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Volume 14, Issue 6, December 2019

Page 3073 - 3705


Development of an application of critical thinking skills tools using fuzzy expert system

   N. Wulandari, A. G. Abdullah, I. Kustiawan

   3073 - 3086


Structural behaviour of reactive powder reinforced concrete slabs

   S. E. KadhIm, R. F. Makki

   3087 - 3104


Hydrothermal synthesis method for the production of nanorod tungsten trioxide particles

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto

   3105 - 3113


Effect of emitted pollutants from crude oil refining on biochemical blood variables of in-site workers

   M. E. Aljubouri, Q. M. Abdulazeez

   3114 - 3130


The processing of epoxy/multi-layer graphene nanocomposites: Effects of acetone on properties

  M. S. Saharudin, S. Hasbi, C. Okolo, J. Wei, A. R. Jusoh

   3131 - 3142


Driving cycle analysis for fuel rate and emissions in Kuala Terengganu city during go-to-work time

   I. N. Anida, N. A. Abdul Latiff, A. R. Salisa

   3143 - 3157


GENGOBOT: A chatbot-based grammar application on mobile instant messaging as language learning medium

   N. Haristiani, A. A. Danuwijaya, M. M. Rifa’i, H. Sarila

   3158 - 3173


Wear characteristics of lubricants with nano-diamond particles on a tool steel

   P.-J. Bong, M.-J. Kim, H.-K. Kim

   3174 - 3184


Response of cortisol hormone to students’ anxiety and focus

   Nuryadi, J. D. Kusumanegara, L. Angkawidjaja, A. Gumilar, C. U. Abdullah

   3185 - 3193


Using of paper folding art and computer software to produce architectural models

   A. M. Hameed, R. H. Yaseen

   3194 - 3212


Memetic approach for multi-objective overtime planning in software engineering projects

   H. A. Mojeed, A. O. Bajeh, A. O. Balogun, H. O. Adeleke

   3213 - 3233


Heat transfer phenomena of premixed and diffusion flames impinging on cylindrical surfaces

   S. Tripathy, M. K. Roul, A. K. Rout

   3234 - 3251


Design and analysis of combined radial and axial flux permanent magnet synchronous motor  for torque profile improvement

   G. Singh, S. Marwaha, A. S. Arora

   3252 - 3266


Reduction in ship fuel consumption and emission by sailing at slow speeds

   A. P. Gusti, Semin, A. A. B. Dinariyana, M. I. Irawan, M. Furusho

   3267 - 3281


Analysis of short channel effects in multiple-gate (n, 0) carbon nanotube FETs

   S. K. Dargar, V. M. Srivastava

   3282 - 3293


Software defect prediction: Analysis of class imbalance and performance stability

   A. O. Balogun, S. Basri, S. J. Abdulkadir, V. E. Adeyemo, A. A. Imam, A. O. Bajeh

   3294 - 3308


Modelling of bond strength of FRP-concrete interface on the basis of a comprehensive experimental database

   A. M. Sayed

  3309 - 3326


Analysis of centreline shrinkage in steel castings with grate-shaped geometry

   E. Surachman, H. Hendrayati, K. Hanaldi, M. Achyarsyah

   3327 - 3336


Water quality assessment and total dissolved solids prediction for Tigris river in Baghdad city using mathematical models

   S. H. Abbas, B. H. Khudair, M. Sh. Jaafar

   3337 - 3346


Digital image watermarking algorithm based on texture masking model

   D. B. Taha, T. B. Taha, N. B. Al Dabagh, R. Ngadiran, P. Ehkan

   3347 - 3360


Green synthesis of Cu-chitosan nanocomposite by the extract of Aganonerion Polymorphum leaves for antibacterial application

   T. T.L. Anh, D. V. Dat

   3361 - 3371


Design and implementation of a key generator-based stream cipher for securing text data

   B. H. Ali, M. J. Zaite, A. S. Al-Hashimi

   3372 - 3386


Deflection control of reinforced concrete slab strengthened with CFRP Plates

   P. Chaimahawan, S. Shaingchin

   3387 - 3405


Assessment of growth characteristics due to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons uptake by two different wetland plants (Phragmites Karka And Vetiveria Zizanioides)

   R. Al-Sghayer, A. Salmiaton, T. A. Mohammad, A. Idris, C. F. Ishak

   3406 - 3420


Occupational wrist postural assessment and monitoring system: Development and initial validation

   R. Z. Umar, C. F. Ling, N. Abdullasim, N. Ahmad, I. Halim, M. Hamid

   3421 - 3436


Optimization of backpropagation using Nguyen-Widrow and stimulus-sampling for breast cancer classification and feature selection

   A. Wibowo, D. Setianto, W. P. Wisnu, W. Jatmiko

   3437 - 3456


Fabrication and testing of double-pole four-throw switch with N‑MOSFETs

   T. N. Msimango, V. M. Srivastava

   3457 - 3469


Improved localisation algorithm for wireless sensor networks by using XBEE

   R. H. Hussain, Z. F. Jabr, S. R. Saleh

   3470 - 3480


Flood susceptibility and spatial analysis of Pangkalpinang city, Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

   L. Warlina, F. Guinensa

   3481 – 3495


Vectorization using long short-term memory neural network for content-based image retrieval model

   H. Somasekar, K. Naveen

   3496 – 3513


A conceptual framework for effective M-governance

   S. Mishra, M. Singh

   3514 - 3535


Advanced simple and robust technique for detecting localized early muscle fatigue

   R. H. Chowdhury, M. B. I. Reaz, M. L. Ali1, M. Sulvia

   3536 - 3550


Optimization of production, maintenance and inspection decisions under reliability constraints

   M. F. Y. Shalaby, M. H. Gadallah, A. Almokadem

   3551 - 3568


Preparation and characterization of bio-coal briquettes from pyrolyzed biomass-coal blends

   A. T. Yuliansyah, M. Hidayat, A. Annas, Faez, P. W. Putra, C. T. Kuswandi

   3569 - 3581


Slope stability analysis of embankment over stone column improved ground

   K. S. Ng, Y. M. Chew

   3582 - 3596


Design and analysis of a hybrid power converter

   M. Dhananjaya, S. Pattnaik

   3597 - 3615


Mechanical properties and thermal stability of methyl methacrylate grafted latex and natural rubber latex foam blends

   L. Kanagaraj, C. A. Bao, C. S. Ying, K. Ing

   3616 - 3627


Accretion of Indonesia’s energy sector through renewable energy

   M. A. Khattak, A. A. B. Omran, H. N. Andjani, N. A. Mardhiah, S. Kazi

   3628 - 3641


Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of two-tank valve-less impedance pumping system

   S. Karakuni, H. A. Mohammad, Y. A. Abakr

   3642 - 3663


Efficiency of the electricity markets in Russia

   S. Palamarchuk, M. Das, S. Shaw, K. L. Mahanta

     3664 – 3678


Adaptive hybrid image defogging for enhancing foggy images

   S. Krishnan, B. A. Sabarish, S. Padmavathi

     3679 – 3690


Comparative assessment of gyro parameters based on ramp (V2π) and bias (Vπ/2) voltage variations in DCLIFOG system

   T. Sireesha, K. K. Murthy

     3691 – 3705








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