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Volume 13, Issue 3, March 2018

Page 558 – 837


Effect of compression ratio on thermal characteristics of VCR diesel engine using Nicotiana Tabacum L. seed oil methyl ester

   R. Guntur, G. Prasanthi

     558 - 572


An enhanced binding update scheme for next generation internet PROTOCOL mobility

   Senthilkumar M., M. L. Valarmathi

     573 - 588


UTNSim: A new traffic simulator based on the LWR-IM mesoscopic traffic model

   K. M. Ng, M. B. I. Reaz, M. H. F. Rahiman

     589 - 608


Effect of ultrasonic washing on the properties of superhydrophobic cotton fabric coated with epoxy composite film

   U. Pongsa, A. Tasai, P. Kasemsiri, K. Kamwilaisak, K. Saengprachatanarug, K. Jetsrisuparb, S. Hiziroglu

     609 - 624


Eye-height/width prediction using artificial neural networks from S-parameters with vector fitting

   Chan H. Goay, P. Goh, Nur S. Ahmad, Mohd F. Ain

    625 - 639


Application of integrated chemical kinetic mechanism reduction scheme on small-scale mechanism - ethylene

   H. M. Poon, H. K. Ng, S. Gan

     640 - 655


Experimental study on mechanical properties of elastomer containing carbon nanotubes

   R. Ismail, A. Ibrahim, H. Hamid, M. Rusop, A. Adnan

     565 - 664


Prioritization of threat factors for pipeline operator’s reputation sustainability from customer’s perspectives

   L. Zardasti, A.Valipour, Norhazilan Md. Noor, N. Yahaya

     665 - 681


Study on low pressure adsorption of biomethane from biogas by coal activated carbon

   W. Kamopas, A. Asanakham, T. Kiatsiriroat

    682 - 692


Solar assisted evaporative cooling based passive air-conditioning system for agricultural and livestock applications

   M. Sultan, T. Miyazaki, Muhammad H. Mahmood, Zahid M. Khan

     693 - 703


Evaluation of iterative interpolation methods for metal artefacts reduction of pelvic computed tomography images: A phantom study

   T. Kaewlek

     704 - 714


Structural characterization and optical properties of aluminum-doped zinc oxide nanofibers synthesized by electrospinning

   B. Sutanto, Z. Arifin, Suyitno

     715 - 724


Feedback boundary of 4:1 rounded contraction slip flow for oldroyd-b fluid by finite element

   N. Thongjub

     725 - 738


Indoor-outdoor image classification using dichromatic reflection model and Haralick features

   A. Nadian-Ghomsheh

     739 - 754


Seismic attributes selection and porosity prediction using modified artificial immune network algorithm

     Saad Z. Saad, Muna H. Saleh

     755 - 765


Mechanical and tribological behaviour of stir cast aluminium/boron carbide/fly ash composites

   X. Canute, M. C. Majumder

    766 - 777


An efficient hash algorithm to preserve data integrity

   Gurpreet K. Sodhi, Gurjot S. Gaba

    778 - 789


A review of additive manufacturing of α- β ti alloy components through selective laser melting and laser metal deposition

   P. Chandramohan, S. Bhero, K. Manikandasubramanian, B. Ravishankar

   790 - 812


A time-based approach for solving the dynamic path problem in VANETS - An extension of ant colony optimization

   K. Jyothi, J. Christy Jackson

     813 - 821


Improved speed low power and low voltage SRAM design for LDPC application circuits

   R. D. Kumari Selvam, C. Senthilpari,  L. Lini

     822 - 837


























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