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Volume 14, Issue 3, June 2019

Page 1118 - 1763


Analysis of gamma irradiation effects on dielectric parameters of SIR-EPDM blends

   R. Deepalaxmi, V. Rajini, C. Vaithilingam, S. Vijayalakshmi

     1118 - 1137


Android-based learning media in contextual teaching and learning on Japanese language reading

   F. Philiyanti, N. Haristiani, Y. Rasyid, Emzir

     1138 - 1149


Event-related potential N100 vs. N170 wave results comparison on driving alertness

   H. M. Nasir, M. M. M. Aminuddin, N. M. A. Brahin, I. Mustaffa

     1150 - 1160


Study of the influence of coiling-uncoiling induced residual stresses on the fatigue behavior of truck frame rail sections

   Chinnaraj K., Sathya Prasad M., Lakshmana Rao C., Padmanaban R.

     1161 - 1172


Relay selection on device-to-device-assisted full-duplex non-orthogonal multiple access: System model and performance analysis

  H.-P. Dang, M.-S. V. Nguyen, D.-T. Do, H.-L. Pham

     1173 - 1186


Multi-criteria design of mechanical system by using visual interactive analysis tool

   D. H. Minh, P. V. Binh, B. V. Phuong, D. Vn

     1187 - 1199


Energy-aware on-demand fuzzy-unequal clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks

   D. R. Das Adhikary, D. K. Mallick

     1200 - 1219


The effect of seashell waste on setting and strength properties of class c fly ash geopolymer concrete cured at ambient temperature

   A. Wardhono

     1220 - 1230


Sparse based image fusion using compact sub-dictionaries

   K. Ashwini, R. Amutha

     1231 - 1247


Smartphone usage among college students

   H. Soegoto

     1248 - 1259


Business-information systems strategic alignment readiness maturity level: Corporate and business-technology driver perspective

   A. Wahyudin, R. Desmayanti, Munir, H. B. Santoso, Z. A. Hasibuan

     1260 - 1270


Learning obstacle in geometry

A. Cesaria, T. Herman

     1271 - 1280


Slow learner errors analysis in solving integer problems in elementary school

   A. Sovia, T. Herman

     1281 - 1288


Assessment of phosphorus load in water river using substance flow analysis (SFA) methods

   L. A. Ghani, N. Z. Mahmood, F. Othman

     1289 - 1300


Removal of fluoride from wastewater by calcined gypsum: Adsorption and kinetics study

   H. I. Al-Itawi

     1301 - 1313


Comparative study of different seismic codes for reinforced concrete buildings in northern Cyprus using static and dynamic methods

   R. Resatoglu, M. K. A. Hamed

     1314 - 1329


Buckling load maximization of composite laminate using random search algorithm considering uniform thickness and variable thickness approach

   N. S. Kulkarni, V. K. Tripathi

    1330 - 1343


Potential application of acoustic emission technique for weld structure integrity monitoring under dynamic loading

   S. V. Ranganayakulu, R. K. Buddu, P. V. Sastry

   1344 - 1360


Adaptive mismatched filter design for radar pulse compression

   V. Baghel

     1361 - 1373


Decoupled integral LQR controller with anti-windup compensator for MIMO two rotor aerodynamical system (TRAS)

   S. Al-Haddad, H. Wahid

     1374 - 1397


Performance evaluation of VoIP systems in cloud computing

   M. M. Abualhaj , M. M. Al-Tahrawi, S. N. Al-Khatib

     1398 - 1405


Distributed energy-efficient and position-aware routing protocol for heterogeneous wireless sensor network

   A. M. Saad, H. M. Lahcen

     1406 - 1419


Comparison study of the structural properties of beam-column joints using reactive powder concrete (RPC) under reversed cyclic loading

   H. M. A. Al.Khuzaie, R. S. Atea

     1420 - 1433


Secure and hidden text using AES cryptography and LSB steganography

   M. H. Abood, Z. K. Taha

     1434 - 1450


Investigation of mathematical models for hydro-vehicles which cross the liquid surface

   O. N. Mayboroda, O. O. Rasstrygin

     1451 - 1465


The effect of slope granulator on the characteristic of artificial geopolymer aggregate used in pavement

   A. H. Yuliana, I. D. M. A. Karyawan, S. Murtiadi, J. J. Ekaputri, E. Ahyudanari

     1466 - 1481


Mechanical and durability properties of coir fibre reinforced concrete

   A. J. Babafemi, J. T. Kolawole, O. B. Olalusi

     1482 - 1496


Fire risk analysis in FLNG processing facility using Bayesian network

   H. A. Ibrahim, P. J. Rao

     1497 - 1519


A review of failure modes of nuclear fuel cladding

   M. A. Khattak, A. A. B. Omran, S. Kazi, M. S. Khan, H. M. Ali, S. L. Tariq, M. A. Akram

     1520 – 1541


Design a prototype FPGA model for target detection by radars passive based on synthetic-aperture radar algorithm

   M. J. Fadhil, H. M. Farhan

     1542 – 1557


Monitoring and analysis of displacement using InSAR techniques for Gulaba landslide site

   A. S. Virk, A. Singh, S. K. Mittal

     1558 - 1571


A comparison of machine learning techniques for Android malware detection using Apache Spark

   L. U. Memon, N. Z. Bawany, J. A. Shamsi

     1572 - 1586


Radio frequency connector insertion loss measured from 300 kHz until 8.5 GHz by using network analyser and mechanical calibration kits

   T. M. Hui, A. Y. B. Hashim, M. R. Salleh

     1587 - 1600


An optimised support vector machine with ringed seal search algorithm for efficient text classification

   W. Sharif, I. T. Y. Yanto, N. A. Samsudin, M. M. Deris, A. Khan, M. F. Mushtaq, M. Ashraf

     1601 - 1613


A hybrid T-type multilevel inverter with a novel modulation strategy for isolated supply electric systems

   J. T. Jacob, D. Kirubakaran

     1614 - 1638


Techo-economic analysis for the production of titanium dioxide nanoparticle produced by liquid-phase synthesis method

   R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. C. Maulana, R. Oktiani, A. Sukmafitri, A. Machmud, E. Surachman

     1639 - 1652


Temperature on the effectiveness of Arduino-based portable spectrophotometer with white light-emitting diode (LED) as a light source for analyzing solution concentration

   A. Sukmafitri, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Oktiani, R. Ragadhita, A. G. Abdullah

     1653 - 1661


Existence of alum on the effectiveness of extracted Miana leaves on Batik coloring

   R. Oktiani, R. Ragadhita, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A.  Sukmafitri,  R. Shintabella, I. Widiaty

     1662 - 1671


Coronal slices segmentation of mri images using active contour method on initial identification of alzheimer severity level based on clinical dementia rating (CDR)

   R. Supriyanti, A. R. Subhi, Y. Ramadhani, H. B. Widodo

     1672 - 1686


Towards proposing an electronic information sharing model for the intelligence sector: A methodological framework

   T. Alameri, S. Abudulmajeed, A. S. Shibghatullah, M. M. Jaber

     1687 - 1702


Injection pressure effects on combustion, performance and emission of a compression ignition engine with fish oil biodiesel using titanium and alumina nanoparticle as additive

  D. K. Ramesha, L. Bharath, T. D. Kumar, G. Trilok, A. L. Prasad

     1703 - 1716


Internet-of-things: genesis, challenges and applications

   P. Matta, B. Pant

     1717 - 1750


The performance of attached and suspended growth process in integrated fixed activated sludge

   H. A. Mohiyaden, L. M. Sidek, G. Hayder

     1751 - 1763







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