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Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2018

Page 2644 - 3006


Variation of consolidation coefficient of expansive clays at high initial water content

   F. Habibbeygi, H. Nikraz

     2644 - 2654


American sign language fingerspelling using hybrid discrete wavelet transform-Gabor filter and convolutional neural network

   V. Ranga, N. Yadav, P. Garg

     2655 - 2669


Process optimisation of pilot scale biodiesel production from Pongamia and waste cooking oil feedstock

   S. Poojary, C. V. Rao, K. Sandesh, V. B. Shet

     2670 - 2684


Investigation of half-tone mottle in coated papers by varying gravure process parameters

   A. V. Joshi

     2685 - 2699


Characterization of the sonicated yam bean starch bionanocomposites reinforced by nanocellulose water hyacinth fiber (whf): the effect of various fiber loading

   M. Asrofi, H. Abral, A. Kasim, A. Pratoto, M. Mahardika, F. Hafizulhaq

     2700 - 2715


Development of integrated analytic network process (ANP) and theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ) in the conceptual design selection

   Hambali A., Amira Farhana M. T.

     2716 - 2733


UML 2.0 based round trip engineering framework for the development of SPF based secure application

   N. Pathak

     2734 - 2749


Design, fabrication, testing and simulation of a modern glass to glass photovoltaic module in Iraq

   A. A. Jadallah, A. O. Hanfesh, T. H. Jebur

     2750 - 2764


Surface and subsurface alterations induced by hard turning of AISI 52100 bearing steel

   S. P. Trindade, K. H.S. Silva, D. A. Oliveira, A. M. Abrão

     2765 - 2778


Combustion characteristics of bio-degradable biomass briquettes

   S. Abdulkareem, B. A. Hakeem, I. I. Ahmed, T. K. Ajiboye, J. A. Adebisi, T. Yahaya

     2779 - 2791


Investigation of pitch and noise features extracted from voice samples of healthy and Parkinson affected people using statistical tests

   S. S. Upadhya, A. N. Cheeran

     2792 - 2804


PAPR for OFDM system based on fast discrete curvelet transform

   M. H. M. Nerma, M. A. A. Elmaleeh

     2805 - 2819


Response of plant growth regulators on the growth of different types of in vitro cultures of pogostemon cablin (blanco) benth for patchouli alcohol production

   F. I. Mazlan, K. A. Karim

     2820 - 2828


Experimental study on thermal energy storage produced by solar energy for driving domestic freezer

   A. H. N. Khalifa, A. A. Mohammed, R. R. Toma

     2829 - 2842


Investigation of electro-mechanical factors effecting piezoelectric actuator for valveless micropump characteristics

   H. A. Dereshgi, M. Z. Yildiz

     2843- 2856


Optimal allocation of TCSC devices for the enhancement of ATC in deregulated power system using flower pollination algorithm

   K. T. Venkatraman, B. Paramasivam, I. A. Chidambaram

     2857 - 2871


Performance of reduced beam section in castellated beam subjected to cyclic loading

   N. H. Aswad, H. Parung, R. Irmawaty, A. A. Amiruddin

    2872 - 2882


Novel receiver diversity combining methods for spectrum sensing using meta-analytic approach based on p-values

   D. N. Reddy, Y. Ravinder

   2883 - 2897


Implementation of trust neighbor discovery on securing IPV6 link local communication

   S. Praptodiyono, T. Firmansyah, I. H. Hasbullah, R. K. Murugesan, A. Osman, C. Y. Wey

     2898 - 2915


Synthesis, characterization and hardness studies of nano rice husk ash reinforced Al6061 nanocomposites

   S. Vasamsetti, L. Dumpala, V. V. Subbarao

     2916 - 2929


PAPR reduction in ACO-OFDM for visible light communication system

   M. Srivastava, M. K. Shukla, N. Srivastava, A. K. Shankhwar

     2930 - 2944


Application of an online controller for STATCOM to mitigate the SSR oscillations

   M. Abbasi, S. Khazaee, B. Tousi

     2945 - 2963


Comparison of five classifiers for classification of syllables sound using time-frequency features

   D. Kristomo, R. Hidayat, I. Soesanti

     2964 - 2977


Finite element analysis of composite plate girders with a corrugated web

   A. A. Mutalib, M. H. Mussa, A. M. Abdulghafoor

     2978 - 2994


Choline chloride:urea-based deep eutectic solvent as additive to proton conducting chitosan films

   W. Y. Wong, C. Y. Wong, W. Rashmi, M. Khalid

     2995 - 3006







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