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Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2017

Page 1 – 279


Investigating pectoral shapes and locomotive strategies for conceptual designing bio-inspired robotic fish

   A. I. Mainong, A. F. Ayob, M. R. Arshad

     1 - 14


Application of modified power flow tracing method for reactive power pricing in practical utility system

   M. Susithra, R. Gnanadass

     15 - 30


The effect of behaviour factor on the seismic performance of low-rise and high-rise RC buildings

   Mohd Zulham Affandi Mohd Zahid, Taksiah A. Majid, Ade Faisal

     31 – 41


Performance analysis of forced convection evacuated tube solar collector used for grape dryer

   A. B. Ubale, D. Pangavhane, A. Auti

     42 - 53


Experimentation of three phase outer rotating switched reluctance motor with soft magnetic composite materials

   N. C. Lenin

    54 – 61


Improved LS-SVM using ACO to estimate flashover voltage of polluted insulators

   Sid A. Essedik, R. Djekidel, A. Ameur

     62 – 77


Improving bandwidth of flipped voltage follower using gate-body driven technique

   V. Niranjan, A. Kumar, Shail B. Jain

    78 - 97


Symmetric encryption using pre-shared public parameters for a secure TFTP protocol

   N. N. Mohamed, Y. M. Yussoff, M. A. M. Isa, H. Hashim

     98 - 112


New electronically tunable grounded inductor simulator employing single vdta and one grounded capacitor

   M. Srivastava, D. Prasad, D. R. Bhaskar

     113 - 126


Mass transfer kinetics and effective diffusivities during cocoa roasting

   Y. M. Baghdadi, C. L. Hii

     127 - 137


An experimental study on the rheological properties of conditioned  municipal activated sludge

   Salam K. Al-Dawery, Sajjala S. Reddy

     138 – 154


Use of image enhancement techniques for improving real time face recognition efficiency on wearable gadgets

   Muhammad E. Rana, Ahmad A. Zadeh, Ahmad M. M. Alqurneh

     155 - 167


Remaining life time prediction of bearings using K-star algorithm – A statistical approach

   R. Satishkumar, V. Sugumaran

     168 – 181


A preliminary study of humour in engineering education

   Siow C. Lim

     182 - 197


Isolation, structure elucidation, identification and quantitative analysis of 1’-acetoxychavicol (aca) from the roots of chlorophytum boriviliuanum (safed musli)

   Bee L. Chua, Z. Abdullah, Kar Y. Pin, Luqman C. Abdullah, Thomas S. Y. Choong, Umi K. Yusof

    198 – 213


Modelling the delamination failure along the CFRP-CFST beam interaction surface using different finite element techniques

   Ahmed W. Al-Zand, Wan Hamidon W. Badaruzzaman, Azrul A. Mutalib, Salam J. Hilo

     214 – 228


Effects of friction stir processing on microstructural, hardness and damping characteristics of ferritic nodular cast iron

   Abdulsalam Y. Obaid, Ibtihal A. Mahmood, Adnan N. Abood

    229 - 240


Simulation and optimization of the hydraulic fracturing operation in a heavy oil reservoir in Southern Iran

   R. Masoomi, Dolgow S. Viktorovich

   241 - 255


Thermal energy storage properties of form-stable paraffin/recycle block concrete composite phase change material

   P. Suttaphakdee, U. Pongsa, P. Kasemsiri, P. Posi, N. Lorwanishpaisarn, A. Tasai, N. Dulsang, P. Chindaprasirt

     256 - 264


Heat transfer enhancement using alumina nanofluid in circular micro channel

     K. S. Arjun, K. Rakesh

     265 - 279



























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