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Special Issue 2 on the sixth eureca 2016, 13-14 July 2016

Page 1 – 100


Potential application of deep eutectic solvents in heat transfer application

    Y. C. Yan, W. Rashmi, M. Khalid, K. Shahbaz, T. C. S. M. Gupta, N. Mase

     1 - 14


Diagnosis of lung related diseases by assessing vibration patterns of structures at the thoracic cavity

    Siti S. B. M. Ariff, Mohammad H. Fouladi, N. Krishnasamy, Satesh N. Namasivayam, Mohsen N. Poor, P. Madhavan, Wong E. Hwa

    15 - 28


Synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using liquid-phase laser ablation and its antibacterial activity

    Janice Low J.-N., Wong W. Y., Rashmi W., Kadhum A. A. H., Mohamad A. B.

    29 – 42


Hardware simulation of a new anti-windup PI control for motor speed application

    Thong L. Chiah, Choon L.Hoo, Edwin C. Y. Chung

    43 - 57


Creatinine adsorption by activated carbon fibre (ACF) derived from empty fruit bunch (EFB) fibre

    Ivan V. K. Chai, X. Y. Lim, T. Lee

    58 - 70


Effect of atmospheric altitude on the drag of wing at subsonic and supersonic speeds

     Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi, Justin X. Y. Moo

     71 - 83


Effect of alkaline pre-treatment on rice husk-derived biochar for direct carbon fuel cell

   L. K. Palniandy, Wong W. Y., J. J. Yap, V. Doshi, L. W. Yoon

     84 - 100

Optical wireless communication system

    J. L.Y. Chieng, I. Hassan

    100 - 114

Investigation of the coffee waste-derived adsorbent

    Y. N. Chaiw, K. K. Ang, Xiao Y. Lim, T. Lee

    115 - 130

Design analysis of electrical machines using integrated numerical

    Aravind C. V., H. P. Huai, A. Jagadeeswaran

    131 - 142

Synthesis and thermophysical characterization of graphene based transformer oil

    C. P. Y. Alicia, W. Rashmi, M. Khalid, A. K. Rasheed, T. C. S. M Gupta

    143 - 155


Optimisation of Hibiscus Sabdariffa as a natural coagulant to treat congo red on wastewater

    M. Y. Yong, N. Ismail

    156 - 168


Edge detection of the scoliotic vertebrae using X-ray images

    P. Mohankumar, Leong W. Y.

    169 - 178


Densification behavior and properties of iron oxide doped Y-TZP ceramics

    S. S. Kumar, H. L. Teow , A. Niakan, K. C. L. Jeffrey

    179 - 190


























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