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Special Issue on the fourth eureca conference 2015, 1-2 July 2015

Page 1 – 198


Stability and characterization of CNT nanofluids using polyvinyl alcohol dispersant

    S. W. Tam, W. Rashmi, S. Rashidi, l. C. Abdullah, M. Khalid

     1 - 15


Design evaluations of double rotor switched reluctance machine

    C. V. Aravind, Aiman Saja, Vijayshankar

    16 - 26


Delivering holistic education using engineering curriculum through personalized learning, pedagogy, technology and space

    C. P. Yung, D. T. K. Tien, A. Sh. M. Al-Obaidi

    27 - 45


The case of energy recovery solutions using synchronous monitoring and adaptive real time system

    C.V. Aravind, C. K. Keong, Ramesh G. P.

    46 - 56


An investigation on the effect of functionalized graphene composited with NCNT and FE-NCNT on the oxygen reduction reaction via physical mixing method

    Chong W. Z., Wong W. Y., R. Walvaker

    57 - 69


Numerical modelling and experimental inflation validation of a bias two-wheel tire

     C. K. Thein, H. M. Tan, C. H. Lim

     70 - 81


The fundamental study on solubility of heavy metal oxides in ammonium and phosphonium based deep eutectic solvents

   S. Rajendran, K. Shahbaz, W. Rashmi

     82 - 96

Optical wireless communication system

    J. L.Y. Chieng, I. Hassan

    97 - 112

Investigation of the coffee waste-derived adsorbent

    Y. N. Chaiw, K. K. Ang, T. Lee, Xiao Y. Lim

    113 - 128

Design analysis of electrical machines using integrated numerical approach

    Aravind C. V., H. P. Huai, A. Jagadeeswaran

    129 - 139

Synthesis and thermophysical characterization of graphene based transformer oil

    C. P. Y. Alicia, W. Rashmi, M. Khalid, A. K. Rasheed, T. C. S. M Gupta

    140 - 152


Optimisation of Hibiscus Sabdariffa as a natural coagulant to treat congo red on wastewater

    M. Y. Yong, N. Ismail

    153 - 165


Edge detection of the scoliotic vertebrae using X-ray images

    P. Mohankumar, Leong W. Y.

    166 - 175


Densification behavior and properties of iron oxide doped Y-TZP ceramics

    S. S. Kumar, H. L. Teow , A. Niakan, K. C. L. Jeffrey

    176 - 187


3D modelling with CT and MRI images of a scoliotic vertebrae

    P. Mohankumar, Leong W. Y.

    188 - 198


























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