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Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2018

Page 3007 - 3444


Empirical relationship between mechanical properties of high volume fly ash engineered cementitious composites

   A. Arun Kumar, P. Ragul

     3007 - 3016


Development of composite electrodes containing geopolymer binder for electrochemical applications

   S. Triamthaisong, C. Kruehong, W. Jarernboon, V. Amornkitbamrung, P. Chindaprasirt, K. Jetsrisuparb

     3017 - 3028


Chemical stabilization of Sarawak clay soil with class F fly ash

   S. Striprabu, S. N. L. Taib, N. M. Sa’don, Fauziah A.

     3029 - 3042


Development of electronic nose for classification of aromatic herbs using artificial intelligent techniques

   A. C. Soh, N. F. M. Radzi, U. K. Mohamad Yusof, A. J. Ishak, M. K. Hassan

     3043 - 3057


Adsorption - desorption system for CO2 removal in biogas using natural zeolite - based adsorbent

   Irvan, B. Trisakti, S. Maulina, R. Sidabutar, Iriany, M. S. Takriff

     3058 - 3070


Design and simulation of high precision second-order sigma-delta modulator for bluetooth applications

   M. R. Farsi, K. Monfaredi

     3071 - 3079


Effect of fly ash as reinforcement on mechanical properties of aluminum scrap based hybrid composite

   A. Arifin, R. Sipahutar, D. K. Pratiwi, I. Bizzy, D. Purba, Gunawan

     3080 - 3091


Ancillary service requirement based automatic generation control assessment in a deregulated power system with HES and IPFC units

   B. Baskar, B. Paramasivam, I. A. Chidambaram

     3092 - 3115


Retooling science teaching on stability topic for STEM education: Malaysian case study

   M. N. A. Azman, A. M. Sharif, Parmin, B. Balakrishnan, M. I. H. Yaacob, S. Baharom, H. H. M. Zain, F. H. Abdul Muthalib, N. Samar

     3116 - 3128


Frequency evaluation for mechanical integration of shrouded HP rotor blades in an aircraft engine compressor

   N. Vinayaka, N. Banerjee, B. S. A. Kumar, K. K. Gowda, P. M. Suresh

     3129 - 3148


The characterization and mineralogical studies of copper ore in Rangin Flez industries, Kerman, Iran

   A. Pourbahaadini, A. Pazoki

     3149 - 3161


An efficient fully differential voltage comparator

   A. Gupta, A. Agarwal

     3162 - 3172


Cost evaluation of proposed decommissioning plan of Candu reactor

   M. A. Khattak, A. A. B. Omran, M. S. Khan, H. M. Ali, S. Nawaz, Z. Khan

     3173 - 3189


Optimal placement of capacitor banks for power loss minimization in transmission systems using fuzzy logic

   D. Bhowmik, P. Gaur

     3190 - 3203


Experimental and numerical investigation of combustion behaviour in diesel engine fuelled with waste polyethylene oil

   K. Naima, A. Liazid, M. Tazerout, H. Bousbaa

     3204 - 3219


A novel approach for underwater image enhancement based on improved dark channel prior with colour correction

   R. A. Pramunendar, S. Wibirama, P. I. Santosa

     3220 - 2237


Multistatic radar emitter identification using entropy maximization based independent component analysis

   D. Dash, J. Valarmathi

    2238 - 3251


A novel waveform mirroring technique for systolic blood pressure estimation from anacrotic photoplethysmogram

   A. Z. Sameen, R. Jaafar, E. Zahedi, G. K. Beng

   3252 - 3262


Corrosion resistance of self-compacting concrete containing calcium stearate

   A. Maryoto, B. S. Gan, N. I. S. Hermanto, R. Setijadi

     3263 - 3276


A survey on control techniques of a benchmarked continuous stirred tank reactor

   O. Alshammari, M. N. Mahyuddin, H. Jerbi

     3277 - 3296


Multi-response optimization of process parameters by Taguchi grey relational analysis for dissimilar thickness friction stir process corner weld AA5086 alloy

   M. Krishnan, S. Subramaniam

     3297 - 3312


Effects of microwave absorbers on the products of microwave pyrolysis of oily sludge

   N. M. Mokhtar, S. Ethaib, R. Omar

     3313 - 3330


Segmentation of touching character printed LANNA script using junction point

   R. Kosarat, N. Hiransakolwong

     3331 - 3343


Evaluation of the effectiveness of ring thermal insulation for protecting a pipeline from the heaving soil

   E. V. Markov, S. A. Pulnikov, Y. S. Sysoev

     3344 - 3358


Application of hyphenated plasma mass spectrometry to the study of elevated metal toxins in brewed beverages

   A. E. Pillay, S. Stephen

     3359 - 3368


Redistribution of Al-Adhamiyah land use by assessment of the geotechnical properties using GIS technique

   S. H. A. Aldahwi, A. Alnedawi, S. F. Alabdullah

     3369 - 3380


Evaluation of double-roll crusher on oil palm fruit bunches and effect of bruising level on free fatty acids content

   C. M. Che Rahmat, A. H. Nu’man, M. H. Rohaya, A. M. Rusnani

     3381 - 3392


Enhanced particle swarm optimization based DC-link voltage control algorithm for interleaved SAPF

   V. Gali, N. Gupta, R. A. Gupta

     3393 - 3418


Simulation of different pumping scenarios on the groundwater - sea water intrusion into the Tripoli aquifer, Libya

   N. A. El Aswed, T. A. M. Ali, A. H. B. Ghazali, Z. B. M. Yusoff

     3419 - 3431


A geometrical configuration and its effect on the performance of an electrochemical cell under free convection

   W. N. Hussein

     3432 - 3444








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