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Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2016

Page 1 – 148


Product lifecycle optimisation of car climate controls using analytical hierarchical process (AHP) analysis and a multi-objective grouping genetic algorithm (MOGGA)

Michael J. Lee, Keith Case, Russell Marshall

     1 - 17


Collision-avoidance for mobile robots using region of certainty: A predictive approach

    B. Manup, P. Raja

     18 - 28


Effect of energy efficient light source on readability of students – An experimental approach

   Sathya P., Natarajan R.

     29 – 45


Fuzzy logic based adaptation mechanism for adaptive Luenberger observer sensorless direct torque control of induction motor

   A. Bennassar, A. Abbou, M. Akherraz, M. Barara

     46 - 59


Error convergence analysis for local hyperthermia applications

Neeru Malhotra, Anupma Marwaha,  Ajay Kumar

    60 – 67


Tribological behaviours of ABS and PA6 polymer-metal sliding combinations under dry friction, water absorbed and electroplated conditions

   Mithun V. Kulkarni, K. Elangovan, K. Hemachandra Reddy, Basappa S. J.

     68 – 84


Simulation of porosity and PTFE content in gas diffusion layer on proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance

   Nur H. Maslan, Marvin M. Gau, Mohd S. Masdar, Masli I. Rosli

    85 - 95


A cost-reduction of self-compacting concrete incorporating raw rice husk ash

   H. Awang, M. N. Atan, N. Zainul Abidin, N. Yusof

   96 - 108


Effect of different heat exchangers on the waste-heat driven thermoacoustic engine

    David W.  Y. Khoo, Yousif A. Abakr

     109 - 120


Thermodynamic analysis of different working fluids used in organic Rankine cycle for recovering waste heat from GT-MHR

     Amin Habibzadeh, Mohammad M. Rashidi

     121 - 135


Fractionation of hydrolyzed microcrystalline cellulose by ultrafiltration membrane

     N. H. T. Thy and R. Nithyandam

     136 - 148


























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