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Volume 13, Issue 6, June 2018

Page 1411 - 1890


Utilization of spectral velocity of flexural waves to detect loose sleepers

   J.-H. Lee, K. Magno, S.-H. Joh

     1411 - 1419


Control and management of a solar-wind hybrid system for power quality improvement

   B. Toual, L. Mokrani, A. Kouzou, M. Machmoum

     1420 - 1439


The impact of vehicle load inducing vibrations on the subgrade soil particle acceleration

   R. Kusumawardani, U. Nugroho, Muhammad H. Fansuri, T. Mindiastiwi,W. Yuniarti, Akhris S. Hilmi

     1440 - 1450


Route selection and trade-offs evaluation of the intermodal freight transportation

   A. Gohari, Abd N. Matori, Khamaruzaman W. Yusof, I. Toloue, Khin C. Myint, Abdulkadir T. Sholagberu

     1451 - 1466


Determination of optimal locations of amphibian eco-ducts by using genetic algorithms: A case study of Odaesan national park in Korea

   S.-Y. Chung, J.-H. Kim

    1467 - 1475


Development and validation of reasoning-based multiple choice test for measuring the mastery of chemistry

   Nahadi, H. Firman, M. Ulum

     1476 - 1488


Static structural performance of continuous composite slab strengthened by CFRP laminate in the hogging moment region

   Khalid W. Dahham, S. Baharom, W. H. W. Badaruzzaman, N. Muhammad, Ahmed W. Al-Zand

     1489 - 1499


A secure wireless body area network for healthcare applications

   N. Garg, J. S. Lather, S. K. Dhurandher

     1500 - 1513


A new proposed model of dielectric analysis for measurement of soil moisture water content

   M. Mukhlisin, A. Saputra

    1514 - 1522


Cost analysis and economic evaluation for the fabrication of activated carbon and silica particles from rice straw waste

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     1523 - 1539


Soot particle size distribution near the cylinder wall in a direct injection diesel engine

   M. A. Zuber, W. M. F. Wan Mahmood, Z. Harun, Z. Z. Abidin

     1540 - 1549


An identification of ground vibration in north-east of Thailand by blasting method

   P. Pairojn

     1550 - 1561


Enriching the culture of ammonia oxidizing bacteria from soil and fishpond with bio-filters

   N. Kasmuri, Robert W. Lovitt

     1562 - 1572


Vector algebra Qibla detection in an indoor, semi-open and outdoor environment

   Nur H. Ariffin, N. Arsad, Mohd F. M. Jumat, Mohd S. D. Zain, B. Bais

     1573 - 1586


Real-time forest fire monitoring system using unmanned aerial vehicle

   Eni D. Wardihani, M. Ramdhani, A. Suharjono, Thomas A. Setyawan, Sidiq S. Hidayat, Helmy, S. Widodo, E. Triyono, F. Saifullah

     1587 - 1594


Ammonia-based pretreatment for ligno-cellulosic biomass conversion - An overview

   Azuan A. Latif, S. Harun, Mohd S. Sajab, M. Markom, Jamaliah M. Jahim

    1595 - 1620


Structural investigation of height - irregular- steel braced structures against progressive collapse

   H. Hamidi, F. Farokhzadeh, M. S. Amiri

    1621 - 1635


Low power and improved speed 1T DRAM using dynamic logic

   T. Nirmalraj, S. K. Pandiyan, C. Senthilpari

   1636 - 1650


Performance studies of custom continuously variable transmission for all-terrain vehicle applications

   Shreyas Sastry V. M., S. Dore, Nataraj J. R., Ravindra S. Kulkarani

     1651 - 1664


A dynamic virtual hand model for estimating joint torques during the wrist and fingers movements

   K. Serbest, M. Cilli, O. Eldogan

     1665 - 1676


Thermal conductivity characteristic of titanium dioxide water based nanofluids subjected to various types of surfactant

   Kin Y. Leong, I. Razali, K. Z. Ku Ahmad, Noor H. Amer, H. N. Akmal

     1677 - 1689


Radio frequency identification (RFID) smart card on parking system as e-business prospect

   Eddy S. Soegoto

     1690 - 1699


Opportunity of frequency regulation using electric vehicles in Denmark

   M. Aziz, M. Huda, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, Ade G. Abdullah

     1700 - 1712


Aluminum alloy AA2024 coated with ZrO2 using a sol-gel-assisted dip-coating technique and its corrosion performance

   V. Ganapathy, T. Kurniawan, H. Mas Ayu, Yuli P. Asmara, R. Daud, N. Prastomo, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     1713 - 1721


A modified pinhole camera model for automatic speed detection of diagonally moving vehicle

   Indrabayu, Rizki Y. Bakti, Intan S. Areni

     1722 - 1734


Effect of cooling mode on serviceability of partially prestressed concrete beams exposed to fire flame

   Amer F. Izzet

     1735 - 1750


Direct power control of three-phase PWM rectifier based on new switching table

   Tarik M. Chikouche, K. Hartani

     1751 - 1763


A practical real-time power quality event monitoring applications using discrete wavelet transform and artificial neural network

   M. I. Gursoy, A. S. Yilmaz, S. V. Ustun

     1764 - 1781


Simulation of hybrid laser-TIG welding process using FEA

   H. Vemanaboina, G. Edison, S. Akella, Ramesh K. Buddu

     1782 - 1792


Hydrodynamic and heat transfer studies in riser system for waste heat recovery using limestone

   A. K. Popuri, P. Garimella

     1793 - 1804


Optimum power management in mobile AD-HOC networks

   J. P. Josh Kumar, A. Kathirvel

     1805 - 1815


Optimal sizing of a hybrid photovoltaic/wind system supplying a desalination unit

   B. Fellah, B. Benyoucef, A. Chermiti, M. Belarbi, S. Amara

     1816 - 1833


A proposed reference current signal generation technique for shunt active power filter

   B. Nayak, B. Misra, A. Mohapatra

     1834 - 1849


Parametric identification and stabilization of turbo-compressor plant based on matrix fraction description using experimental data

   B. Nail, A. Kouzou, A. Hafaifa, A. Chaibet

     1850 - 1868


Reviewing traffic conflict techniques for potential application to developing countries

   S. M. Sohel Mahmud, L. Ferreira, Md. S. Hoque, A. Tavassoli

     1869 - 1890

























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