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Volume 13, Issue 2, February 2018

Page 295 – 557


Influence of pulsed electrophoretic deposition of graphitic carbon nanotube on electrochemical capacitor performance

   K.-T. Lau, Mohd A.  Azam, R. N. A. R. Seman

     295 - 308


3D finite element model to predict machining induced residual stresses using arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian approach

   Prakash Marimuthu K., Thirtha Prasada H. P., Chethan Kumar C. S.

     309 - 320


Experimental investigations of nitrogen alloyed duplex stainless steel in dry milling process

   D. Philip Selvaraj, P. Chandramohan, P. Chandrasekar

     321 - 331


Potential grouper feed formulation based on evolutionary algorithm concept with a unique selection operator

   Soong C. Juan, R. Ramli, Rosshairy A. Rahman

     332 - 346


User interface design for a zoonosis prediction system

   Adhistya E. Permanasari, Dayang R. A. Rambli, P. D. D. Dominic

    347 - 360


An optimum drill bit selection technique using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms to increase the rate of penetration

   M. Momeni, Seyed J. Hosseini, S. Ridha, Moacyr B. Laruccia X. Liu

     361 - 372


The influence of combining sitting and standing position in plastic glass packaging

   R. Septiari, Pratikto, Purnomo B. Santoso, Ishardita P. Tama

     373 - 380


Production of bioplastic from avocado seed starch reinforced with microcrystalline cellulose from sugar palm fibers

   M. Lubis, Mara B. Harahap, M. H. S. Ginting, M. Sartika, H. Azmi

     381 - 393


Toward an occluded augmented reality framework in e-learning platforms for practical activities

   H. El Kabtane, M. El Adnani, M. Sadgal, Y. Mourdi

    394 - 408


Biosynthesis and characterization of ZnO nanoparticles using rice bran extract as low-cost templating agent

   I. Fatimah

     409 - 420


Linking professional conduct for undergraduate engineering with civic engagement through teaching and learning

   S. N. Namasivayam and J. A. S. Moganakrishnan

     421 – 434


Planform stability of embayed beaches along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

   M. S. Ab Razak, N. A. Z. Mohd Nor, N. Jamaluddin

     435 - 448


Study of free undamped and damped vibrations of a cracked cantilever beam

   V. R. Khalkar, S. Ramachandran

     449 – 462


Measurement of the absolute efficiency of a semiconductor detector using an isotropic spherical source

   Gharam A. Alharshan

     463 - 472


An investigation of the power consumption of 315 MHz RF ASK transmitter and receiver modules for wireless sensor network node

   Ali M. Abdal-Kadhim, Kok S. Leong

    473 – 488


Sorption potential of oil palm shell for the removal of chlorinated phenol from aqueous solution: kinetic investigation

   S. M. Anisuzzaman, Collin G. Joseph, D. Krishnaiah, W. M. A. W. Daud, E. Suali, F. C. Chee

     489 – 504


A competent MAC scheme designed using a unique DNA-brng key and a novel hash algorithm

   Gurpreet K. Sodhi, Gurjot S. Gaba

    505 514


Process parameter optimization for friction stir welding of aluminium 2014-T651 alloy using Taguchi technique

   Rajeesh J., Balamurugan R., Balachandar K.

   515 - 523


Design of field oriented control using improved flux controller for permanent magnet synchronous motor in traction drive

   C. Venugopal

     524 - 539


Document text detection in video frames acquired by a smartphone based on line segment detector and DBSCAN clustering

     H. El Bahi, A. Zatni

     540 - 557


























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