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Volume 11, Issue 4, April 2016

Page 458 – 654


Hygro-thermal behaviour of porous building material subjected to different external temperature and humidity conditions

A. Chikhi, A. Belhamri, P. Glouannec, A. Magueresse

     458 - 475


An Improved bit loading technique for enhanced energy efficiency in next generation voice/video applications

    Vinoth Babu K., Ramachandra Reddy G., Arthi M.

     476 - 495


Liquid air as an energy storage: A review

   Y. Lim, M. Al-Atabi, Richard A. Williams

     496 - 515


Improved variable step size incremental conductance MPPT method with high convergence speed for PV systems

   Behzad A. Isaloo, P. Amiri

     516 - 528


Infusing industry practices into an engineering capstone project: A learning outcome attainment case study

   S. Namasivayam, M. Al-Atabi, R. Gamboa, R. Singh

    529 - 547


Shear strength of reinforced concrete T-beams without stirrups

   R. Thamrin, J. Tanjung, R. Aryanti, Oscar F. Nur, A. Devinus

     548 - 562


Analysis of Monte Carlo simulation sampling techniques on small signal stability of wind generator- connected power system 

    T. R. Ayodele

    563 - 583


Experimental investigation on the effect of natural tropical weather on interfacial bonding performance of CFRP-concrete bonding system

   M. H. Mohd Hashim, A. R.  Mohd Sam, M. W. Hussin

   584 - 604


Design and develop a computer aided design for automatic exudates detection for diabetic retinopathy screening

    C. A. Sathiyamoorthy, G. Kulanthaivel

     605 - 618


Comparing the geodetical and geotechnical methods in investigating the deformation of Earthfill dams; A case study of Mahabad earthfill dam, Iran

   M. H. Aminfar, A. Rastbud, H. Ahmadi, A. Naseri

     619 - 637


Effects of styrene-butadiene-styrene on stiffness of asphalt concrete at different traffic conditions

   G. Shafabakhsh, A. Tanakizadeh

     638 - 654    A. Mojtahedi

     296 - 310


























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