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Special Issue on

International Soft Science Conference (ISSC’16), 11-13 April 2016

Pages 1 – 238

The Editor-in-Chief of this issue

·      Assoc. Prof. Sr. Dr. Mohd. Nasrun Mohd. Nawi

School of Technology Management & Logistics, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia.


Guest Editors


·      Dr. Faizatul Akmar Abdul Nifa

School of Technology Management & Logistics, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia.


·      Dr. Syamsul Bahrin Zaibon

School of Creative Industry Management & Performing Arts, College of Arts and Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia.


·      Dr. Wan Nadzri Osman

School of Technology Management & Logistics, College of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia.



·  IT project management effectiveness framework: a study in Thai firms

V. Vadhanasin, S. Ratanakuakangwan, K. Santivejkul, P. Patanakul

     1 - 16


·  Assessing the performance of concrete structure based on the width of the crack using UPV

M. A. Hasbullah, R. Yusof, M. N. Yusoff

     17 - 25


·  Disturbance rejection experimental in 3D INTECO gantry crane system via PID-VSC tuned by PFPSO

S. Y. Syed Hussien, R. Ghazali, Hazriq I. Jaafar, Chong C. Soon

     26 - 38


·  Intelligent controller design for a nonlinear quarter-car active suspension with electro-hydraulic actuator

R. Ghazali, M. Paharudin, Yahaya Md. Sam, S. Y. Syed Hussien, M. H. Jali

     39 - 51


·  System identification and fuzzy logic controller design for prosthetic hand system

M. H. Jali, M. F. Hamdani, F. N. Zohedi, R. Ghazali

     52 - 63


·  The effect of knowledge work productivity factors on software development

Mohd Z. Yusoff, M. Mahmuddin, M. Ahmad

     64 - 73


·  Sustainable operation practices: The case of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Husayni I. Kwami, Abdul H. Ismail, Adi I. Che-Ani, H. Omar, M. Mamat

     74 – 85


·  The perceived usability of automated testing tools for mobile applications

A. Hussain, Hamidah A. Razak, Emmanuel O. C. Mkpojiogu

     86 – 93


·  Usability metrics and methods for public transportation applications: A systematic review

A. Hussain, Emmanuel O. C. Mkpojiogu, Noorhayati Md. Jasin

     94 – 102


·  A review of artificial intelligence techniques in image steganography domain

H. S. Hanizan, R. Din, Hafiza A. S., Rukhiyah A., Noor Maizatulshima S.

     103 – 113


·  Sustainable and optimum generation mix possibilities for Malaysia power sector

N. Y. Dahlan, A. A. Mohammad Aris, M. N. M. Nawi

     114 – 125


·  Construction firms sustainability compliance level

Bamgbade J. A., Nawi M. N. M., Kamaruddeen A. M.

     126 – 136


·  Initial findings on delay factors in the post-disaster housing reconstruction: local authorities and NGOS perspectives

Khairin N. Khalid, F. A. Abdul Nifa, Risyawati M. Ismail, Chong K. Lin

     137 – 146


·  Development of a sustainable design guideline for eco-industrial halal parks in Malaysia

F. A. Abdul Nifa, Risyawati M. Ismail, A. Saad

     147 – 157


·  Solving the single-period inventory routing problem with the deterministic approach

M. K. I. Abdul Rahim, S. S. R. Nadarajan, Mohd A. Ahmad

     158 – 168


·  The performance evaluation of feature-based technique in text steganography

S. Utama, R. Din, M. Mahmuddin

     169 – 180


·  Filtration of rainwater harvesting system in rural area

S. F. Wan Johor, Siti H. Ibrahim , K. Yaman, R. Abd. Wahab, M. N. M. Nawi

     181 – 191


·  Building energy index (BEI): A study of government office building in Malaysian public university

Mohamad Z. Tahir, R. Jamaludin, M. N. M. Nawi, Nazim H. Baluch, S. Mohtar

     192 – 201


·  Reality and challenges of Malaysian digital traditional games

N. Chepa, W. A. J. Wan Yahaya

     202 – 211


·  A polemic on defects liability in public private partnership (PPP) project

H. Hashim, A. I. Che-Ani, Ismail K.

     212 – 220


·  Factors influencing resident’s decision to reside in gated and guarded

Z. Shamsudin, R. Zainal, Seow T. Wee, Indera S. Mat Radzuan, N. Sulaiman, Mohd L. M. Diah, S. Shamsudin

     221 – 228


·  Individual readiness of construction stakeholders to implement integrated project delivery (IPD)

Wan N. Osman, M. N. M. Nawi, F. Zulhumadi, Mohd W. M. Shafie, Fazdliel A. Ibrahim

     229 – 238


























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