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Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2020 

Page 0746 - 1465


HABC: Hybrid artificial bee colony for generating variable T-way test sets

   A. K. Alazzawi, H. Md. Rais, S. Basri

     746 - 767


Experimental study on desalination system using humidification-dehumidification process with baffles in the dehumidifier

   Kumara, G. Veershetty, D. H. Ashebir

     768 - 777


Determination of optimal sizing model for battery energy storage system in grid connected microgrid

   P. Shah, B. Mehta

     778 – 791


New approach to discharge calculation under canal radial gates

   R. R. Rahman, I. R. Karim, J. S. Maatooq

     792 - 804


Compensation the noisy channel of 802.16E system in downlink using CoMP technique

  F. S. Alsharbaty, S. A. Ayoob, M. J. Allawzi

     805 - 819


Design and analysis of turbo code for wireless communication networks

   N. I. Najim, M. F. Ghanim

     820 - 830


Response of circular machine foundation resting on sandy soil to harmonic excitation

   K. W. Abd Al-Kaream, M. Y. Fattah, Z. S. M. Khaled

     831 - 845


Investigation of different failure theories for a lamina of carbon fiber/epoxy matrix composite materials

   S. N. Alnomani, M. B. Hunain, S. H. Alhumairee

     846 - 857


Building composite embedded systems based networks through hybridisation and bridging I2C and CAN

   J. Rajasekhar, J. Sastry

     858 - 881


Experimental investigation into home based biodegradable material as a fertilizer source

   M. A. Amiruddin, N. R. Adawiyah, M. S. Firdaus

     882 – 893


Effect of sonication time and particle size for synthesis of magnetic nanoparticle from local iron sand

   N. R. E. Putri, S. I. Firdausi, M. Najmina, S. Amelia, D. Timotius, Y. Kusumastuti, H. T. B. M. Petrus

     894 - 904


A robot arm control system for amputees using eye gazing techniques

   M. T. Rashid, A. T. Rashid, A. A. Aldair, O. T. Rashid

     905 - 918


Effect of carbon nanotube in aluminium metal matrix composites on mechanical properties

   C. Mahendra Kumar, B. V. Raghavendra

     919 - 930


Passive noise reduction headphone for an interactive and automated hearing screening device (i-ahead)

   A. Shalool, N. Zainal, C. Umat, K. B. Gan, S. Z. S. Mukari

     931 - 945


Development of uncertainty analysis in fuel performance analysis of TRIAC-BATAN

   T. Setiadipura, N. A. Wahanani, A. Purwaningsih, A. A. Waskita

     946 - 956


Mechanical and electrical analysis on RDE control rod

   K. Indrakoesoema, K. Handono, M. Awwaluddin, T. Setiadipura

     957 - 966


An experimental study to evaluate the performance of machine learning algorithms in ransomware detection

   Y. L. Dion, S. N. Brohi

    967 - 981


Preparation of zeolite from coal fly ash and its adsorption-desorption behavior on ammonium ion in aqueous solution

   G. Yuliani, A. T. Hadirahmanto, R. Murida, A. Setiabudi

   982 - 990


Effect of ph condition on the production of well-dispersed carbon nanoparticles from rice husks

   A. Sukmafitri, R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, W. C. Nugraha, B. Mulyanti

     991 - 1000


Anomalies of earth surface gravity field (g) during total lunar eclipse (TLE) on January 31 and July 28 2018 using video tracker analysis on pendulum harmonic motion

   M. G. Nugraha, R. G. Ariantara, A. Nurjanah, H. S. Nugroho, J. A. Utama, D. Saepuzaman, H. Susanti, F. N. Sholihat,
   A. H. Setyadin, K. H. Kirana

     1001 - 1010


The performance comparison between commercial automatic voltage stabilizer and programmable automatic voltage stabilizer

   I. Hamidah, D. F. Ramadhan, I. Mustagisin, Sriyono, A. G. Abdullah, A. Solehudin

     1011 - 1017


SCADA application for geothermal power plant

   D. L. Hakim, A. G. Abdullah, Y. Mulyadi

     1018 - 1031


Impacts of lead nitrate contamination on the geotechnical properties of clayey soil

   M. O. Karkush, S. D. Ali

     1032 - 1045


Effects water solution of active agents on the modified lime binding

   A. -H. A. М. Аbdulhadi

     1046 - 1055


Numerical study of lee waves characteristics in the ocean

   S. Rizal, R. Wafdan, Y. Haditiar, M. Ramli, V. Halfiani

     1056 - 1078


Strengthening of structural steel channels by different CFRP wrapping configurations-finite element analysis

