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Volume 14, Issue 4, August 2019 

Page 1764 - 2463


Intensification of shale oil extraction from oil shale – An alternative solution for sustainable energy in Jordan

   S. H. Aljbour

   1764 - 1775


High-resolution time to digital converter in 0.13 µm CMOS process for RFID phase locked loop

   Md T. I. Badal, Md J. Alam, M. B. I. Reaz, M. A. S. Bhuiyan, N. A. Jahan

   1776 - 1788


Energy saving glass: Modelling the coating design from mathematical perspective

   Z. A. Abas, Z. A. Shaffiei, Z. Z. Abidin, A. F. N. A. Rahman, M. I. Jasmi

   1789 - 1798


Design and manufacturing orthotics shoe insole with optimum surface roughness using the CNC milling

   P. W. Anggoro, B. Bawono, M. Tauviqirrahman, A. P. Bayuseno, J. Jamari

   1799 - 1819


Simulation of displacement damage cross section of cuprous oxide/zinc oxide (Cu2O/ZnO) based heterojunction device

  F. P. Chee, M. Duinong, A. I. A. Rani, J. H. W. Chang, A. Alias, S. Salleh

   1820 - 1834


Simulation and performance evaluation of non-orthogonal IDMA system for future wireless networks

   M. A. S. Al-Adwany, H. Hamdoon

   1835 - 1850


PSO fuzzy pole placement and lmi output feedback control to improve the stability of power system

   Tamaji, I. Robandi

   1851 - 1864


Career guidance web-based expert system for vocational students

   G. Supriyanto, A. G. Abdullah, I. Widiaty, J. Mupita

   1865 - 1877


EBG loaded compact wide-notch band antenna with frequency reconfigurable characteristics

   M. L. S. N. S. Lakshmi, B. T. P. Madhav, H. Khan, P. Pardhasaradhi

   1878 - 1892


A novel method for global voltage SAG compensation in IEEE 69 bus distribution system by dynamic voltage restorers

   K. Q. Bach

   1893 - 1911


A study on close-range photogrammetry in image based modelling and rendering (IMBR) approaches and post-processing analysis

   A. S. Thomas, M. F. Hassan, M. Ibrahim, M. N. A. Rahman, S. Z. Sapuan, M. F.

   1912 - 1923


A secured and robust image watermarking based on pixel permutation, wavelet transform and singular value decomposition

   R. K. Singh, D. K. Shaw

   1924 - 1939


Analysis of process chain network for book borrowing process

   N. A. Suwadi, R. Jenal

   1940 - 1947


Implementation of an analytical inverse kinematics simulation method for a 5-DOF parallel manipulator

   H. Hendriko, N. Khamdi, J. Jaenudin

   1948 - 1959


Some studies on the understanding the different tones quality in a Bonang set

   S. Hamdan, A. F. Musib, I. A. Musoddiq, H. A. Wahid

   1960 - 1973


New fuzzy logic system for controlling multiple traffic intersections with dynamic phase selection and pedestrian crossing signal

   M. Aria

   1974 - 1983


Evaluation of daylight illuminance on the performance of light shelves of an office room

   B. N. Mohapatra, M. R. Kumar, S. K. Mandal

  1984 - 1999


Design of conditional pulse enhancement flip-flop embedded with clock gating and signal feed-through mechanism

   J. Kuruvilla, R. S. V. Kumar, S. S. Kumar

   2000 - 2012


Ship collision frequency during pipeline decommissioning process on Surabaya west access channel (SWAC)

   E. Pratiwi, K. B. Artana, A. A. B. Dinariyana

   2013 - 2033


Use of contaminated dredged soil in different pavement layers after thermal treatment and stabilization/solidification

   A. Gupta, V. K. Arora, S. Biswas

   2034 - 2051


Adsorption isotherm of mesopore-free submicron silica particles from rice husk

   R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, W. C. Nugraha, A. Mudzakir

   2052 - 2062


Microstructure studies and mechanical characterisation of T6 heat treated aluminium and copper based alloy reinforced with zircon and graphite composite

   K. C. A. Padmanabham, M. Mruthunjaya, B. P. Shivakumar, K. B. Yogesha, P. N. Siddappa

   2063 - 2073


Comparative study on catamaran and monohull for the hull form design of livestock carrier

   A. F. Zakki, A. Windyandari, Suharto, A. Ramadhan

   2074 - 2089


Conventional filter for the water treatment system in rural area

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. Sukmafitri, R. Ragadhita, R. Oktiani, N. Haristiani, I. Hamidah

   2090 - 2097


Object tracking based 3D modelling and quantification of abnormal contours in brain MRI DICOM study

   K. Suresh, U. Sakthi

   2098 - 2115


Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based modelling of vehicle guidance

   Z. Avdagic, E. Cernica, S. Omanovic

   2116 - 2131


The use of global positioning system (GPS) polars to determine motion intensity

   L. Nur, A. Suherman, H. Subarjah

   2132 - 2139


Redesigning street-lighting system using LED and HPS luminaires for better energy-saving application

   A. G. Abdullah, R. L. Pambudi, W. Purnama, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, F. Triawan, M. Aziz

   2140 - 2151


Performance of cement clay interlocking hollow brick masonry walls subjected to diagonal compression

   P. Joyklad, Q. Hussain

   2152 – 2170


Effects of process parameters and alloying elements on micro-hardness distribution in pulse ARC 304L austenitic stainless steel welded plates

   R. Saluja, K. M. Moeed

   2271 – 2291


Planning of base station and relay station deployment locations for next generation networks

   V. B. Kumaravelu, A. Murugadass

   2292 - 2319


Effect of adding limestone filler and volcanic scoria on the properties of recycled aggregate concrete

   A. Al-Swaidani, T. Al-Hajeh

   2320 - 2344


Evaluation of cloud computing platform for image processing algorithms

   M. AlTarawneh, A. AlQaisi, J. B. Salamah

   2345 - 2358


Primary recovery factor correlations for thin oil rims with large gas caps

   O. Olamigoke, S. O. Isehunwa

   2359 - 2371


A radio frequency identification for academic management

   B. Kurniawan, E. S. Soegoto

   2372 - 2385


Fabrication of precast concrete slab panels incorporating foundry sand and blast furnace slag as a potential wall insulator

   A. Sivakrishna, P. Awoyera, S. Oshin, D. Suji, R. Gobinath

   2386 - 2398


Variation of flow along a multiple outlets pipe with various spacing and inflow water head based on physical model

   W. H. Alawee, B. Yusuf, T. A. Mohammad, H. A. Thahad

   2399 - 2409


Effect of channel length variation on analog and rf performance of junctionless double gate vertical MOSFET

   K. E. Kaharudin, F. Salehuddin, A. S. M. Zain, A. F. Roslan

   2410 - 2430


Corrosion inhibition of molybdate and nitrite for carbon steel corrosion in process cooling water

   J. C. Yee, K. E. Kee, S. Hassan, M. F. M. Nor, M. C. Ismail

   2431 - 2444


Estimation of RMS delay spread for double bounce in tropical regions

   M. S. Divya Rani, B. K. Sujatha

     2445 - 2463







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