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Volume 11, Issue 11, November 2016

Page 1518 – 1659


Guest Editor of this issue:

Professor Dr. S. Justin Samuel

School of Computing,

Sathyabama University,





Airport noise charges and local communities: Application to regional airports

     L. Mantecchini

     1518 - 1527


Design of robust command to line-of-sight guidance law: A fuzzy adaptive approach

     E. Sadeghinasab, H. R. Koofigar,  M. Ataei

     1528 - 1542


Simultaneous optimization of hot and cold outlet air temperatures of vortex tube using grey relational analysis and Taguchi method

   G. Suresh Kumar, G. Padmanabhan, B. Dattatreya Sarma

     1543 - 1553


Hydrogen addition on combustion and emission characteristics of high speed spark ignition engine- An experimental study

     Shivaprasad K. V., P. R. Chitragar, Kumar G. N.

     1554 - 1564


E-learning personalization based on collaborative filtering and learner’s preference

     O. Bourkoukou, E. El Bachari

     1565 - 1581


Characterizations on bending effect on customized splitters using various radii of elliptical-shaped blocks

     l. S. Supian, M. S. Ab-Rahman, N. Arsad, H. Ramza

     1582 - 1594


Structural, thermal and conductivity studies of PAN-LiBF4  polymer electrolytes

    S. K. Nippanai, P. Kuchhal, G. Anand, V. K. Kambila

    1595 - 1608


Measurement of the variation of mechanical properties with aging temperatures for sand cast Cu-5Ni-5Sn alloy

   S. Ilangovan, R. Sellamuthu

   1609 - 1619


Head and facial anthropometry for determining the critical glasses frame dimensions

    C. N. Rosyidi, N. Riyanti, I. Iftadi

    1620 - 1628


Towards the investigation of using social network analysis for counter terrorism in West Nigeria: Case study of Boko Haram in Nigeria

     F. Olajide, K. Adeshakin

     1629 - 1638


Review on feature selection techniques and its impact for effective data classification using UCI machine learning prosperity dataset

     Amarnath B., S. A. A. Balamurugan

     1639 - 1646


A modified-hopped single delay approach for UWB TR receiver using the modified Hadamard matrix

     H. M. Farhan, L. A. Latiff

     1647 - 1659


























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