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Volume 11, Issue 5, May 2016

Page 655 – 767


Geospatial analysis of road distresses and the relationship with the slope factor

N. M. Nasir, K. N. A. Maulud, N. I. M. Yusoff

     655 - 665


Flood forecasting model using empirical method for a small catchment area

    C. l. Jun, Z. S. Mohamed, A. L. S. Peik, S. F. M. Razali, S. Sharil

     666 - 672


Socio-spatial integration of landscape back lane of housing at Bandar Baru Nilai: Privacy and community

   S. F. M. Lias, N. M. Tawil, I. M. S. Usman, A. A. Mutalib

     673 - 683


Behaviour of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete under dynamic impact load

   A. Saadun, A. A. Mutalib, R. Hamid, M. H. Mussa

     684 - 693


Characterization and performance evaluation of reused WABE as flocculants agent to treat industrial paper mill wastewater

   M. H. J. Khadidi, M. S. Kalil, A. A. Hamid, H. A. Hasan

    694 - 703


Understanding the people’s needs of living in city: Scenario in Malaysia

   R. Rofiei, N. M. Tawil, K. A. Kosman, A. I. Che-Ani

     704 - 713


Observation on the soaking water and particle size changes during ‘Cool Powder’ (Bedak Sejuk) production 

    M. A. A. Dzulfakar, S. M. Tasirin, N. T. Kofli

    714 - 721


Optimisation of supercritical fluid extraction of astaxanthin from Penaeus monodon waste using ethanol-modified carbon dioxide

S. A. Radzali, Masturah M., B. S. Baharin2, Rashidi O., R. A. Rahman

   722 - 736


Differentiation of biomass composition between isolated and commercial strains of microalgae

    Z. bt. Minhat, M. S. B. Ab Rahaman, M. S. Takriff, N. T. Kofli

     737 - 744


The effect of thickness of pillar in the channel bend to changes the coefficient of superelevation

   Ishak M. Galib

     745 - 754


Development of high-voltage high-frequency power supply for ozone generation

   N. Hammadi, M. Zegrar, S. Nemmich, Z. Dey, S.-M. Remaoun, B. Naouel, A. Tilmatine

     755 - 767    A. Mojtahedi

     296 - 310


























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