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Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2018

Page 1 – 294


Nanofiltration of aerobically-treated palm oil mill effluent: characterization of the size of colour compounds using synthetic dyes and polyethylene glycols

   Y. H. Tan, W. J. Lau, P. S. Goh, N. Yusof, A. F. Ismail

     1 - 10


Risk management standards for P5M

   P. Řeháček

     11 - 34


Comparative study of the thermo-convective behavior of a turbulent flow in a rectangular duct in the presence of three planar baffles and / or corrugated (waved)

   H. Benzenine, R. Saim, S. Abboudi, O. Imine

     35 - 47


Determination of electromagnetic parameters of a new metasurface comprising of square loop

   A. Sethi, Rajni

     48 - 57


An exhaustive analysis of SEU effects in the SRAM memory of soft processor

   A. Kchaou, W. El Hadj Youssef, R. Velazco, R. Tourki

    58 - 68


Aerodynamic disturbance on vehicle’s dynamic parameters

   Mu’azu J. Musa, S. Sudin, Z. Mohamed

     69 - 82


Hardware realisation of self propelled safety monitoring system using CAN protocol

   C. R. Balamurugan, R. Bensraj

    83 - 101


A study of various blade fault conditions on a wind turbine using vibration signals through histogram features

   A. Joshuva, V. Sugumaran

     102 - 121


Numerical thermal analysis of Schott 2008 PTR70 solar receiver under Hassi R’Mel power plant operation conditions

   A. Benidir, F. Khaldi, Abdelmoumene H. Benmachiche, F. Bouras

     122 - 140


Implementation of rejection strategies inside Malayalam character recognition system based on random Fourier features and regularized least square classifier

   Manjusha K., Anand Kumar M., Soman K. P.

     141 - 157


Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using coriandrum sativum leaf extract

   M. Z. H. Khan, F. K. Tareq, M. A. Hossen, M. N. A. M. Roki

     158 – 166


An empirical machine learning approach to extract and rank multi-word product names using iCIW approach

   Sivashankari R., B. Valarmathi

     167 - 186


Experimental investigation to find the optimum dose of steel fibers in concrete incorporating ultra fine slag

   Saurav, Ashok K. Gupta

     187 – 195


An enhanced-simple protocol for wireless body area networks

   N. Sharma, K. Singh, B. M. Singh

     196 - 210


Comparative study of ANN and ANFIS models for predicting temperature in machining

   S. Masoudi, M. Sima, M. Tolouei-Rad

    211 – 225


Experimental study on curved composite i-girder bridge subjected to Iraqi live loading for road bridges

   Amer F. Izzet, Aymen R. Mohammed

     226 – 241


Characterisation of pyrolysis oil derived from teak tree saw dust and rice husk

   M. Bardalai, D. K. Mahanta

    242 - 253


Prediction of total soluble solids and ph in banana using near infrared spectroscopy

   Maimunah M. Ali, Rimfiel B. Janius, Nazmi M. Nawi, N. Hashim

   254 - 264


A graphical approach to design and optimization of MOS amplifier

   P. Bhattcharjee, Abir J. Mondal, A. Majumder

     265 - 279


Fully integrated multifunction trans-impedance mode biquad filter

     S. V. Singh, C. Shankar

     280 - 294


























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