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Volume 12, Issue 8, August 2017

Page 1999 – 2296


Improvement of fatigue strength of tin Babbitt by reinforcing with Nano ilmenite

   M. V. S. Babu, K. N. S. Suman, A. Rama Krishna

   1999 – 2009


Design of a low-power and high throughput error detection and correction circuit using the 4t ex-or method

   S. Kavitha, Fazida H. Hashim, Md M. Ibne Reaz, N. Kamal

   2010 - 2027


On the phenomenon of two-phase flow maldistribution in a heat exchanger undergoing condensation

   W. M. Chin

   2028 - 2045


Optimization studies for the flotation of bunker oil from contaminated sand using microbubbles

  M. W. Lim, E. V. Lau, P. E. Poh

   2046 - 2063


A study of thermal behaviour on titanium alloys (TI-6AL-4V)

  Vasudevan D., Balashanmugam P.

   2064 - 2077


The inhibition of 304SS in hydrochloric acid solution by Cera alba extract

   W. Suprapto, R. Soenoko, A. Suprapto, F. Gapsari                                                                       

   2078 - 2090


Assessment of climate change impact on the required cooling load of the hospital buildings

   M. Ahmadzadehtalatapeh, Y. H. Yau

   2091 - 2105


Optimization of patchouli oil (pogostemon cablin, benth) with steam distillation assisted by pulsed electric field via response surface methodology

   Sukardi, S. Soeparman, Bambang D. Argo, Yudy S. Irawan

   2106 – 2119


A review on heat dissipating passive cooling techniques for residential buildings at tropical region 

   D. Prakash

   2120 - 2140


Modelling of thin layer solar drying kinetics and effective diffusivity of Urtica dioica leaves

   A. Lamharrar, A. Idlimam, A. Alouani, M. Kouhila

   2141 - 2153


A multi-agent based social CRM framework for extracting and analysing opinion

   A. El Fazziki, Fatima Z. Ennaji, A. Sadiq, D. Benslimane, M. Sadgal

   2154 - 2174


Response surface methodology (RSM) application toward the performance of a vertical shaft hinged arc blade kinetic turbine

   Kennie A. Lempoy, R. Soenoko, S. Wahyudi, M. A. Choiron

   2175 - 2186


A vertical axis hinged blade kinetic turbine performance using response surface methodology

   S. D. Boedi, R. Soenoko, S. Wahyudi, M.A. Choiron

   2187 - 2201


Linear kernel support vector machines for modeling pore-water pressure responses

   K. W. Yusof, N. M. Babangida,  M. R. Mustafa, M. H. Isa

   2202 - 2212


Statistical approach for multi criteria optimization of cutting parameters of turning on heat treated beryllium copper alloy

   K. Devaki Devi, K. Sathish Babu, K. Hemachandra Reddy

   2213 - 2228


Effect of turmeric (curcumae longae) treatment on morphology and chemical properties of akaa (corypha) single fiber

   I. Renreng, R. Soenoko, Pratikto, Yudy S. Irawan

   2229 - 2237


Laser pointer detection based on intensity profile analysis for application in teleconsultation

   N. Imtiaz, Mohd M. Mustafa, A. Hussain, E. Scavino

   2238 - 2253


Physical-mechanical characteristics of cement-bonded kenaf bast fibres composite boards with different densities

   B. Ahmed Amel, M. Tahir Paridah, S. Rahim, P. S. H’ng, A. Zakiah, Ahmed S. Hussein

   2254 - 2267


A new current tunable current input current output biquad using CFTAS

   S. V. Singh, R. S. Tomar, D. S. Chauhan

   2268 - 2282


Effect of ASE on performance of TDFA for 1479 nm-1555 nm wavelength range

   I. Kaur, N. Gupta

   2283 - 2296


























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