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Volume 12, Issue 10, October 2017

Page 2567 – 2838


Defected concrete post detection through antenna array coupling effect

   Tamer G. Abouelnaga, Kamel S. Sultan

   2567 – 2584


The design, fabrication and preliminary testing of an indigenous single screw extruder

   Folasayo T. Fayose, Agboola S. Ogunlowo, Leo A. Agbetoye

   2585 - 2598


Multi-objective optimal number and location for steel outrigger-belt truss system

   M. Babaei

   2599 - 2612


Quasi-static field analysis of permanent magnet generator using h-hierarchical adaptive finite element method

  C. Vasudeva, S. Marwaha

   2613 - 2627


Combined effect of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and fuel injection pressure on CRDI engine operating with jatropha curcas biodiesel blends

  P. Bedar, Venkatesh T. Lamani, Archit S. Ayodhya, Kumar. G. N.

   2628 - 2639


Professionals back to school - An engineering outreach programme: A case study in Malaysia

   B. Balakrishnan, M. N. A. Azman                                                                                                      

   2640 - 2650


Consolidation reliability analysis of stone column reinforced ground

   K. S. Ng, Y. M. Chew, S. F. Ng

   2651 - 2663


Effect of prestressed force and size of reinforcement on corrosion crack width in concrete member

   A. Maryoto, T. Shimomura

   2664 – 2676


Study of the impact of thermal drift on reliability of pressure sensors

   A. Beddiaf, F. Kerrour

   2677 - 2690


Anode-cathode arrangement and its effect on microbial fuel cell performance using date paste as a substrate

   Zainab S. Obaid, Watheq. N. Hussein

   2691 - 2699


Free vibration analysis of double-walled carbon nanotubes embedded in an elastic medium using DTM (differential transformation method)

   B. R. Kumar and S. Deol

   2700 - 2710


Investigate techno-economical aspects of pressure boosting stations to enhance oil extraction in Gachsaran

   M. Eghtesadifard, M. Khalifeh, S. Salehi

   2711 - 2722


Optimization of transesterification parameters for optimal biodiesel yield from crude jatropha oil using a newly synthesized seashell catalyst

   A. N. R. Reddy, A. A. Saleh, M. S. Islam, S. Hamdan

   2723 - 2732


Methodology for the design of a lighter foam filled tube structure for improved crashworthiness parameters subjected to quasi static axial compression

   S. Bargav, R., Venkataswamy, K. S., Suresh, P. M.

   2733 - 2746


Design of caucus medium access control (C-MAC) protocol for wireless sensor networks in smart grids

   J. Sharma, Manish K. Jha, Partha P. Bhattacharya

   2747 - 2765


Modification of poly(lactic acid) by blending with poly(methyl methacrylate-co-ethyl acrylate) for extrusion blow molding application

   N. Petchwattana, P. Naknaen, W. Jakrabutr, J. Sanetuntikul, B. Narupai

   2766 - 2777


Speed control of permanent magnet synchronous motor using different strategy of sliding mode approach

   I. Bakhti, S. Chaouch, A. Makouf, T. Douadi

   2778 - 2791


Thermoplastic matrix selection for fibre metal laminate using fuzzy Vikor and entropy measure for objective weighting

   N. M. Ishak, D. Sivakumar, M. R. Mansor

   2792 - 2804


Numerical and experimental investigation on the flutter of cantilevered plates with free leading edge in axial flow

   I. P. G. Sopan Rahtika, I. N. G. Wardana, A. A. Sonief, E. Siswanto

   2805 - 2825


Transient Analysis of wind diesel power system with flywheel energy storage

   S. Sujith, V. Ramesh

   2826 - 2838


























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