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Volume 15, Issue 3, June 2020     

Page 1466 - 2134


Telediagnosis of Parkinson’s disease symptom severity using H&Y scale                                                                         

   N. Padman, R. Swarnalatha, V. Venkatesh, N. Kumar

     1466 - 1480


Performance analysis of unsolicited grant service (UGS) service class in WIMAX VOIP application

   A. I. Alghannam, A. Kh. Alhafid

     1481 - 1491


Integration of GIS and remote sensing technique for hospital site selection in Baquba district

   Q. A. Nsaif, S. M. Khaleel, A. H. Khateeb

     1492 - 1505


Crystallite sizes on the photocatalytic performance of submicron WO3 particles

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Ragadhita, R. Oktiani, A. Sukmafitri, M. Fiandini

     1506 – 1519


Flexural strength estimation for composite UHPC–tubular steel beam

   N. H. Tu'ma, M. R. Aziz

     1520 - 1541


Investigation on classification efficiency for coal-fired power plant classifiers using a numerical approach

   F. B. Ismail, N. F.O. Al-Muhsen, R. Lingam

     1542 - 1561


Quantum audio steganography system

   A. A. Abdullah, Y. K. Abbas

     1562 - 1588


Teaching basic mathematics and technology to elementary students with autism

   D. Triwahyuningtyas, M. N. Hudha, D. A. Tyas, I. Widiaty, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. Permanasari, I. Hamidah

     1589 – 1595


The feasibility of using styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) as modifier in Iraqi bituminous binder

   E. T. Al-Azawee, R. H. Latief

     1596 - 1607


Effect of SBS modifier and recycled asphalt materials on response of flexible pavement layers

   H. A. Al-Jameel, M. A. Al-Jumaili

     1608 – 1621


Seeds-based activated carbon for copper removal from groundwater

   N. J. Al-Mansoria, J. H. Al-Baidhani, M. J. Al-Bakric

     1622 - 1638


The effect of glucose concentration sample 0 – 1.50% on the quality factor of microring resonator

   C. Julian, L. Hasanah, A. Aransa, R. Sumantri, H. S. Nugroho, A. Aminudin, S. K. Sahari, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. R. Md Zain,
   R. E.  Pawinanto,    B. Mulyanti

     1639 - 1651


Global solar radiation prediction using a combination of subtractive clustering algorithm and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system: A case study

   H. S. Hussein

     1652 - 1669


Simulation of ND: YAG pulsed laser numerically to estimate the effect of laser beam on the quality of cut zone for aluminum alloy 2024-T3

   F. Kamil, A. H. Mutaib, N. H. Dhaher

     1670 – 1684


Free space optics backhaul link for small cells of 5G cellular networks

   J. A. Aldhaibani, N. A. Al-Shareefi

     1685 - 1697


Disk rotation speed and diameter of impactor in disk mill on particle size distribution from rice husk

   A. Sukmafitri, R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     1698 - 1704


Complexity reduction of slantlet transform structure based on the multiplierless realization

   A. M. Jasim, H. M. Abd, J. M. Abdul-Jabbar

     1705 – 1718


Modelling of functionally graded materials using thermal loads

   A. Ashirbekov, A. Abilgaziyev, S. Kurokawa, Md. H. Ali

     1719 - 1730


Effects of different tilt angles on the thermo-electrical performance of a PV/PCM system

   A. R. Abdulmunem, P. M. Samin, H. A. Rahman, H. A. Hussien

     1731 - 1746


Evaluation on research effectiveness in a subject area among top class universities: A case of Indonesia’s academic publication dataset on chemical and material sciences

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto, M. K. Biddinika, F. Triawan

     1747 – 1775


kinetics, conductivity, and ionic strength of oxidation of FE(II) complex

   L. A. Al Jebur, S. Salman

     1776 - 1786


Detection system for deterministic earthquake prediction based on radon concentration changes in Indonesia

   Sunarno, H. L. Firdaus, Y. F. Luckyarno, M. M. Waruwu, R. Wijaya

     1787 - 1798


Effect of room temperature setting on the cooling load, supply air quantity, and apparatus dew point

