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Volume 13, Issue 5, May 2018

Page 1143 – 1410


“MARKS" small aviation-rocket space launch system

   A. V. Smolyakov, V. A. Yanakaev, A. V. Kornev, S. V. Shevko

     1143 - 1152


Optimization of learning algorithms in the prediction of pitting corrosion

   Y. Boukhari, M. N. Boucherit, M. Zaabat, S. Amzert, K. Brahimi

     1153 - 1164


Performance evaluation of switched-diode symmetric, asymmetric and cascade multilevel converter topologies:
A case study

   M. Abbasi, B. Tousi

     1165 - 1180


The improvement of learning effectiveness in the lesson study by using e-rubric

   Sudi D. Aji, Muhammad N. Hudha, C. Huda, A. B. D. Nandiyanto, Ade G. Abdullah

     1181 - 1189


Performance analysis of quality of service and energy efficient aware (QEEA) scheduling algorithm for long term evolution (LTE)

   Nurulanis M. Yusoff, Darmawaty M. Ali, A. Idris

    1190 - 1204


Estimating the value of the volume from acceleration on the diaphragm movements during breathing

   H. Sümbül, A. H. Yüzer

     1205 - 1221


Sectorial stable election protocol for wireless sensor network

   N. Sharma, K. Singh, B. M. Singh

     1222 - 1236


The impact of a fuzzy self-tuning PI controller supported by STATCOM on LCC-HVDC system connected to weak AC grid in both side

   S. Kherfane, S. Hadjeri, S. A. Zidi

     1237 - 1252


Design of centralized robust PI controller for a multivariable process

   Vinayambika S. Bhat, I. Thirunavukkarasu, S., S. Priya

    1253 - 1273


Corrosion behavior of new βeta type titanium alloy, TI-29NB-13TA-4.6ZR (TNTZ) in Fusayama-Meyer artificial saliva solution

   Gunawarman, Dani D. Giatmana, Ilhamdi, J. Affi, Y. Yetri, M. Niinomi, M. Nakai

     1274 - 1281


Design of a low drop-out voltage regulator using 0.13 µm CMOS technology

   Norhaida B. Mustafa, F. Choong, Mamun B. I. Reaz, W. I. W. M. Nasir, N. Kamal, A. Mukit

     1282 - 1298


A proposed dual size design for energy minimization in sub-threshold circuits

   Ali T. Shaheen, Saleem M. R. Taha

     1299 - 1314


The high performances of a seven levels active power filter with a fuzzy logic controller under a high voltage

   M. S. Djebbar, H. Benalla

     1315 – 1329


Impact of dwell time distribution on location management in cellular networks

   Prateek, S. Swayamsiddha, S. S. Singh, S. Parija, P. K. Sahu

     1330 - 1344


Corrosion study of AISI 304 on KOH, NaOH, and NaCL solution as an electrode on electrolysis process

   I. Hamidah, A. Solehudin, A. Setiawan, A. Hamdani, M. A. S. Hidayat, F. Adityawarman, F. Khoirunnisa, A. B. D. Nandiyanto

     1345 - 1351


Teaching “nanotechnology” for elementary students with deaf and hard of hearing

   A. B. D. Nandiyanto, Fajar N. Asyahidda, Ari A. Danuwijaya, Ade G. Abdullah, N. Amelia, Muhammad N. Hudha, M. Aziz

    1352 - 1363


Nanocomposite application for selenium removal – parametric studies and kinetic modeling

   N. Rajamohan, M. Rajasimman, F. Al Qasmi, E. Rene

    1364 - 1375


Redesigning preservice mathematics teacher’s lesson plan by using productive pedagogies framework

   A. Abadi, R. Ekawati

   1376 - 1383


A new redesign idea for dust filter tool used in Gerandong crackers manufacturing process based on root cause analysis (RCA) and design for assembly (DFA) approach

   W. Sulistiyowati, Ika S. Sari

     1384 - 1395


U-Shaped slots loaded patch antenna with defected ground plane for multiband modern communication systems

   K. G. Jangid, P. K. Jain, N. Choudhary, B. Sharma, V. K. Saxena, V. S. Kulhar, D. Bhatnagar

     1396 - 1410

























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