. L. Ekaid, L. Al-Sadawi

     2472 - 2491

Influence of using high volume fraction of silica fume on mechanical and durability properties of cement mortar   

    M. S. Nasr, T. H. Hussain, H. Z. Kubba, A. A. Shubbar

     2492 - 2506

Simulation on drying of sago bagasse in a fluidized bed dryer                                                                                            

    T. N. A. Othman, , Z. A. M. Din, S. M. M. Takriff

     2507 - 2521

Identifying of peat soil layers using k-means cluster in the South Kalimantan, Indonesia                                              

    M. Iryanti, A. Aminudin, E. Agustine, S. Bijaksana, W. Srigutomo, T. Setiawan

     2522 - 2531

Hybrid allocation model TVWS in Bogota city                                                                                                                         

    C. Hernandez , D. Pineda, L. Pedraza

     2532 - 2543

Investigation the mechanical properties of epoxy polymer by adding natural materials                                                  

    A. J. Al-Obaidi , S. J. Ahmed, A. T. Abbas

     2544 - 2558

Strengthening of reinforced concrete deep beams with openings by near surface mounted steel bar                         

    H. H. Kamonna, L. R. Alkhateeb

     2559 - 2579

Deep learning approaches for classifying data: A review                                                                                                      

    T. Bikku, K. P. N. V. Satya Sree

     2580 - 2594

Support value based fusion matching using iris and sclera features for person authentication in unconstrained environment     

    M. K. Pathak, N. Srinivasu, V. Bairagi

     2595 - 2609

Influence of a river water quality on the efficiency of water treatment using artificial neural network                           

    B. H. K. Al-Obaidi , S. K. Ali, D. T. Jassim

     2610 - 2623

Dynamic multichannel transmission in cognitive radio networks                                                                                        

    H. Marquez, D. Giral, C. Hernandez

     2624 - 2638

A GIS-enhanced pavement management system: A case study in Iraq                                                                              

    T. Al-Mansoori, A. Abdalkadhum, A. S. Al-Husainy

     2639 - 2648

Denoising of mri using modified non local mean filter                                                                                                          

    V. V. Hanchate, K. R. Joshi

     2649 - 2661

Modeling and improvement of aqueous pollutants removal using electrocoagulation technique                                 

    Mohammad A. M. Altufaily, A. M. H. Mohammad

     2662 - 2678

Implementation of smart house digital applications for safety and health                                                                         

    W. A. Salah, M. A. M. Albreem, B. A. Zneid

     2679 - 2695

Comparative study on the drying of oil palm solid waste using conventional and microwave methods                      

    N. Caroko, H. Saptoadi, T. A. Rohmat

     2696 - 2711

Finite element analysis of large-scale reinforced concrete shell of domes                                                                         

    L. N. Hussain, A. S. Mohammed, A. A. Mansor

     2712 - 2729

Experimental investigation of chitosan film reinforced by chitin fibers and chitin whiskers extracted from shrimp shell waste     

    A. Elhussieny , M. Faisal, G. D’Angelo , N. M. Everitt , I. S. Fahim

     2730 - 2745

Effect of Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow in subject specific carotid artery                                                               

    N. Kumar, S. M. A. Khader, R. B. Pai, P. Kyriacou, S. Khan , K. Prakashini, D. S. Rao

     2746 - 2763

Study different core types of sandwich plate on the dynamic response under impact loading                                      

    S. M. Hwalah, H. H. Obeid, E. Z. Fadhel

     2764 - 2780

Systematic literature review and empirical study for success factors: Client and vendor perspective                          

    I. Bashir, B. Hamid, Nz Jhanjhi, M. Humayun

     2781 - 2808

Tensile strength and fatigue crack growth behaviour of natural fibre metal laminates                                                    

    A. Purnowidodo, Sutedja, D. B. Darmadi, K. Anam

     2809 - 2822

Predictive analytics of CIGS solar cell using a combinational GRA-MLR-GA model                                                         

    K. E. Kaharudin, F. Salehuddin, A. S. M. Zain, A. F. Roslan

     2823 - 2840

Exponential reaching law sliding mode control for dual arm robots                                                                                   

    T. L. Nguyen, H. Q. Nguyen, M. D. Duong, K. T. Ngo

     2841 – 2853

    1934 – 1951







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