   A. Setyawan

     1799 – 1814


Effect of micro-scaled size of sand on concrete solidity and compressive strength

   H. Aulawi, I. Farida, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, C. U. Abdullah, I. Widiaty

     1815 - 1823


Spectrophotometric determination of methyldopa with 2, 6-diaminopyridine reagent using oxidative coupling reaction

   I. T. Humeidy, S. A. Salman, K. K. Hashim

     1824 - 1839


Tilt based passive optimizations for microfluidics and lab-on-chip devices - A simulation study

   Z. E. Jeroish, K. S. Bhuvaneshwari, V. Narayanamurthy, R. Premkumar, F. Samsuri

     1840 - 1854


English numbers recognition based on sign language using line-slope features and PSO-DBN optimization method

   S. N. Mohammed, H. M. Rada

     1855 - 1867


The evolution of smart working and sustainability in socio-technical perspective: A scientometrics technology analysis

   S. R. Mubaroq, A. G. Abdullah, A. Setiawan

     1868 - 1882


Temperature and precipitations trends for Hilla city using NOAA/ESRL gridded high-resolution data

   I. H. Abdulkareem

     1883 – 1894


Shear behavior of hybrid reinforced concrete exterior beam-column joints under static and cyclic loads

   A. Y. Ali, A. A. Al-Rammahi

     1895 – 1908


Understanding COVID-19 particle contagion through aerosol droplets for students with special needs

   R. Maryanti, A. Hufad, Sunardi, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. S. M. Al-Obaidi

     1909 - 1920


On the design and optimization of CMOS active inductor for RF applications

   E. A. Abdo, A. T. Younis

     1921 – 1933


Carbon nanotubes: A reliable additive for the natural fiber-reinforced composites

   V. Sekar, S. N. Namasivayam

     1934 – 1951


Dual sensed high gain heart shaped monopole antenna with planar artificial magnetic conductor

   G. B. G Tilak, S. K. Kotamraju, B. T. P. Madhav, K. Ch. Sri Kavya, M. V. Rao

     1952 - 1971


Solving late for relief event in bus crew rescheduling using multi agent system

   A. F. N. Abdul Rahman, A. S. Shibghatullah, Z. A. Abas, T. Eldabi, C. S. Mon, A. A. A. Hussin

     1972 - 1983


Robot manipulator inverse kinematics using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system

   M. T. Hussein, A. S. Gafer, E. Z. Fadhel

     1984 – 1998


Structural assessment of alternative urban vehicle chassis subjected to loading and internal parameters using finite element analysis

   A. K. Ary, A. R. Prabowo, F. Imaduddin

     1999 – 2022


Enhancement of magnetic resonance images through piecewise linear histogram equalization

   W. R. Abdul-Adheem

     2023 – 2039


Coal bottom ash as supplementary cementitious material in concrete with and without paper pins

   Z. H. Khaskheli, A. Buriro, N. B. Md Noor, S. A. Mangi, Zuhairuddin, N. S. Ghadzali

     2040 – 2050


The effect of cure activator zinc oxide nanoparticles on the mechanical behavior of polyisoprene rubber

   N. K. Abd-Ali

     2051 – 2061


A solution of loading balance in cloud computing using optimization of bat swarm algorithm

   L. M. Ibrahim, I. A. Saleh

     2062 – 2076


Influence of addition TiO2 nanopartielcs on the mechanical properties of welding joints for low carbon steel base plate by electric arc welding

   A. F. Al-Obaidi, A. S. Yasir, S.M. Thahab

     2077 – 2089


Spam e-mail filtering using polynomial neural networks

   M. M. Al-Tahrawi, M. M. Abualhaj, Q. Y. Shambour

     2090 - 2109


Assessment for applicability of microwave oven in rapid determination of moisture content in peat soil

   H. M. Mohamad, Z. Adnan, S. N. M. Razali, S. N. A. Zolkefle

     2110 - 2118


Linear and non-linear modelling of spacecraft relative motion in the proximity operation at low earth orbit

   S. Thangavel, R. Santhanakrishnan, S. Lakshmi, R. Asokan

     2119 – 2134

     1934 – 1951







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