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Volume 13, Issue 12, December 2018

Page 3894 - 4346


Modified AHP to select new suppliers in the Indonesian steel pipe industry

   A. Ristono, Pratikto, P. B. Santoso, I. P. Tama

     3894 - 3907


Direct assessment of student outcomes in object- oriented design course using Rasch model analysis

   Z. M. Zain

     3908 - 3921


Sensitivity analysis of design parameters of a small solar-powered electric unmanned aerial vehicle

   P. Rajendran, H. Smith

     3922 - 3931


Development of software component of the optical methane concentration meter based on LabView

   O. V. Vovna, I. S. Laktionov, Y. O. Bashkov, R. N. Akhmedov, A. A. Zori

     3932 - 3950


An effective approach of performance measurement systems (PMS) for adoption in construction projects

   N. S. Lop, K. Ismail, H. M. Isa, N. Khalil

     3951 - 3963


Experimental analysis on the photovoltaic-thermal solar collector with compound parabolic concentrator using phase change material-towards solar energy utilization

   M. F. I. Al Imam, M R. Alam Beg, M. S. Rahman

     3964 - 3979


Variations in spark discharge area for directional overcut in precision electrical discharge machining

   A. D. Urade, V. S. Deshpande

     3980 - 3994


Methods for optimal control of grinding processing accuracy on low rigidity shafts

   B. M. Azimov, L. F. Sulyukova

     3995 - 4009


Geolocation aware resource allocation in cellular based cognitive radio networks with green communication perspective

   P. S. Varade, Y. Ravinder, H. M. Kulkarni

     4010 - 4026


Three-level common-emitter current-source power inverter with simplified DC current-source generation

   Suroso, D. T. Nugroho, Winasis

     4027 - 4038


Secure performance analysis of adaptive energy harvesting enabled relaying networks

   N. X. Viet, D. T. T. Thuy, L. S. Phu, N. H. Nhu, N. T. Hoa, D.-T. Do, M. Voznak

     4039 - 4052


Prototype web-based expert system for optimizing the road network of developing countries

   A. B. Z. Alshetwi, M. N. Borhan, S. I. A. Ali, H. I. M. Irtema, B. Mohashhash, R. A. Abdullah O.K. Rahmat

     4053 - 4065


Rietveld texture refinement analysis of Linde type A zeolite from X-ray diffraction data

   S. M. Al-Jubouri, B. I. Waisi, S. M. Holmes

     4066 - 4077


A modified non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm for multi-objective optimization of machining process

   F. Jafarian

     4078 - 4093


Optimum operation management effect of main sewage pumping stations on trunk sewer deterioration

   B. H. Khudair, R. K. Jbbar

     4094 - 4103


Torsional and cracking behaviours of normal weight and coconut shell lightweight concretes

   A. George, A. Sofi

     4104 - 4117


Evaluating water quality index of Al Hammar marsh, South of Iraq with the application of GIS technique

   N. O. Al-Musawi, S. K. Al-Obaidi, F. M. Al-Rubaie

    4118 - 4130


Implementation of an industrial automation system model using an Arduino

   A. Mir, R. Swarnalatha

   4131 - 4144


Brain tumor detection based on asymmetry and K-means clustering MRI image segmentation

   F. Baji, M. L. Mocanu, P. D. Liliana

     4145 - 4159


Polyphase sequences analysis with good merit factor and correlation properties

   R. Manda, P. R. Kumar

     4160 - 4172


FPGA based self-healing strategy for synchronous sequential circuits

   G. Nithya, M. Ramaswamy

     4173 - 4192


Enabling eHealth in traditional medicine: A systematic review of information systems integration requirements

   R. R. R. Ikram, M. K. Abd Ghani, N. R. Ab Hamid, L. Salahuddin

     4193 - 4205


Reservoir inflow simulation using MIKE NAM rainfall-runoff model: Case study of Cameron Highlands

   A. Z. Abdul Razad, L. M. Sidek, K. Jung, H. Basri

     4206 - 4225


Effect of short-term water exposure on mechanical properties of multi-layer graphene and multi-walled carbon nanotubes-reinforced epoxy nanocomposites

   M. S. Saharudin, S. Hasbi, N. M. Rashidi, M. S. J.l Nordin

     4226 - 4239


Characterization of abrasive wear properties of plasma sprayed alumina and YSZ coatings on aluminium 6061 substrate

   Haridasanayak, N. Krishnamurthy, M. S. Murali

     4240 - 4257


Biosynthesis, characterization and antiparkinson activity of magnetite-Indonesian velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens L.) nanoparticles

   R. E. Sardjono, F. Khoerunnisa, I. Musthopa, A. Qowiyah, D. Khairunisa, D. D. Erfianty, R. Rachmawati

     4258 - 4270


LTCHA: Light-weight two-way cryptographic hash algorithm for cloud

   V. Vasanthi, M. Chidambaram

     4271 - 4289


Review on production of benzene from petroleum associated gas by dehydro-aromatization, partial oxidation of methane and methanol-to-aromatics processes

   R. Nithyanandam, Y. K. Mun, T. S. Fong, T. C. Siew, O. S. Yee, N. Ismail

     4290 - 4309


Strength and sorptivity of concrete using fly ash and silpozz in marine environment

   T. Jena, K. C. Panda

     3410 - 4325


Demystifying ship operational availability - An alternative approach for the maintenance of naval vessels

   A. B. Abdul Wahid, M. Z. B. Ahmad, K. A. B. Ahmad, J. P. Taylor, A. Bt. Abdullah, A. Bt. Al-Shafiq, A. Bt. Ali, K. Kitagawa

     4326 - 4346








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