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Special Issue 1 on the fifth eureca 2015, 2-3 December 2015

Page 1 – 111


Effect of low combustion temperature and alkaline treatment on biochar properties from rice husk

    W. L. Yeoh, W. Y. Wong, T. Lee, V. Doshi

     1 - 11


Design and prototyping of an automated mechanism to prevent bedsore

    Navid T. Saidy, Azadeh G., Mohammad J.

    12 - 26


Performance of electrical grounding system in soil at low moisture content condition at various compression levels

    Chin C. Tung, Siow C. Lim

    27 - 47


Portable lightning protection structure

     Teo J. Hong, Siow C. Lim

     48 - 67


Preparation and characterization of Cu-, Fe-, Ag-, Zn- and Ni- doped gelatin nanofibers for possible applications in antibacterial nanomedicine

   T. Nuge, K. Y. Tshai, S. S. Lim, N. Nordin, M. E. Hoque

     68 - 81

The application of image processing for in-store monitoring

    Kah H. Lau, Wei J. Chew

    82 - 96

Numerical and experimental assessment of velocity with/without model inside Taylor’s wind tunnel test section

    Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al-Obaidi, Low H. Yang

     97 - 111

Design analysis of electrical machines using integrated numerical

    Aravind C. V., H. P. Huai, A. Jagadeeswaran

    131 - 142

Synthesis and thermophysical characterization of graphene based transformer oil

    C. P. Y. Alicia, W. Rashmi, M. Khalid, A. K. Rasheed, T. C. S. M Gupta

    143 - 155


Optimisation of Hibiscus Sabdariffa as a natural coagulant to treat congo red on wastewater

    M. Y. Yong, N. Ismail

    156 - 168


Edge detection of the scoliotic vertebrae using X-ray images

    P. Mohankumar, Leong W. Y.

    169 - 178


Densification behavior and properties of iron oxide doped Y-TZP ceramics

    S. S. Kumar, H. L. Teow , A. Niakan, K. C. L. Jeffrey

    179 - 190


























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