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Volume 12, Issue 4, April 2017

Page 860 – 1152


Test case generation for embedded system software using UML interaction diagram

   Mani P., Prasanna M.

     860 - 874


Automatic brain tumor segmentation of magnetic resonance images (MRI) based on region of interest (ROI)

   Angulakshmi M., Lakshmipriya G. G.

     875 - 887


Modelling and failure analysis of flexure springs for a Stirling cryocooler

   Rajesh V. R. and B. T., Kuzhiveli

     888 - 897


Experiential investigation of two-way concrete slabs with openings reinforced with glass fiber reinforced polymer bars

   Mohanad T. Abduljaleel, Akram S. Mahmoud, Ali R. Yousif

     898 – 912


Seismic fragility analysis of improved RC frames using different types of bracing

   H. H. Jamnani, G. Abdollahzadeh,  H. Faghihmaleki

    913 - 934


Using one-cycle control based series voltage-sourced converter to suppress starting current of induction motors

   A. Sadoughi, I. Sadeghkhani

     935 - 947


A new method for estimating the moisture content and flexibility of polymerized bentonite clay mate

   E. W. K. Loh, D. C. Wijeyesekera, M. A. Cipuala

     948 - 957


Study on silica infused recycled aggregate concrete using design of experiments

   P. M. Mrudul, T. Upender, M. Balachandran, K. M. Mini

     958 - 971


Performance analysis of speech signal enhancement techniques for noisy Tamil speech recognition

   Vimala C., Radha V.

     972 – 986


Estimation of aging effects of piles in Malaysian offshore locations

   J. M. George, M. M. A. Wahab, K. V. John

     987 – 1000


PDMS: An effective preference coupleddata management and retrieval system

   Shailesh P. Khapre, M. S. Saleem Basha, P. Sujatha, P. Dhavachelvan

    1001 - 1021


Numerical simulation of pH effect on copper electrodeposition inside insulated trench - Part I

   Watheq N. Hussein

    1022 – 1036


Analysis of intergranular carbide precipitate in HAZ of martensitic stainless steel

   Ismaila I. Ahmed, J. A. Adebisi, S. Abdulkareem, Andrew H. Sherry

   1037 – 1047


Cold flow analysis on internal combustion engine with different piston bowl configurations

   N. A. M. Shafie, M. F. M. Said

   1048 – 1066


TDMA based delay sensitive and energy efficient protocol for WBAN

   R. Goyal, H. S. Bhadauria, R. B. Patel, D. Prasad

   1067 – 1080


Comparison of PI controller performance for first order systems with time

   Ramakoteswara R. Alla, J. S. Lather, G. L. Pahuja

   1081 – 1091


An analysis study of protection levels at a low latitude Indian station for the Gagan

   M. Sridhar, K. Padma Raju, Ch. Srinivasa Rao

   1092 – 1103


Effect of using various substrates on cultivation of Pleurotus sajor-caju

   S. N. Fasehah, A. Shah

     1104 - 1110


BloStream: A high speed stream cipher

   Ali H. Kashmar, Eddie S. Ismail

     1111 - 1128


A review on using membrane reactors in enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose

   T. Nguyenhuynh, R. Nithyanandam, Chien H. Chong, D. Krishnaiah

    1129 - 1152


























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