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Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2020

Page 0001 - 0745


Hybrid H-infinity fuzzy logic controller design

   M. Y. Hassan, H. I. Ali, H. M. Jassim

     1 - 21


Adsorption characteristics of submicron porous carbon particles prepared from rice husk

   M. Fiandini, R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, W. C. Nugraha

     22 - 31


Experimental investigation of integrated ID method to mitigate message loss in IoT control devices

   A. Khare, R. Sharma, N. J. Ahuja

     32 - 45


Competency based-assessment using electronic rubric: implementation on manual polishing practice in housekeeping

   Y. Jubaedah, N. R. Rinekasari, N. Rohaeni, A. Maosul, A. Ana

     46 - 53


Stress analysis of functionally graded beams due to thermal loading

  C. Boğa, O. Selek

     54 - 65


Optimized perturb and observe technique with fast convergence under rapidly changing of irradiation

   H. M. Abd, A. M. Jasim, S. M. Aube

     66 - 76


An efficient algorithm for quantum computing with quantum key distribution with secure communication

   C. S. Kumar, V. Priya, V. P. Sriram, K.  S. Sankar, G. Murugan, D. Mani, S. Sudhakar

     77 - 93


Certain improvements to location aided packet marking and DDoS attacks in internet

   N. Satheesh, D. Sudha, D. Suganth, S. Sudhakar, S. Dhanaraj, V. P. Sriram, V. Priya

     94 - 107


Classification of rice grain using wavelet decomposition: A comparative study

   K. R. Singh, S. Chaudhury

     108 - 127


Tool life and surface roughness in dry high speed milling of aluminum alloy 7075-t6 using bull nose carbide insert

   M. Z. A. Yazid, A. Zainol

     128 - 138


Soil solarisation for control of weed propagules

   Paiman, P. Yudono, B. H. Sunarminto, D. Indradewa

     139 - 151


Vision-based mobile robot navigation for suspicious object monitoring in unknown environments

   M. Khairudin, H. Sp, H. I. Karim, M. N. A. Azman

     152 - 166


Uncovering the role of temperature treatment or microwave on the ‎properties of mortars cured by water

   W. S. S. Alyhya, R. H. Majeed, L. M. R. Mahmmod

     167 - 183


A new nomographic based correlation for predicting water content of sweet natural gases

   V. J. Aimikhe, O. F. Joel, S. S. Ikiensikimama

     184 - 197


Geotechnical properties of rice husk ash-lime-stabilised Bangkok clay

   H. Phai, A. Eisazadeh

     198 - 215


Novel immobilization method of saccharomyces cerevisiae through flocculation process using polyacrylamide-grafted-starch

   W. G. Suci, M. Kaavessina, Margono

     216 - 226


The effect of contrast enhancement method for k-means clustering segmentation of white blood cell cytoplasm image

   I. Herawati, Faridah, B. Achmad, R. J. Yanti

    227 - 248


Tibia fracture detection using a modified edge detection method based on bone length

   A. Al-Ghraibah, M. Al-Ayyad, H. Elkhalil

   249 - 260


Optimizing the preference of student-lecturer allocation problem using analytical hierarchy process and integer programming

   S. Faudzi, S. Abdul-Rahman, R. A. Rahman, J. Zulkepli, A. Bargiela

     261 - 275


Complexity and performance comparison of genetic algorithm and ant colony for best solution timetable class

   S. Mauluddin, I. Ikbal, A. Nursikuwagus

     276 - 290


Water surface profile and flow pattern ‎simulation over bridge deck slab

   S. A. M. Al-Hashimi, S. A. T. Al-Osmy, S. Mulahasan

     291 - 304


Comparative study on the effect of lightweight aggregates on the properties of high performance concrete

   P. Pradeep, B. Mol

     305 - 319


Foliar application of bionutrient-C213 on coffee plant

   Hendrawan, Y. Sonjaya, F. Khoerunnisa, C. R. Wijayanti, D. Anugrah, M. N. Hana, I. Musthapa

     320 - 330


The use of smart and WEBGIS visualization methods in recommending regions that require clean water supply

   N. S. Fitriasari, M. Novitasari, A. Wahyudin, R. Megasari

     331 - 344


The preservation of durian wood using Kecubung fruits extract

   S. Handayani, E. K. Pangestuti, Arghadira, M. N. A. Azman

     345 - 354


Analysis of sedimentation in trunk sewer with laboratory investigation of sewage sediment characteristics in Baghdad city

