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Volume 14, Issue 2, April 2019

Page 0531 - 1117


The design of EDFA with forward pumping at the distance line in DWDM

   P. Ivaniga, T. Ivaniga

     531 - 540


Incorporating student feedback into curriculum review according to outcome based education philosophy

   Y. Y. Koh, P. L. Chong

     541 - 556


The innovation of digital dockless bike-sharing for city’s air quality as sustainable transportation

   H. Hendrayati, M. I. Atrisia, Disman, Suryana

     557 - 568


Dorsomorphin treatment and inhibition on phosphorylation of Adenosin monophosphate-activated protein Kinaseon rats skeletal muscle

   H. R. D. Ray, C. L. O. Leo Penu, A. Susanti, K. Masuda

     569 - 577


Wavelet sub-band energy for feature extraction of electro encephalo graph (EEG) signals

  Hindarto, A. Muntasa

     578 - 588


Development strategy of earthworms nanoparticle products using ball mill methods in Indonesia

   P. D. Dirgantari, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. Machmud

     589 - 598


Techno-economic feasibility study of low-cost and portable home-made spectrophotometer for analyzing solution concentration

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto, R. Ragadhita, A. G. Abdullah, F. Triawan, G. K. Sunnardianto, M. Aziz

     599 - 609


Evolutionary hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm to minimize makespan to schedule a flow shop with no wait

   L. A. Bewoor, V. Chandraprakash, S. U. Sapkal

     609 - 628


Leakage immune single ended 8T SRAM cell for ultra-low power memory design

   H. Pahuja, M. Tyagi, B. Singh, S. Panday

     629 - 645


Kinetics of radiation grafting of glycidyl methacrylate and vinylbenzyl chloride onto polymer fibers

   T. M. Ting, M. M. Nasef, E. L. Aw

     646 - 658


Selection of components using rate-of-reusability and matrix-of-reusability

   U. K. Tiwari, S. Kumar

     659 - 673


Investigation of 8 x 5 GB/s mode division multiplexing - FSO system under different weather condition

A. Al-Dawoodi, H. Maraha, S. Alshwani, A. Ghazi, A. M. Fakhrudeen, S. A. Aljunid, S. Z. S. Idrus, A. A. Majeed, K. A. Ameen

     674 - 681


Decentralized optimal LFC for a real hybrid power system considering renewable energy sources

   G. Magdy, G. Shabib, A. A. Elbaset, T.  Kerdphol, Y. Qudaih, Y. Mitani

     682 - 697


Relationship between mechanical properties of lightweight concretes made with medium-k basaltic andesitic pumice and scoria

   H. Suseno, A. Soehardjono, I. N. G Wardana, A. Rachmansyah

     698 - 711


The impact of using visual learning environment on student programming course learning achievement: A case study of Universitas Airlangga

   N. Z. Dina, W. I. Sabilla, Kartono

     712 - 725


A novel algorithm for speech recognition using tonal frequency cepstral coefficients based on human cochlea frequency map

   H. Kondhalkar, P. Mukherji

     726 - 746


Design and development of multipurpose educational and research platform (MERP) for learning control and IOT technologies

   A. H. B. Embong, M. A. Akbar, M. M. Rashid

    747 - 762


Design of fractional order PID controller for AGC loop in a deregulated power system with RFB and IPFC units

   V. S. Babu, K. S. Sundar

   763 - 783


Performance evaluation of counter circuit for reversible ALU using QCA and VERILOG HDL

   T. Rajinder, G. R. Yeshwanth , S. Preeta, K. Anil

     784 - 796


Hybrid artificial intelligence based ABC-PSO system for ground water level forecasting in Udupi region

   B. S. Supreetha, K. P. Nayak, K. N. Shenoy

     797 - 809


Effect of material length on kinetics of essential oil hydrodistillation from lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

   M. D. Supardan, E. Misran, Mahlizar, Satriana, W. A. W. Mustapha

     810 - 819


Exploring the relationship between GSD, knowledge management, trust and collaboration

   M. Humayun, Nz Jhanjhi

     820 - 843


Development of intelligent early warning system for steam turbine

   F. B. I. Alnaimi, R. I. B. Ismail, P. J. Ker, S. K. B. Wahidin

     844 - 858


Integrating complete Gabor filter to the random forest classification algorithm for face recognition

   Y. C. See, N. M. Noor

     859 - 874


AHP-based analysis of the risk assessment delay case study of public road construction project: An empirical study

   P. Z. Razi, M. I. Ali, N. I. Ramli

     875 - 891


Implementation of aura colour space visualizer to detect human biofield using image processing technique

   G. Chhabra, A. Prasad, V. Marriboyina

     892 - 908


Determination of bio-diesel engine combustion pressure using neural network based model

   C. W. Mohd Noor, R. Mamat, G. Najafi, A. A. Bakar, K. Samo

     909 - 921


Addressing social popularity in Twitter data using drift detection technique

   L. A. Deshpande, M. R. Narasingarao

     922 - 934


A combination method of syntactic and semantic approaches for classifying examination questions into Bloom’s taxonomy cognitive

   O. J. Mohamed, N. A. Zakar, B. Alshaikhdeeb

     935 – 950


Development of a fluorescence detection system for high-resolution melting analysis using silicon photomultiplier

   K. S. Chong, N. A. Devi, S. M. Then, K. B. Gan

     951 – 964


Partially prestressed concrete beams under limited cycles of repeated loading

   M. M. Khattab, N. K. Oukaili

     965 - 986


Rooftop runoff water quality in university buildings, case study at Jordan applied science private university

   R. S. Shatnawi

     987 - 997


Evaluation of deployment and technology scenarios for metropolitan wireless networks in smart distribution grid

   A. Haidine, S. El Hassani, A. Aqqal

     998 - 1018


Lateral crushing of single and multi-cell thin-walled circular tube under a quasi-static loading

   M. I. M. Sofi, Z. Ahmad, W. K. Jye

     1019 - 1030


Potential thermo-responsive ionic liquid as draw solution in forward osmosis application

   M. A. M. Abdullah, M. S. Man, P. S. Nyan, S. M. Saufi, S. B. Abdullah

     1031 - 1042


Recursive least squares algorithm for adaptive transversal equalization of linear dispersive communication channel

   H. Bierk, M. A. Alsaedi

     1043 - 1054


Performance evaluation of single phase electric water pump operated as turbine-generator set

   P. M. Widod, D. Rinaldy

     1055 - 1070


Physicochemical, structural and mechanical evaluation of bio-based epoxidized jatropha oil blended with amine-cured epoxy resin as new hybrid matrix

   F. E. A. Latif, Z. Z. Abidin, F. Cardona, D. R. A. Biak, P. M. Tahir, K. Abdan, K. E. Liew

     1071 - 1087


Design optimization of multi-kink axial radial diffuser of steam turbine exhaust hoods

   V. Kandasamy, S. K. Arumugam

     1088 - 1100


Mitigation of sub-snchronous resonance with static var compensator

   N. A. Patel, P. Bhatt

     1101 – 1117







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