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Volume 13, Issue 11, November 2018

Page 3445 - 3893


Wood plastic composites made from corn husk fiber and recycled polystyrene foam

   K. S. Chun, N. M. Y. Fahamy, C. Y. Yeng, H. L. Choo, P. M. Ming, K. Y. Tshai

     3445 - 3456


Experimental studies on premixed charge compression ignition (PCCI) engine using port injection of heated diesel

   R. K. Sankaralingam, Ferroskhan, S. Ismail, T. Venugopal

     3457 - 3472


LSB technique for image and text hiding using the red and green channels

   S. M. Nusir, L. N. Al Quran, A. H. Omari, A. M. Manasrah, B. M. Abu Ata

     3473 - 3488


Implementation of open data in higher education: A review

   S. N. Ismael, O. Mohd, Y. A. Rahim

     3489 - 3499


Characterization of three dimensional scaffolds from local chitosan/alginate/geothermal silica for potential tissue engineering applications

   Y. Kusumastuti, M. Kobayashi, F. Y. Purwaningtyas, M. Najmina, H. T. B. M. Petrus, N. R. E. Putri, Budhijanto, M. Tanihara

     3500 - 3515


Data delivery mechanism in WBAN considering network partitioning due to postural mobility

   R. Goyal, H. S. Bhadauria, R. B. Patel, D. Prasad

     3516 - 3531


Comparative analyses for RCS of 10 GHz patch antenna using shorted stubs metamaterial absorber

   D. Singh, V. M. Srivastava

     3532 - 3546


Innovative design typology for adaptive reuse of old buildings in public spaces

   D. Shao, Y. Nagai M. Maekawa1, F. Fei

     3547 - 3565


Noise reduction using flax and kenaf for household vacuum cleaner

   N. A. Jafar, W. M. A. W. M. Ali, L.-E. Ooi

     3566 - 3576


Modulus of elasticity and ultrasonic pulse velocity of concrete containing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste heated to high temperature

   I. H. Alfahdawi, S. A. Osman, R. Hamid, A. I. Al-Hadithi

     3577 - 3592


Performance evaluation of conventional PID control tuning techniques for a first order plus dead time blending process

   A. K. Mehta, R. Swarnalatha

     3593 - 3609


Automation of power transformer maintenance through summarization of subspace clusters

   B. J. Lakshmi, M. Shashi, K. B. Madhuri

     3610 - 3618


Performance and a new 2-D analytical modeling of a dual-halo dual-dielectric triple-material surrounding-gate-all-around (DH-DD-TM-SGAA) MOSFET

   N. Gupta, J. K. B. Patel, A. K. Raghav

     3619 - 3631


Assessment of heavy metal concentration present in subsurface water due to solid waste dumping

   K. Prasanna, R. Annadurai, P. V. Kumaran

     3632 - 3647


Study on property of biodegradable packaging from water hyacinth fibers

   T. Limboonruang, N. Phun-Apai

     3648 - 3658


Antioxidant potential of Malaysian fruit extract (Myristica fragrans)

   D. P. A/P L. Thangathurai, R. Nithyanandam, P. K. Yong, N. Ismail

     3659 - 3676


Assessment of coastal erosion related to wind characteristics in peninsular Malaysia

   R. Yanalagaran, N. I. Ramli

    3677 - 3690


Theoretical and experimental study of thermal performance within a counter-flow wet cooling tower

   N. Meneceur, S. Boulahrouz, K. Khounfais, A. Boukhari

   3691 - 3709


Modelling of glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) for aerospace applications

   A. Shivanagere, S. K. Sharma, P. Goyal

     3710 - 3728


All-MOS high precision and wide bandwidth analogue multiplier circuit

   A. N. Saatlo, A. Amiri

     3729 - 3737


Maximum power point prediction and wind power system tracking

   A. Meharrar, M. Hatti

     3738 - 3748


The deceleration and acceleration of crack propagation following tensile overload and hold time

   A. Purnowidodo

     3749 - 3763


Analysis of distributed defect on outer ring of ball bearing  under radial load: a theoretical and experimental approach

   S. S. Kulkarni, A. K. Bewoor

     3764 - 3380


Effect of strengthening method and development length on flexural strength of RC beams with steel plates

   R. Thamrin

     3781 - 3794


Fuzzy delay differential equations with hybrid second and third orders Runge-Kutta method

   R. S. Lim, S. H. Yeak, R. Ahmad

     3795 - 3807


SentiGrade: A sentiment based user profiling strategy for personalisation

   S. Sahoo, B. K. Ratha

     3808 - 3820


Automatic liver segmentation from CT scans using intensity analysis and level-set active contours

   O. I. Alirr, A. A. A. Rahni

     3821 - 3839


Effect of viscous heat generation on temperature of rarefied gas microflows driven by moving surface

   N. T. P. Le, T. N. Tran

     3840 - 3855


A new design of the minaret as a two - sides wind catcher integrated with the wing wall for passive evaporative cooling in hot climates

   J. A. Jassim

     3856 – 3873


Scattering effects by SiO2 nano-microparticle and free space attenuation modelling for diverse weather conditions

   A. K. Chowdhury, M. B. I. Reaz

     3874- 3893








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