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Volume 12, Issue 7, July 2017

Page 1723 – 1998


Development of an intelligent pressure sensor with temperature compensation

   Vaegae N. Kumar, K. V. Lakshmi Narayana

   1723 – 1739


Double boss sculptured diaphragm employed piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensor with silicon-on-insulator (SOI)

   D. Sindhanaiselvi, T. Shanmuganantham

   1740 - 1754


Analysis and comparison of wave propagation in microstrip lines and coplanar waveguides

   Kim H. Yeap, Koon C. Lai, Soo K. Lim, Chong Y. Low

   1755 - 1765


Numerical study on cooling effect potential from vaporizer device of LPG vehicle

  M. Setiyo, S. Soeparman, N. Hamidi, S. Wahyudi, M. Hanafi

   1766 - 1779


A novel approach for denoising electrocardiogram signal using hybrid technique

  Harjeet Kaur, Rajni

   1780 - 1791


Dyeing silk fabrics with stink bean pod (Parkia speciosa Hassk.) natural dye in the color fastness and UV protection

   M. Masae, L. Sikong, P. Choopool, P. Pitsuwan, W. Sriwittayakul, A. Bonbang, N. Kimthong  

   1792 - 1803


On the solidification characteristics and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy  AA 6061/Al2O3-SiCp composite produced by high pressure die casting

   B. Malomo, O. Fadodun, K. Oluwasegun, A. Ogunbodede, S. Ibitoye, L. Adekoya

   1804 - 1818


A hybrid filter and wrapper feature selection approach for detecting contamination in drinking water management system

   S. Visalakshi; V. Radha

   1819 – 1832


Severity based contingency management approach: an Indian scenario 

   Akanksha Mishra, G. V. Nagesh Kumar

   1833 - 1844


Robust radio resource allocation in LTE networks by channel and relay assignment

   R. Santhakumar, N. Amutha Prabha

   1845 - 1854


Statistic model of dynamic delay and dropout on cellular data networked control system

   Muhammad A. Murti, Harijono A. Tjokronegoro, E. Leksono, W. Agung

   1855 - 1870


Gas turbine power plant performance evaluation under key failures

   M. Ram, K. Nagiya

   1871 - 1886


Vertically integrated optical transducer for bio-particle detection

   M. Masrie, J. Yunas, Burhanuddin Y. Majlis, A. Dehzangi

   1887 - 1899


X-factor evaluation under RPI-X regulation for Indian electricity distribution utilities

   P. Khetrapal, T. Thakur, A. Gupta

   1900 - 1914


Development of predictive control strategy using self-identification matrix technique (SMT)

   Abdulrahman A. A. Emhemed, Rosbi B. Mamat, Ahmad A.M. Faudzi

   1915 - 1929


Modeling of diesel- compressed natural gas bubbly flow under influencing of a magnetic field

   Hasanain A. Abdulwahhab, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Hussain H. Al-Kayiem, Mohammad S. Nasif

   1930 - 1938


Numerical investigation of two element camber morphing airfoil in low Reynolds number flows

   Rajesh S. Kumar. T., V. Sivakumar, B. Ramakrishnananda, Arjhun A. K., Suriyapandiyan

   1939 - 1955


Investigation of indirect solar drying of ginger rhizomes (Zingiber Officinale): A comparative study

   Sunil K. Sansaniwal, M. Kumar, Rajneesh, V. Kumar

   1956 - 1971


Experimental investigations on the effect of hydrogen induction on performance and emission behaviour of a single cylinder diesel engine fuelled with palm oil methyl ester and its blend with diesel

   D. Boopathi, A. Sonthalia , S. Devanand

   1972 - 1987


C-DAM: contention based distributed reservation protocol allocation algorithm for WIMEDIA medium access control

   Umadevi K. S., Arunkumar T.

   1988 - 1998


























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