   M. J. Hamood, M. G. Ghaddar, Z. A. Abdul Husain

     1079 - 1091


Object-oriented measures as testability indicators: An empirical study

   A. O. Bajeh, O. -J. Oluwatosin, S. Basri, A. G. Akintola, A. O. Balogun

     1092 - 1108


Reuse plastic and glass wastes as a partial replacement of concrete components

   R. S. Al-Kizwini

     1109 - 1123


Effects of kenaf bast fibre and silica fume content on bending strength and dimensional stability of cement bonded kenaf composite boards

   B. A. Amel, M. T. Paridah, S. Rahim, A. S. Hussein

     1124 - 1138


The effect of various NA2SiO3/NAOH ratios on the physical properties and microstructure of artificial aggregates

   I. D. M. A. Karyawan, J. J. Ekaputri, I. Widyatmoko, E. Ahyudanari

     1139 - 1154


Design and realization of less-complex wavelet-based transceivers

   S. A. Al-Kishawi, J. M. Abdul-Jabbar, Q. I. Ali

     1155 - 1166


Modeling and simulation of pollutants dispersion in natural rivers using COMSOL multiphysics

   N. J. Al-Mansori, R. S. Al- Kizwini, F. K. Al- Husseini

     1167 - 1185


Experimental study on lightweight concrete using lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA) and expanded
perlite aggregate (EPA)

   M. L. B. Othman, A. I. M. Alsarayreh, R. B. Abdullah, N. N. B. Sarbini, M. S. B. Yassin, H. B. Ahmad

     1186 - 1201


Fouling behavior of polyethersulphone ultrafiltration membrane in the separation of glycerin-rich solution as byproduct of palm-oil-based biodiesel production

   N. Aryanti, A. S. K. Harivram, D. H. Wardhani

     1202 - 1217


A review of the concept and application of green roof as a thermal part of green buildings

   M. H. Jahangir, H. Yousefi, A. Yousefi-Sahzabi, H. Mojadam

     1218 - 1235


Prediction of collapse potential for gypseous sandy soil using ANN technique

   A. M. Najemalden, S. W. Ibrahim, M. D. Ahmed

     1236 - 1253


Mathematical assessment of vehicles types and loads influences on the structural performance parameters of concrete and steel bridges

   H. A. Mohammed, A. F. Naser

     1254 - 1266


Simulation of micro-ring resonator using finite-difference time-domain technique for sensors

   L. Hasanah, B. Mulyanti, R. E. Pawinanto, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, Y. M. R. Faozan, A. B. Pantjawati, H. S. Nugraha,
   A. R. Md. Zain, J. P. Purba

     1267 - 1276


Multistage classification of arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation on long-term heart rate variability

   Kirti, H. Sohal, S. Jain

     1277 - 1295


Development of novel design and frame structural assessment on Mitutoyo’s auto checking hardness machine using reverse engineering approach: Series HR-522 hardness tester

   B. P. P. Caesar, H. Hazimi, H. Sukanto, A. R. Prabowo

     1296 - 1318


Adaptive window- based fractal dimension estimation for weight maps in contrast improved multi- sensor fusion

  T. S. Kumari, S. K. Rao, I. S. Prabha

     1319 - 1337


Confocal corneal endothelium dystrophy’s analysis using particle filter

   K. V. Chandra, B. M. Murari

     1338 – 1356


Diabetes prediction using sensors by analyzing skin temperature

   B. Sasikumar, D. Naveenraju, K. Anand, S. Hariharan, P. Sudhakaran, N. Bharathiraja

     1357 - 1370


Development of navigation system for unmanned surface vehicle by improving path tracking performance

   P. N. F. M. Shamsuddin, M. A. Mansor, R. M. Ramli, R. M. Q. R. Jaapar

     1371 - 1383


Numerical assessment on floating stability limits for static vehicle under partial submergence

   E. H. H. Al-Qadami, Z. Mustaffa, A. S. Abdurrasheed, K. W. Yusof, S. M. H. Shah, M. A. Malek, A. A. Ghani

     1384 - 1398


Expandable bandwidth and improved group delay filters using the perturbed SIW dual-mode resonators

   B. D. Tran, T. -V. Duong, D. -T. Tran, W. Li, D. -U. Nguyen, T. -H. Le

     1399 - 1412


Athena an avid traveller using LSTM based RNN architecture

   A. Acharya, Y. S. Sneha, A. R. Khettry, D. Patil

     1413 - 1428


GPS data processing for driving cycle development in Hanoi, Vietnam

   Y. –L. T. Nguyen, N. D. Bui, T. –D. Nghiem, A. -T. Le

     1429 - 1440


Small signal stability analysis of power generation system based on time series pattern using fuzzy model predictive control

   I. Mado, A. Soeprijanto, Suhartono

     1441 - 1454


Application of kalman filter to the uncertainty of model resistance data obtained from experiment

   D. Purnamasari, I. K. A. P. Utama, I. K. Suastika, G. Thomas

     1455 - 1465







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