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Volume 13, Issue 8, August 2018

Page 2271 - 2643


Performance comparison of adaptive channel equalizers using different variants of differential evolution

   S. Swayamsiddha, H. P. Thethi

     2271 - 2286


Microencapsulation by freeze drying of limonin using β-cyclodextrin and its stability in different ph solution

   D. Cakrawati, Mustika N. Handayani, E. Noor, Titi C. Sunarti

     2287 - 2298


An enhanced scheduling approach with cloudlet migrations for resource intensive applications

   N. Panwar, S. Negi, M. S. Rauthan, M. Aggarwal, P. Jain

     2299 - 2317


Isolation and identification of phosphate solubilizing bacteria and hydrocarbon degradation bacteria in Lapindo mud Sidoarjo - East Java - Indonesia

   Yuni S. Rahayu, Yuliani, G.Trimulyono

     2318 - 2327


Design and analysis of optical switch for data center networks incorporating ACO-OFDM with PAPR reduction

   R. Kumar, A. Tripathi

     2328 - 2341


Development of R package and experimental analysis on prediction of the CO2 compressibility factor using gradient descent

   L. S. Riza, D. Handian, R. Megasari, A. G. Abdullah, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, S. Nazir

     2342 - 2351


Selfie sign language recognition with multiple features on adaboost multilabel multiclass classifier

   G. A. Rao, P. V. V. Kishore

     2352 - 2368


Plasma nitriding time on the hardness and crystal structure/phase of SUS403 and SCS6 martensitic stainless steels: An analytical study

   F. Triawan, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. G. Abdullah, M. Aziz

     2369 - 2378


A general formulation to describe the empirical prediction of the critical area of a landslide

   P. T. K. Sari, Y. Lastiasih

     2379 - 3394


Short-term peak load forecasting using PSO-ANN methods: The case of Indonesia

   A. G. Abdullah, W. W. Sopian, W. Arasid, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, A. A. Danuwijaya, Cep Ubad Abdullah

     2395 - 2404


Effectiveness of microwave-soaking assisted impregnation of teak wood (Tectona grandis Linn. f) with sulfur-containing ammonium salt as fire retardant

   A. Chanpirak, A. Samphakdee, S. Wangna, W. Weerachipichasgul

     2405 - 2420


Boosting enzymatic hydrolysis of pressurized ammonium hydroxide pretreated empty fruit bunch using response surface methodology

   N. F. Abdul Rahman, S. Harun, M. S. Sajab, S. I. Zubairi, M. Markom, J. Md Jahim, M. T. M. Nor, M. A. Abdullah, N. Hashim

     2421 - 2445


Identification of significant features using random forest for high dimensional microarray data

   A. Nagpal, V. Singh

     2446 - 2463


Laboratory experiment based permeability reduction estimation for enhanced oil recovery

   A. H. Abbas, W. R. W. Sulaiman, M. Z. Jaafar, A. A. Agi

     2364 - 2480


Design and scale-up of continuous flow micro-reactor

   E. M. El Zanati, G. M. Elnahas

     2481- 2494


Mechanical characterization of intra-ply hybrid composite laminates using acoustic emission

   Saleem M., Gopi E., Rajagurunathan M., Vishnu V.

     2495 - 2503


A reference model for testing internet of things based applications

   P. M. Jacob, P. Mani

    2504 - 2519


Optimal design of equivalent linear induction motor based on harmony search algorithm and analysis using finite element method

   Ch. V. N. Raja, K. R. Sudha

   2520 - 2532


Assessment of various bipolar variable amplitude SPWM strategies for a three phase trinary source nine level inverter

   T. Sengolrajan, B. Shanthi, C. R. Balamurugan

     2533 - 2548


One-against-all binarization classification strategy to recognize interclass similarities activities from several sensor positions

   M. N. Shah Zainudin Md. N. Sulaiman, N. Mustapha, T. Perumal

     2549 - 2568


Application of thermal energy harvesting in powering WSN node with event-priority-driven dissemination algorithm for IOT applications

   A. M. Abdal-Kadhim, K. S. Leong

     2569 - 2586


Indoor human fall detection system based on automatic vision using computer vision and machine learning algorithms

   K. Gunale, P. Mukherji

     2587 - 2605


The electrical and mechanical characterization of silicon based electromagnetic micro-actuator for fluid injection system

   J. Yunas, R. E. Pawinanto, N. Indah, S. Alva, D. Sebayang

     2606 - 2615


Energy efficient wireless body area network using receive diversity

   K. S. Kumar, R. Amutha

     2616 - 2631


Biodiesel production from waste animal fat using a novel catalyst HCA immobilized AuNPS amine grafted SBA-15

   G. R. Srinivasan, S. Palani, R. Jambulingam

     2632 - 2643







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