   R. R. A. Al-Ani, B. H. K. Al-Obaidi

     355 - 363


Concentrations of metal ions and ligands on the formation of nano to submicron zinc imidazole framework-8 particles

   R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     364 - 371


Design and development of band pass filter microstrip cascade trisection with open stub and defected ground structure (DGS) in 1800 MHz frequency

   E. A. Juanda, T. Hariyadi, Mukhidin, Usup, R. N. Yuniar

     372 - 381


Thermofluid analysis of hot gas duct and helium blower of Reaktor Daya Eksperimental using RELAP5 VISA

   T. Setiadipura, Wijanarko, A. S. Ekariansyah, A. Nugroho, S. Widodo, K. Handono, A. Budianto

     382 – 391


Numerical simulation of behaviour of reinforced concrete bars in saturated soil using theoretical models

   A. S. Al Amli, N. Al-Ansari, J. Laue

     392 – 405


Assessment of surface and groundwater interaction using field measurements: A case study of Dairut city, Assuit, Egypt

   A. Awad, H. Eldeeb, M. El-Rawy

     406 - 425


The influence of reinforcement on the torsion capacity of the hybrid beams

   A. H. Mohammed, Q. A. Hasan, K. F. Sarsam

     426 - 436


Experimental analysis of parabolic solar dish with radiator heat exchanger receiver

   S. Aljabair, L. J. Habeeb, A. M. Ali

     437 - 454


Review of thermoelectric cooling devices recent applications

   W. A. Salah, M. Abuhelwa

     455 - 476


Performance evaluation of hot mixture reclaimed asphalt pavement

   A. A. Abdulmawjoud

     477 - 492


Effect of buton granular asphalt gradation and cement as filler on performance of cold mix asphalt using limestone aggregate

   L. One, M. W. Tjaronge, R. Irmawaty, M. Hustim

     493 - 507


Engineering characteristics of compacted laterite soil as hydraulic barrier in waste containment application

   Y. B. Yamusa, N. Alias, K. Ahmad, R. Sa’ari, K. J. Osinubi, E. O. Adrian, G. Moses

     508 - 523


Retrieving mobile based scalable images using position scale orientation-scale invariant feature transform algorithm

   K. S. Aiswarya, N. Santhi, K. Ramar

     524 - 540


Optimal rainwater harvesting tank sizing for different types of residential houses: Pilot study in Kuching, Sarawak

   K. K. Kuok, P. C. Chiu

     541 - 554


Influence of bottom ash as a sand replacement material on durability of self-compacting concrete exposed to seawater

   M. H. Wan Ibrahim, A. F. Hamzah, N. Jamaluddin, S. A. Mangi , P. J. Ramadhansyah

     555 – 571


Risk assessment across life cycle phases for small and medium software projects

  M. Bilal, A. Gani, M. Liaqat, N. Bashir, N. Malik

     572 - 588


Evaluation of fast learning machine for identification of Parkinson disease

   A. Alemran

     589 – 599


IP video compression comparison for smartphones in big data era

   M. Malekzadeh

     600 - 616


Combination of access categories and frame aggregation schemes for bandwidth efficiency of VHT 802.11ac

   M. Malekzadeh

     617 - 635


A hybrid improvement approach for ECG signal enhancement

   A. A. Jalal

     636 - 654


Application of response surface methodology for the optimization of the control factors of abrasive flow machining of multiple holes
in zinc and Al/SiCp MMC wires

   M. Yunus, M. S. Alsoufi

     655 - 674


Query expansion method for Quran search using semantic search and Lucene ranking

   N. Yusuf, M. A. M. Yunus, N. Wahid, N. M. Nawi, N. A. Samsudin, N. Arbaiy

     675 - 692


Effect of opening characteristics on the performance of high strength RC dapped-end beams

   Q. M. Shakir, H. A. Al-Tameemi, H. H. H. Kamonna

     693 - 708


A wavelet functional link neural network controller trained by a modified sine cosine algorithm using the feedback error learning strategy

   O. F. Lutfy

     709 - 727


Combination of phytocoagulant Moringa oleifera seeds and constructed wetland for coffee processing wastewater treatment

   E. Rahmadyanti, A. Wiyono, N. Aritonang

     728 - 745c







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