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Special Issue on

Decision Making Promotion in Civil Engineering (DMPCE), 15 February 2021

Pages 1 – 104

The Editor-in-Chief of this issue

·   Prof. Dr. Mohammed S. Shamkhi

    College of Engineering, University of Wasit, Iraq.


Guest Editors

·   Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed J. Obaid

    Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, SICC, University of Kufa, Iraq.

·   Lec. Eng. Layth Abdul Rasool Alasadi

Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Iraq.


Empirical formula development for predicting the average suspended load discharge in the downstream Al-Amarah barrage, Iraq

  A. J. Ismaeel, W. S. Al-Rekabi, S. A. Abbas

    1 - 9

A simple two-dimensional digital image correlation model for out of plane displacement using  smartphone camera

  M. A. Mousa, M. M. Yussof

    10 - 17

Adsorption study for the removal of nitrate from water using fired clay

   A. J. Jaeel

    18 - 27

Performance of vertical flow constructed wetland for sewage treatment using different aquatic plants in the South of Iraq

   W. S. Al-Rekabi, S. A. Al-khafaji

    28 – 37

Investigating the effect of inlet aperture and baffle position in improving the efficiency of primary settling tanks

  M. A. Ibrahim, H. A. Hussein, Z. T. A. Ali

    38 - 49

Sequencing batch reactor unit treating real wastewater from Al-Basra electrical plant: modelling and investigation

  R. M. Rashid, S. Abu-Alhail, W. S.  Al-Rekabi

     50 - 61

Thunderstorm dynamic analysis based on total precipitation over Iraq

  Z. S. Mahdi, Z. M. Abbood, O. T. Al-Taai

     62 - 70

Analysing and impacting enterprise resources planning system implementation success requirements in (Iraqi construction projects)

  R. J. Najy

    71 - 81

Regression analysis of pull-out capacity for model open-ended pile embedded in cohesionless soil

  H. Ali Abdul-Husain, H. Sh. Hamadi

     82 - 92

Air entrained vortex occurrence at sump for inclined multiple intake pipes using CFD

   H. M. M. Al-Khateeb, H. A. Al-Thamiry

     93 – 104






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