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Volume 12, Issue 3, March 2017

Page 572 – 859


Real time measurement of ultrafine and nanoparticles and significance of operating gears

   H. A. Nakhawa, S. S. Thipse

     572 - 583


A new state-of-charge estimation method for valve regulated lead acid batteries

   Y. W. Wong, L. W. Chong, R. K. Rajkumar, W. Y. Leng, R. K. Rajkumar

     584 - 595


Effects of compactive efforts on geotechnical properties of spent engine oil contaminated laterite soil

   Oluremi, J. R., Yohanna, P., Akinola, S. O.

     596 - 607


Performance characteristics of parabolic solar collector water heater system fitted with nail twisted tapes absorber

   K. Syed Jafar, B. Sivaraman

     608 - 621


Q function aware optical packet switch with low packet loss rate

   O. Singh, M. R. Khare, S. Sharma, R. Srivasatva

    622 - 635


An evaluation of multi-hazard risk subjected to blast and earthquake loads in RC moment frame with shear wall

   H. Faghihmaleki, F. Nejati, A. Mirzagoltabar-Roshan, Y. Batebi-Motlagh

     636 - 647


Adapting hybrid machine translation techniques for cross-language text retrieval system

   P. Iswarya, V. Radha

     648 - 666


Squeeze film damper effect on vibration of an unbalanced flexible rotor using harmonic balance method

   F. He, S. Dousti, P. Allaire, M. Dousti

     667 - 685


A current mirror based two stage CMOS cascode Op-Amp for high frequency application

   R. Kundu, A. Pandey, S. Chakraborty, V. Nath

     686 – 700


Direct mathematical solutions for the gamma-ray detectors geometrical and total efficiencies integrable formulae

   Mahmoud. I. Abbas, Mona. M. Gouda, Mohamed. S. Badawi, Ahmed. M. El-Khatib

     701 – 715


Adaptive beamforming in smart antenna using Tchebyscheff distribution and variants of least mean square algorithms

   A. Senapati, J. S. Roy

    716 - 724


An overview of gas-upgrading technologies for biohydrogen produced from treatment of palm oil mill effluent

   I. N. Mohamad, R. Rohani, M. T. M. Nor, P. Claassen, M. S. A. Rahaman, M. S. Mastar@Masdar, M. I. Rosli

    725 – 755


Effect of hydraulic and geometrical properties on stepped cascade aeration system

   V. Rathinakumar, G. Dhinakaran, Conety R. Suribabu

   756 – 766


Shear strength, collapsibility and compressibility characteristics of compacted Baiji dune soils

   Abbas J Al-Taie, Yousif J. Al-Shakarchi

   767 – 779


Fabrication of CNTS by toluene decomposition in a new reactor based on an atmospheric pressure plasma jet coupled to a CVD system

   F. Ramírez-Hernández, F. Muñoz-Muñoz1, G. Soto

   780 – 796


Effect of oil palm EFB-biochar on properties of PP/EVA composites

   Mohammad R. Ketabchi, M. Khalid, R. Walvekar

   797 – 808


Theoretical modelling of thermal conductivity of deep eutectic solvent based nanofluid

   Osama M., Rashmi W., Kaveh S., Khalid M., Gupta TCSM

   809 – 819


Clustering on structured proteins with filtering instances on Bioweka

   Vignesh U., Parvathi R.

     820 - 833


Estimation of bursts length and design of a fiber delay line based OBS router

   R. Awasthi, L. Singh, Asif U. Khan

    834 - 846


Optimisation of process parameter conditions for biodiesel production by reactive extraction of jatropha seeds

   Muhammad D. Supardan, Fahrizal, R.Moulana, D. Safrida, Satriana, W. A. Wan Mustapha

     847 – 859


























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